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Villa Samadhi, Ampang – December 2011

(edit: I’ve integrated a slideshow popup for my pics =p because i felt after all that effort i should make your lives easier to see the pics. BUT for some posts its really huge so may take a while to load =X)

Dated: 18th-19th December 2011

Location: Jalan Madge, Off Jalan U-Thant

(pfft. I think i deserve some kind of an award for this post considering how lazy i am and how abandoned this blog has become!!  RECENT EVENT LEH!! NOT BACKDATED WAN LEH!! AND SUPER A LOT OF PICTURES LEH!!! summoh got edit and compile into collages all to make your life easier instead of scrolling through a billion and one photos =X .. soo anyway… back to the post. wtf)


As a post exam celebration to myself and an early Christmas getaway with the boyfriend, I booked this place in KL after reading and hearing about all the great reviews and stuff. However…… mieh.. just read on if you don’t get bored of my yappiness first =X

Intitially wanted the RM720 room but decided to see if I actually liked the place first and opted for the cheaper RM580 room. Which if you think about it really is still pretty ass pricey but heck! I NEED MAH MINI GETAWAY and it’s been a while since I last blew money like that anyway so humour me because no way in my current time can i afford to go to the Banjaran. pfft. GROUPON DEAL U BLUFF ME AH! Official website also 1.8k for a room on your website also liddat! WUWUWUUWUWUW. WHY WHY WHY!!!

Special prices till next year apparently. Check it out HERE and their official website can be found HERE

Entered the premise and was greeted by all these adorable trees with their bark falling off and a reaaallly BIG stone Buddha.

and a mini pond nearer to the main gate that was covered in Bamboo which was really pretty actually. The gate not the pond “=_=

Their fish pond was REALLLY clear! Like crystal clear for real!!! I was pretty shocked and tempted to ask them what filtration system they were using. If you just sit or stand there and watch, the calmness of the water and the playing fishes is so surreal that it looks like they aren’t even in water.

Sadly, the fishes were all pretty jittery and scared unlike the ones at YTL Cameron which i will elaborate further on when i actually decide to do that post =p

Front door. Well outside, big stone fire feature. Pretty cool =)

And of course the obligatory couple in front of hotel picture =X Nah. Don’t say i never post boyfriend pictures. I swear I have but a lot of people insist there is no signs of him in my blog or facebook “=_= wtf nonsense i swear! 2 yrs + impossible no signs of him okay.

The lobby’s main door. And some mini candle tea lights scattered across the water feature at the side. Pretty =)

And the room! Luxe Crib. This is apparently the most used room but every room is different and one has an aquarium but it’s not ready yet =( Loved the bed! It was really big but the bf was complaining about it being short.

They used reallly good linens which is a major plus point for me because I’m a sucker for soft comfy linens. Unfortunately, there was a tear in my comforter which i forgot to take pictures off but…. yeahhhh…. the comfiness made u for it =p

and the bottom left is the toilet with 2 sinks and a jacuzzi with blinds that open on two sides. one to the room and one to the balcony. cute touch was the toothbrushes in leaves and the full tube of toothpaste and shaving cream. no cheap disposable toiletries!

Sadly, in all my excitement i forgot to take pictures of my favourite part of the whole room .___. the awesome rain shower and the gorgeous rustic storage shelves. pfft.

And the door at the bottom right opens up to the next picture!

The balcony! With cute lantern lights and a day bed overlooking the pool =) Cosy. Oh. No smoking around the rooms and balconies =p MUAHHAHA. I LIKE! But you can still scuttle down to the carpark outside the lobby if you really need a smoke.

On top is this huge tray with complimentary Twinnings Tea, water and one of the most amazing mixed spiced christmas cookies i have ever chanced upon. In fact, I think i will go ahead and say it. It was THE BEST christmas cookies I’ve ever had! So good, i popped one in my mouth every 5 minutes or so and was clearly upset when the jar was finally empty. =(

Went down to the reception to ask if I could buy more since i loved it so much. Sadly, was sort of brushed off with this conversation.

Me: Hi! I was wondering if you guys had anymore of the complimentary cookies in the room. I love them so much! 

Her: Oh! Those are complimentary! You Can have them!

Me: Um.. Yeah I know. But I like it so much i was wondering if i could buy more.

Her: Owh…Oh! Sorry. It’s made daily.

Me: In the case, do you think you could get them to make a bit more tomorrow as i would really like to have more.

Her: ermm… errrr……..

Me: Nevermind. It’ll just be great if I could have more. Thanks.

Her: Okay.

– abrupt end of conversation with no actual conclusion-

But what i found funny was that they gave expensive snacks free yet the cheap peanuts in foiled packets were chargeable snacks. I found this really weird. Might as well give it free as well? How much could a pack of peanuts really cost in comparison with your higher ranged items?

