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14 Nov 09 @ Tatlers Magazine Annual Dinner. Westin KL

OKAY! I AM AWFULLY SORRY! but i dont know why the potraits are all being uploaded as landscapes =( it might be that i left the auto rotation on in my camera but ive already deleted the files and so ive got an entire album stuck like this. Im not even sure if thats the case because when i view it on all the preview items i have like adobe bridge and the normal Mac preview thing it’s all in the correct orientation. even when i pull it into photoshop its the correct orientation so i dont know what to do! anybody help??

i dont remember ever having this problem before T___T so im so sorry for making your eyes hurt for having to stare at the pics the wrong way. WUWUUWW

Ive even googled this and everyone says that its because the pics are not actually rotated yet but how lah to rotate when everything i open them in shows that its already rotated!! i even tried to rotate a one just to see if it would make a difference but nope. it came out the same way. pfft!

anyway found these reallly old pics i thought i lost.

Im not even sure if it’s the correct magazine or the correct location. to top it off it feels like i’ve uploaded these pics before but i cant seem to remember so heck!


I’ve never seen such a fairytale ballroom like this before. i was mucho impressed!


Wish i could show you more pics but i didnt save them for some weird reason. wtf


I dont know what we were doing.


Lagilah tambah head rotation. wtf


They even used such pretty candles okay T___T


Look!!!! Its so pretteh can die!!


I dont remember what the theme was but it was damn extravagant wan. these 2 ladies were on the milder side. CAN YOU IMAGINE MILD?


backdrop for pictures to be taken =D


sorry la im too in love with the candles. wtf




roses on each table. like really pretty roses. T_T


AHHAHHAHHA. sorry sorry.


my fav dish of the night. some salmon flower thingie. very pretty wan.


i dont know what face TJ is giving……


Super cute pic of Elaine


Was suppose to test the G10 before it came out that time. but er… i forgot about it and left it in my bag “=_=


KC and Gin! all pics from his cam T_T my cam not so nais wan U__U so i had to borrow his cam and lenses. pfft

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Introduction 101

I know i’ve been missing for a really long time but ive been hell busy lately and just so everyone knows. im back in school. well college lar duh. still hating school as always. hahaha but thats another story for another day. if you were wondering about the previous banner but DIDNT even bother to click on it im here to tell you what it really is. PFFT!! this time you better click ah!! and spread the word for that matter of fact >=( *glares*

Vanity Dreams is actually a blog shop that me and a few buddies of mine are ambassadors of. but that one let them introduce later lar. i think they’re gonna put up a page about the ambassadors who are also their models with stats so ppl can kinda see the sizing. HUHUHUH

but anyway. just wanted to share some of my favourite items from the shop which i actually got for myself also. WHAHAHHA. and trust me it’s all pretty good quality for a blogshop =)

This is one of my absolute fav because im a crazy girly kinda person when i actually feel like dressing up. and whats more girly than a tutu skirt?? WITH PEARLS that are attached onto the tulle layer (attached okay! it’s not glued on) and more girlyness with LACE attached to the satin inner lining!!!

HAhahahaha. i always had this thing for stripes and checkers and all things preppy. so this was an instant love for me lar. material isnt too thick so it does well for pairing up with other layers of clothes if you need to =D not thick doesnt mean its bad quality okay. u buy then you get what i mean. its really soft and comfy though <3

and this one!! aiyo i damn love this one lar. i got myself the red one. hohohoh. the shiny thingie at the straps there is actually adjustable so u can make it a babydoll dress or a greek like dress. aiya you go to the site and you see the examples given lar.! plus the lace at the back damn sexy wan. cannot wear bra. wtf. but i really love how the dress flows. its not those cheap thin materials. its heavier so it falls nicely just the way i like it =D

okay lar. got quite a few more i like but im damn tired from 2 days of absolute hecticness and class all. so im gonna leave it at this point first. hopefully i’ll be back blogging again by next week =D stay tuned people! me love you long time!

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Vanity Dreams says Hello

I am still in BRB mode. Just had to post this up.

