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Hat Yai Day 3 Part 2 – 4 July 09

and finally the last installment of the Hat Yai pics!! LOL and this are mostly camwhore moments. eh must la. the whole album almost don’t have my face wei. got la. in TJ’s ohhsumm D3X except every pic he takes i never ever get them unless i upload them on the spot so i have already given up trying to get them =( even though there were some really realllyyy nice ones that i super super like. buts its okay. i accept this sad fate that is my pictures. as long as the fotoworx crew took it. they are never gonna see the light of day!! PFFT

_MG_7650 (2)

happy thai boy cant wait to go home and see his girl =X

_MG_7652 (2)



hi there! it’s been a while!

_MG_7655 (2)

out there.

_MG_7656 (2)

in here

_MG_7658 (2)

cute walls of this lovely cafe we found. er..the name i kinda just forgot so ladidadida!


havent seen this guy smile in a while =X


whooo.. wtf

_MG_7666 (2)

this interesting drink he ordered. i cant remember what it is but the colours were so vivid 0_o

_MG_7668 (2)

eating his audi keys “=_= wtf

_MG_7669 (2)

eh the drink is really that colour okay!!

_MG_7675 (2)

his favourite “=_= nasi goreng USA. WTF!!!!

_MG_7681 (2)

my vegetarian green curry!! which was damn nice!! eh weird la. i remember taking pic of the place so i’d remember it but its not here 0_0 maybe its in his cam

_MG_7692 (2)

WHEE!! free kitty kat bottle when you order a drink!! Vvens fav steamboat place!! MK steamboat!

_MG_7694 (2)

shooting stars =)

_MG_7695 (2)

er..thai boys uncle insisted he take pics of us..

_MG_7697 (2)

to apparently show his leet ex photography skills. he was the one that got thai boy into photography apparently. no pics of him cuz he shy =p


little girl at the bus place.

_MG_7704 (2)

and her adorable brother!


i ish child stalker.! bwahhahaha

_MG_7716 (2)

he has lovely eyes for real!


happy =)

_MG_7729 (2)

this the bus we took!! only 40 bucks lor!!! or possibly less! IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE THIS!! NO JOKE!! damn nice and comfy wan!

_MG_7732 (2)

_MG_7733 (2)

his leet hamburger square face .__.

_MG_7738 (2)

the 2 missing peeps


random water bottle. wtf

_MG_7747 (2)

_MG_7748 (2)

feels nice to have someone who has a much bigger head than you! ahahhahah! eh i darno where my little hat clips went =(

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Hat Yai Day 3 Part 1 – 4 July 09

AND ONWARDS WE GO!  in attempts to further vomit out my growing picture collection “=_= i havent even checked my server space in a while. no idea how much space i have left but imma gonna squeeze as much pichas into it as i can =p.

probably this is my least favourite batch of pics because as much as i love looking at the intricate designs of the temples we visited. I CAN NEVER CAPTURE the beauty of a building =( kinda makes me glad i didnt go into architecture like i wanted to last time. i’d probably die from stress and lack of creativity! pfft. ironic though because despite this being my least fav batch, my fav pic of the entire trip is actually in here. LOL.

_MG_7557 (2)

some random part of town.

_MG_7573 (2)

looks so minangkabau-y!

_MG_7576 (2)

_MG_7582 (2)

they really are very pretty =( but like i said. im crap at capturing buildings.


big buddha and mini buddha!

_MG_7587 (2)

actually hor. im not even sure if im allowed to take pics of this U_U


_MG_7589 (2)

i know. ure getting bored already. wtf. eh but really la. if u enlarge it wont look so boring wan. cuz the mini pics are super discoloured for some weirdo reason.

_MG_7592 (2)

_MG_7595 (2)

_MG_7599 (2)

_MG_7603 (2)

_MG_7605 (2)

_MG_7606 (2)

_MG_7614 (2)

_MG_7616 (2)

_MG_7618 (2)

_MG_7622 (2)

THIS IS MY FAV PIC!! i think ive posted it here before but im not sure. but i really like it for some weird reason 0_o

_MG_7623 (2)

hello. i like crows too!


this pic looks kinda solemn U_U

_MG_7626 (2)

a slightly diff angle and colour change and yeay! a happier looking pic. although still not much. wtf


_MG_7630 (2)

eh wth!! i just realised its the same boy lor!!!

_MG_7634 (2)

more random stalls



_MG_7645 (2)

and a very pretty window we passed by =)

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 4 – 3 July 09

okay. so we’re FINALLY at the end of my trigger happy day 2 “=_= and to be honest i dont know where half these places are again except for the sunset! its called sunset point and its really just a little shack like thing near the sea but OMFG the view really is bloody magnificent and totally worth the trip! the view was so dramatic i couldnt stop snapping and hence a very very heavy picture spam of quite a lot of repetitive shots at different times so u see the sunset colours change. the colours look dull in my thumbnails for some reason but if u click on them and enlarge them they really do look quite pretty =)

after sunset point we headed to some hill near hat yai with this giant golden buddha to see the night view of the city. too bad it was crazy windy and i didnt have a tripod so not many pics there. what to do. i use basic kit lens only leh. anybody wanna sponser me nicer lens ah =p

_MG_7401 (2)

some guard. there are a lot of them around actually. i darno why but this pic kinda melancholic feel lor.

