Life's Bittersweet Simplicities

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A frenzy of disheveled hair and lost eyes.

The union of unexpected couples in vows and the separation of even more unexpected couples in heartbreaks.

I bore witness to several of these instances the past couple of months and in the process placed myself in alternating moods of bitter dissonance and happy contentment.

Now i am unsure of where I stand; eyes burning, heart thumping, my voice coarse and unwelcoming.

For so many years, over a decade to be precise. I never really learnt how to separate my emotions and single out the truth that so many have often questions. How do people so easily decide on an option, to just throw years of comfort away into the shadows or to take that leap into a more hopeful future of even more promises?

“Never make a decision in anger,” people often say.

But anger makes you braver doesn’t it?

And all it takes is that few seconds of stupid courage to propel you further.

So which way is the right way?

Or more precise, which way is the real way?

What is it….

What is it that I want…

And what is it that waits for me beyond that line in the horizon.

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