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Love Hate Relationship with Studying

I was in class this morning and i swear it was the most torturous thing ever though i probably say that about every other class anyway but then it dawned upon me. for the first 5-10 minutes of class i had actually been sitting up attentively. And so the no idea about is blogpost popped up in my head on my love hate relationship with being a nerd+geek. Indeed, i go through nerd geek phases though i think bimbo shines brightest. WTF

So the thing is, i like learning stuff. I like being fed new ideas and new information of things i have…

and while writing this post yesterday i was late and had to rush out and came back at midnight and was too tired to continue.

so now my brain won’t continue this blogspot anymore.


sorry for wasting yout time =p

but in summary.

i like learning.

i just hate school/college.

k thx bye.

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Because Ginny has been neglecting her blog, I as a keen visitor is very agitated so I shall update for her out of courtesy!

She has now finished her exams and is busy with ‘everything’ while she enjoys the much reminisced Nasi Lemak & Chicken Rice flavored biscuits.

Magical biscuits, is what I call them. I’m not a fan of biscuits but it really does to that pop pop effect in your mouth when you put it in. If you’re a Malaysian you would truly understand what it feels to have Nasi Lemak, right? The biscuit is as small as your thumbnail (or maybe bigger), and when you bite it – you start to taste the rice, then the ikan bilis, then the peanuts, the sambal – and then the cucumber to cleanse the taste. No, its not some biscuit that wraps allt he said ingredients. Its just a disturbingly plain cookie with no visible ingredient with relevance to the lauks mentioned above.

The only problem…it’s DAMN expensive!

The next problem…it’s not located in Malaysia but in Singapore!

Anyways, I’ll tell you a little secret about Ginny

She’s called Sheen Leng so please stop calling her Ginny (bet you can’t) and secretly looks like a super Korean girl.

Okay bai.

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Wootsie woots!

Do you know… Do you know.. Do yah?

*boogies!* =D

Maybe i’m just that fella in the mirror..

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you know, it’s not like i’m busy so it’s pretty strange where all my time goes.

anyway, i joined the gym.

okay the boys rushing me to close this so ;p

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Test Post

testing my labels. might start labelling my post.

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