_MG_7403 (2)

waiting for the ferry to arrive =3 so we can get on the other side. actually can go one big round but why go a big round if u can go across right? just a little waiting time wont kill anyone

_MG_7405 (2)

loading the cars before the people are allowed on

_MG_7407 (2)

little boy just finished school

_MG_7411 (2)

some really cool looking ship 0_O well it looks cool to me la!! enlarge! looks cooler wan! wtf

_MG_7413 (2)

this picture makes me think of lovers and pairs.

_MG_7414 (2)

not so nice pic of the ship =X

_MG_7417 (2)

fat boy TJ eating his dried sotong WHICH SMELLS soooo horrible i couldnt bring myself to eat it =/

_MG_7419 (2)

he says its really good though. see. eve imitating a sotong. wtf



_MG_7424 (2)

finally nearing the port!

_MG_7425 (2)

and he still hasnt finished his sotongs “=_=

_MG_7427 (2)

wind swept hair

_MG_7428 (2)

the light actually hits this building really nicely. again it looks dull in the thumbnail for some reason but looks better enlarged.


some ugly picture of some boats and buildings. wtf. i just think tis cool that the boats look so authentic. wtf. jakun.


oolllllddd ferries. ya this is the ferry u get on. it carries cars bikes and ze ppl across

_MG_7433 (2)

the moon appeared before the sun even sets

_MG_7435 (2)

whooooo… makes me think of werewolves. wtf.

_MG_7437 (2)

finally at sunset point!

_MG_7440 (2)

some shacks scattered around nearby.

_MG_7443 (2)

_MG_7445 (2)

_MG_7456 (2)

_MG_7458 (2)

_MG_7460 (2)

not dramatic meh the clouds?!?! u open bigger seeeee!!

_MG_7461 (2)

_MG_7469 (2)

_MG_7473 (2)

_MG_7476 (2)

_MG_7478 (2)

the sun is getting lower.

_MG_7479 (2)

_MG_7480 (2)


IMG_7481 (2)


_MG_7482 (2)

sky turns more dramatic.

IMG_7486 (2)


stoopid. i want his Nikon D3 X =( so sad although i want a 5D mk II more =D cuz im canon bias like that

_MG_7494 (2)

hahahahha…he looks like some thai ah qua. AHHAHAHHA

_MG_7503 (2)


said gold buddha all blurry =S

_MG_7519 (2)

and the not so nice picture of hat yai city at night.

_MG_7527 (2)

very long never camwhore la. layan a bit can?

_MG_7531 (2)

wooo..windddyy max


he was trying to show me something but i cant remember what it was. 0_o

_MG_7533 (2)

_MG_7535 (2)

lady making one of my fav snacks there!!! fried quail eggs! super yummeh!!

_MG_7540 (2)

thai zhap fan! i think thats fried pork i didnt eat it but i ate the veggie with the sauce and its OMFG GOOD!! shit im hungry as hell now T_T

_MG_7541 (2)

pad thai! i dont know whats with thai ppl and sugar everything. SEE THAT HUGE CHUNK OF SUGAR ON THE BOTTOM LEFT? *dies*

_MG_7552 (2)

everything on the table for i think less than 10 bucks T___T can i haz go back to hat yai now?

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 3 – 3 July 09

so after visiting the aquarium it was a drive to Songkhla Zoo which is REAAALLLY BIG. sadly though it was under construction work when we went there so mroe than half of the enclosures were empty =( im pretty sure it’s all done now. they were apparently upgrading the animal enclosures so it should be pretty awesome because i liked it even when only a few of it was open. kakakka. ya imma zoo and musuem person. im damn tourist wan.

_MG_7254 (2)

big tortoise. galapagos tortoise??


normal mini tortoises. eh damn cute lor. look like the fella suntanning

_MG_7258 (2)

i cant really tell if this is a tortoise or a terapin =S

_MG_7263 (2)

did u know they only turn pink when they’re in mating season or abt to mate or something like that. wtf.

_MG_7268 (2)

ostriches scare me T_T but so cool!! got hair light!! lol

_MG_7273 (2)

hello there! shinneh head yo!



_MG_7279 (2)

whos ass u looking at huh?


hahahaha.look like he got horns growing from his ass. hahahha

_MG_7287 (2)

poor lonely otter =(

_MG_7288 (2)

he was the only one in his enclosure. dman kesian but he was so super cute lo!