The bottom picture is the TV with Astro channels. An Ipod dock. A DVD Player. And wine racks with mini fridge (with affordable drinks and chocolates!) and safe hidden behind the doors =) And that little complimentary bowl of dried fruits.

Note. At the moment, there is NO phone in the room and no room service either which was a minus point because I LOVE room service =( Maybe they are going to add it on next year when the tariff rates go back up to apparently normal.

Gave us this really yummy basket of tapioca doughnuts which I LOVED as well. But believe me when i say tiny. The 3 pieces could easily fit in my palm. Made me incredibly hungry and gave me very high hopes for breakfast tomorrow which i read really good reviews about again. The christmas cookies and these doughnuts really hit the spot for me and i was very very much impressed by this time.

Since there was no room service and the resident restaurant wasn’t open for business in the afternoon, we popped out to KL for food.

Actually asked the in-house manager if there was shuttle because i read somewhere that it would be provided. I mean I know we drove but seeing as we were technically on Holiday it would be nice to have someone drop us off and pick us up instead of us driving through the weekend jam.

Manager didn’t smile much and was pretty intimidating if not scary which was funny because when we first arrived she was very smiley and nice. I almost felt like i offended her with my presence or something. She seemed very irritated at the fact i asked for a shuttle which we eventually did not use anyway because she said they would only drop us off and we would need to catch a cab back. Mieh.

I don’t know what these plants are called but they surrounded the very pretty pool they had =)

Said very pretty pool =( Didn’t get to swim because the weather was too cold and i spent most of my next morning sleeping. Wasn’t allowed a later check out because apparently they had more incoming guests =( le sad. My main point was to go somewhere and swim and i didnt “=_=

-I interrupt this hotel post with spams of our faces because its my blog and i will blog whatever i want-


He is damn tak layan right. Finally last few pictures only wanna layan me “=_= pfft

-normal hotel posts will now commence. thank you for your patience-

Went up to their rooftop bar for complimentary cocktails! ^–^ Its really small though but cosy and I like it! Though you should probably watch out for mozzies once it gets dark.

view of the bar once it get’s a little darker and the lights turn up. There was a whole list of cocktails but we were only allowed to choose between two =( and the bartender even got our drinks wrong and gave us the same order. drinks weren’t great but it’s okay. not a big fan of alcohol anyway and the environment and the breeze coming in was lovely!

Bartender was also very nice and smiley though a little hard to communicate with so it was all good =)

after drinks went back to the room to chill and get ready. went out for dinner and a movie.

-abrupt end of day-

Next morning the bf had to leave for work so we woke up super early to have breakfast at their restaurant called Mandi-Mandi. It’s a cute place =) Would probably be really romantic at night too.

Unfortunately i was BEYOND disappointed. The bf ordered soft boiled eggs but if you squint hard enough you will notice that the eggs are actually pretty hard and they just chucked half a fully boiled egg on top “=_= Hello? TELUR SETENGAH MASAK OI! Bukan setengah masak setengah belum masuk. wtf.

My eggs benedict which i was waiting for the wholllee time… was… BAD. I couldn’t even finish it and it was so small. If anyone knows me I could probably down like 4 plates of that and still have room for heavier stuff so only eating half was definitely weird.

I actually ordered smoked Salmon which was on the menu but was told the kitchen was out?? We were the first for breakfast and they were out of salmon. NICE.


The teeny breads at the bottom was barely toasted and was soaked in some kind of liquid that it was soggy and just bleargh. And my eggs tasted completely of vinegar and nothing else! The crappy breakfast really spoiled my morning and motivation to go swim so i just went back to bed.

LUCKILY! The staff of the morning was lovely and when I asked for my cookies again (different girl) she immediately offered to pack them for me. She was very smiley and chatty and I wished she served me earlier because sometimes in a hotel, service really is everything. Wish i could tell you her name but it was Thai I think and way too hard to remember =(



All in all. I would probably only give this place 6.5-7/10 stars unlike most of the reviews i read on tripadvisor and agoda for various reasons.

Despite supposedly being a 5 star hotel, service just wasn’t up to par and my horrid breakfast really left me reeling in shock. The place is pretty and all but in my honest opinion if they increased price next year, this would definitely not be worth the price anymore.

YTL establishments still win with their amazing service and for the same price as well.. but you go and try. We probably just had a bad day. =/

Below is a list of things i saw online that really made me think this place was worth it but i received none of those services and it made us feel like we weren’t given the full service and that think that maybe things were a little bias?. my response in italics.

