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Bye Bye Zoukout 2010 =(

Finally got my ass down to singapore. got nice parking all in sentosa too. line was long but didnt look too bad.


ended up in line for almost 4 hours and when we were almost at the ticketing counter they said sold out despite having a big stack left over?!?! ARGH OMGQTFBBQ??!?!?!

i was pretty annoyed actually because the line wasnt exactly that long but they only had 2 or 3 ticketing counters?! and the worst part of it. they only limited like 5 per person and all the dickheads in front were holding up the line by going in groups and buying 5 each so they could sell it at a much higher prices to those at the back of the line! it was reaaally reaaallly annoying because seriously go get a life la. wanna be jackasses like that just to make money at others ppls expenses. i really hope you guys fall down and pokkai or something. wtf. zoukouts management also damn pandai wan. dunno why didnt limit to a smaller amount knowing the amount of people in the crowd waiting in line to buy the tickets. seriously stupid max.

den den they said ticket sales officially start at 6!! we got there at 5 and it already started?!? wtf??

actually im not that sad. i dont know why. plus im unusually tired the entire trip .__. i keep just wanting to go back to the room and sleep.

maybe because of all the drama that ensued in order to actually get here and all the delays and the cancellation and then the last minute agreements.

oh well.

just wanted to rant. wakkakaka.



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Hello From Singapore!

it is with my utmost interest to express that i have come to a rather interesting discovery.

miss natalie chai is a very entertaining person and it is with my great pleasure to announce that she has been a source of our laughter. she says we bully her but everyone knows we love her. wtf

and it is with my great displeasure to announce that my thriftyness has been destroyed and i am so broke now its not even funny. k thx bye

_MG_1792 copy

the “FAKE” picture

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19-21st December 08 @ Nuffnang VPOST Xmas Party Singapore

er yeah.. uber backdated but hey at least i finally got them up. pics from various sources but a majority of them are from Vven and the pretty dslr ones are from Jason.. the rest stolen from everywhere?? hahahhaa

some dessert thing from Delicious the night before i left for singapore
i love meringue!

pretty no?

random flowers

but i love the colours. no photoshop

we stay at marriot =D thank u vpost and nuffnang. most comfy beds eva!

part of the room

my lunch. ramen @ some ramen place vven brought me too.. hahaha

our asses.

thats kennysia btw “=_=

cindy. gin. im not sure. vvens. jolyn!

us+ ky the pirated pirate?

lee meng!

aud fourfeetnine

tim tiah corean popstar?

do not take this pic seriously its meant as a joke but i think only those present that day would get it *o*

why i so lost i also dunno

robb *o*

ky the destroyer of pics “=_=

i like this pic a lot!!



jasonmumbles. hehe links. look like the penguin i drew him right!

i really like this pic. but i cant find it. zzz.. and i dunno where this went also =( sadness

woke up for a morning swim =) yummy

adorable kid!

the pool was heaven i tell you

when it got a little crowded i left and got ready for breakfast

breakfast with vvens @ The Coffee Connoisseur

her pasta

it was really light and refreshing! good shit

my smoked salmon sandwich

part of my hot choc or was it mocha @@

really nice as well!

just look at that wei

urgh im hungry

and thats all =) we left back for KL after that
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