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Happy Year of The Dragon 2012!

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3rd Oct 2011 Randoms

at least got update la okay. wtf

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Brown Eyebrows and Brownie the Poodle

Normally im damn lazy never edit anything or caption anything just take and upload. so here i semangat a bit. wtf. although its really just some pointless captions. hahaha. but at least got a bit more effort right! to show you guys im sorry for not updating AGAIN. =X

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July 2011 Video and Camwhore Bribe

=X Just so you guys remember how i look like. WTF

Its the same make up la.. jsut that my hair let down from that bob thingamajig. long time no vain pot post okay =p so its a bribe for myself and you. WTF


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Vlog July 2011 Filler

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