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Bad experience with Tutti Fruitti Froyo Advertisement

This happened quite a while back and during that time i was fuming pretty badly and was on the verge of exploding on the spot but felt bad for the agent who was very nice the whole time and had technically been screwed over as well or so it seemed la. I know it’s been forever and i should have let go and forgotten already but i just saw the ad on TV today and went and youtube it again just for double verification and all feelings of annoyance and anger just started flaring up again. CONSOLATION to the whole thing was reading tweets about how crappy the ad was so now i cant decide whether i should be glad they keyed on their own staffs face onto my face or not (ie. edited the pic and stuck on somebodys elses face on mine). then again the video quality is so crap on youtube i cant really tell. maybe they just distorted my face a lot but im pretty sure its the face of one of their staff who handled us.

So the story was like this.

i went for a casting call at Shiroku Productions for the recent Tutti Fruitti Froyo ad being shown on TV. i didn’t get the main or the featured but they called me up and asked if i could do a favour by helping out as an extra. i figured why not. its not like i had anything better to do with my life anyway and being an extra was infinitely less work or SO I THOUGHT.

Even before production i was required to attend a fitting session with their full Tutti Fruitti uniform and this itself was surprising as it is considering that from all my experiences being a features as well as an extra this normally doesnt happen for an extra. i shrugged it off and went ahead anyway since the place was so near where i was staying. the day of the production was another mess all together. i was surprised to notice that the make up artist was my own agent even “=_= but thought nothing of it again.

IN FACT NOTHING OCCURRED TO ME until me and another guy who was also an extra in the tutti fruitti uniform were required to do our own individual picture shoot kind of thing will FULL FRONTAL FACE EXPOSURES. the ad was meant to be like a cartoon kind of thing so they used pictures instead of it being entirely a video. Me and the other guy were really surprised and we started talking about it. i finally went up to my agent and asked why this was happening because i thought we were just extras in the background. This surprised her as well and she went and had a talk with the production house and wtf they had the dumbest explanation ever!!!

I was told that it was all just for the client to see and they wont really use us in the ad but there was internal complications and they had to appear to look like we were being featured as well or some crap like that. i tried demanding for a pay raise because extras get basically peanuts for the fact that we do not even have to agree to having ourselves shown because WE ARE SUPPOSE TO APPEAR NON EXISTENT IN THE BACKGROUND. the other guy was a really nice and shy fella and he didn’t really dare to bring it up but he was definitely unhappy about the whole situation as well and kept urging me to ask about it and so i did multiple times which i guess stressed everyone out especially the production company.

i saw the ads today and they had 2 different versions. the other extra had a lot of face time and i really hope they paid him later on for it or something but i reaaallly doubt it because even the mains and featured didnt exactly get much. hell, he even appeared in both versions!!! he’s the tall guy in the tutti fruitti uniform that is like the ambassador ya. NOW YOU tell me does that look like a role of an extra to you!?!

and then i found myself in the traffic jam ad as well. ONLY IT WAS JUST MY BODY because my face had been replaced by someone elses. their own staff for that matter of fact. why didnt you idiots just do that in the beginning then?? i have a suspicion they were afraid to use my original pic because of the scene i had already created during production itself. but i really think everything had been handled very unprofessionally. and its impossible that the pic was taken again because i was there the entire time and the other talents in the picture had left way before me.

here are the 2 ads btw.

Productions houses like Shiroku Productions really give malaysian companys a bad name wei. and such a horrible ad seriously “=_= not like the ice cream is some cheap ice cream can find on the streets. i think its even more expensive than haagan dazs wei!!!

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23 + 26 July 09 @ Ikano + Sepang

oh wow! 4 pointless post in 24 hours! im on a roll baybeh!!

eh sorry la. my blog is my personal photo album okeh.


sammy whammy


nat chai


for some reason i can actually imagine that expression


yo. this my pillow blanket i carry to work in sepang at obscene hours of the morning. wtf


why am i even here is beyong me


oh hello bikes!



tsk tsk tsk


napping instead of working i see


say hi to G-when!

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