_MG_7291 (2)

sleepy head


damn cute lor his position. looks kinda distorted for some reason


what is this ah? some squirrel ah .__.


hi there

_MG_7311 (2)

he looks like this emoticon D=

_MG_7313 (2)

i love love love tigers lor

_MG_7316 (2)

scratch scratch rub rub

_MG_7317 (2)

more subtle colours make him look less fierce. actually its a diff pic and perhaps it might actually be a diff tiger. lol


rarw. im gonna eat u!

_MG_7320 (2)

lickity lick!

_MG_7326 (2)

black panther with piercing eyes. really look like that bad guy in jungle book weh

_MG_7333 (2)

double pair. double mating. wtf. foursome

_MG_7334 (2)

the cutest best friends ever!!!

_MG_7343 (2)

seeeee they even eat together wan leh!!!

_MG_7351 (2)

are your eyez going fuzzy from all the patterns and black and white. lol

_MG_7359 (2)


_MG_7360 (2)

camouflage kau kau

_MG_7362 (2)

lookin straight at ya bubs.

_MG_7371 (2)

eeuuu thereeee!

_MG_7374 (2)

giraffes are so pretty T___T i love their colour tones lor!! so subtle and earthy!

_MG_7375 (2)

see how soft her eyes look. er.. may be a he. im not sure

_MG_7378 (2)

hide and go seek

_MG_7379 (2)

are u annoyed at the branches yet?

_MG_7383 (2)

this is my fav fav fav from the whole set T____T so pretty right this pic T_____T i couldnt get back this colour on any of them. GARH

_MG_7384 (2)

_MG_7389 (2)

hahah neck distortion!


now u see me.

_MG_7396 (2)

now u dont =p

_MG_7397 (2)

cute little boy loved the giraffes!

_MG_7398 (2)

and hes carrying a sword *o*

_MG_7399 (2)

trying to climb in =S

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 2 – 3 July 09

so after the monkey forest we went driving around randomly and ended up at this musuem ish place which i realllllyyy dont remember what its called or whats its significance but its quite a pretty place =) also went to the Songkhla Aquarium after that. lol. this is only part 2 of day 2. still part 3 and part 4 to go. wtf right. i told u trigger happy =S

btw… not sure if my linkage works because sometimes i see it sometimes i dont. errr.. wtf but yea pics normally look nicer when u enlarge them =)

_MG_7107 (2)

some random part of the musuem building thingie. kekkee. made the colours more old skool =D cuz it fits the historical site theme

_MG_7110 (2)

its really not that big a place but it aint that small either


_MG_7115 (2)

_MG_7118 (2)

_MG_7121 (2)

i really love the red because its damn vivid in reality. actually its vivid here also la. but because i made the colours look somewhat old and discoloured u might not think so =S

_MG_7122 (2)

_MG_7127 (2)

this is Tj’s precious. kekekek

_MG_7129 (2)


ya its the same pic but i always have this problem deciding if i like the coloured ones or the black and white ones better “=_=

_MG_7131 (2)


yea yea yea. wayyy too many pics of this building i know but i cant help it la T_T

_MG_7135 (2)

_MG_7136 (2)

ohhh!! it must have been some fort or something seeing as there are canons *o*

_MG_7137 (2)

hahahha pointless pic. just wanted to make the bear cartooney

_MG_7138 (2)

_MG_7140 (2)


whoa. macam sangat yeng ajer..


padahal “=_= belum pose. buat pose memang phail

_MG_7147 (2)

this is actually the other side of the place. its so pretty right!!


random giant clams.


_MG_7153 (2)

lonneeelllyyy oh so looonneeellyy



some tree in the middle of the courtyard


_MG_7159 (2)


again same pic but i laike both. aihyo. humour me la.

anyway off to the little aquarium after that. =3  i have a huge thing for aquariums. i find it very calming and can end up spending hours in there. teehee


i think these are discus fish… i cant tell but looks like it

_MG_7164 (2)

damn comel lor this fish seriously wan


eh is this a fish or eel. wtf i cant remember

_MG_7187 (2)

more pointless pic. actually damn blur la but the fish so cute still wanna post. wtf.

_MG_7190 (2)

my favourites =D i love the jellyfishes!! they look so pretty and graceful in the water lo! like ballerinas

_MG_7191 (2)

gorgeous arent they =)

_MG_7202 (2)

biasalah tiger fish

_MG_7205 (2)

so kalerful! i oso want fish tank liddat T_T

_MG_7212 (2)

this fish is really big. but i didnt take a pic with it so i cant really explain just how big. but definitely body wise much bigger than me =3

_MG_7223 (3)

and my other favs!! sea turtles!! omg i just love them lor!! so pretty and graceful wei!

_MG_7230 (2)

_MG_7240 (2)

how can u not think that their pretty is beyond me T_T i want a sea turtle!

see so cute until cannot resist. must make gif image. wtf. cuz got too many pics of it. lol

_MG_7242 (2)

one of my fav pics! the colour very nice lor

and just one more moving image =)

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