We diudn’t see no muesli, cheese and fruits? Was ust given a menu and told to choose 1 item. HATED THAT! In YTL cameron, its the same concept but they let me keep ordering till i was satisfied and full. And portions here are soooo small. Not that it really mattered since i couldnt even stomach half of my vinegar eggs.

we didn’t get any turn down service when we went for dinner? and no chocolates either. HMMMM…??? But maybe because we went out later than expected. But still?

Why do they get to be shuttled back and we don’t?

Our drinks were just… meh….generous was probably not the right word.

We came in 2 cars since the bf had to go to work. But no car washes for us =(

Anyway, they probably need to buck up a lot more if they ever want to really achieve a 5 star name. I felt very second rated at the place and really did not feel welcomed at all. When we first went in, we were pretty amazed and excited but we left feeling as the boyfriend said “UNFULFILLED.” Thing’s just weren’t great or satisfactory. Better luck next time maybe? Can’t really decide if I would want to actually come back again or not =/

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Hello from Cameron Highlands Resort!

Actually by the time you guys see this i’m already in the car checked out and going back down. Lol. There was no internet in the room and only the library area had free wifi soooo i had a lil time after breakfast today and hence im uploading it cuz it’s gonna be a busssyy busssyyy day for me!

Ciao guys.

And for the record. I love this place.

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Melaka Dream


There’s an unrealistic beauty in this one picture, a reminder of how only few hours after coming back home i woke up and felt as if everything had only been a dream. For hours thereafter, i drifted about in confusion; unsure of whether the trip really had existed or had it been conjured up entirely in my dreams from that deep nap i had slid into.

A quick look into my camera confirmed it.

I had been happy. I should be happy so why wasn’t i?

I had stood on that very road the very same day i was staring at him in disbelief, questioning the whole pseudo mix of reality and time.


Alleyways and walkways in a special group of people i loved dearly. Every frame, every image taking me back into time much further that it’s suppose to go.

Why did the terms yesterday and this morning seem like months ago instead of what it should really imply? Had my 21st birthday trip really happen just a day ago? How did so many things unfold itself in this very short time spam and become this disaster area that i am now sitting alone, unmoving in my bed again.


Stop messing with me.

Stop playing around with my head like those light rays that came through the window panes while i lay next to you and your sleepy face while my closest friends remained fast asleep in the bed next to me and that little room further down the corridor.

Yesterday morning i was in love, loved and unbelievably happy lying in a tiny sofa bed that i thought wasn’t really tiny.

This morning i was somewhere else. Unloved and almost seemingly hated as words and expressions came in a flurry against my barely conscious mind.

Now at this moment, i sit alone blinking back tears in this room that has watched me grow throughout my later years annoyed at the questions of your whereabouts and why you weren’t joining us for my so called family belated 21st birthday dinner.


I see tunnels reappear.

Crossroads and decisions, i know i inevitably have to make.

I walk behind you like i always do.

A trait unrecognizable by anyone who knows me as a truth. My dominance and my confidence pulled acres closer to the ground by choice to be with someone as hard as you.

Everyone sees it. Everyone that is but you.


On friday these rocks played their roles as chairs against the calm malaccan straits.

Today they appear to me like the jagged edges of a torn and broken heart slashed to pieces by the things you’ve said and done just moments before this.

Those liquid pools of tears as dense and sticky as the air that blew across our faces while we sat staring at quite literally nothing. Well, all of us did except you who held on to your precious toy no matter where we went or what we did.


I know what i said.

I know what my 10 days meant.

I made a wish.

I dont know if this occurrence was it’s way of fulfilling it but this picture was how i had envisioned it to continue its path.

Does that mean my wish would be something entirely new?


Like the short lived joy of cheap popsicles sticks gone so quickly after only a few hungry licks.

Happiness turns to emptiness in only a matter of minutes.

Uncontrolled emotions and an unforgettable past proving it’s a winner in the matters of a previous love trumping that of a more current presence.


In a blur, there is no reassurance of a simple joy.

Bubbles blown and popped seemed so distant now i can barely even remember. All that i see is a 5 year old you running through the streets with little transparent balls of soap appearing through my magic purple wand.

Such precious gifts prove only forgettable compared to one moment of anger, resentment and pain. Negativity overpowers positivity. 2 days of smiles become non existent after only 5 minutes of frustrations. An inability to filter, organise or have a rationale in its proper sequence. There is only darkness truly left.


I am me.

I am only me.

Never her, never what your mind seems to see.

And i almost want to tear that necklace away. That necklace that looks almost like your complete ownership over something that you dont even want or even wish to see.

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Back Again

So hello there.

I’ve finally found some time to blog again as promised though it will most likely be a wordy post which most of you never bother reading anyway.

Just a random update but here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

I’ve finally gone back to school and in all honesty I’m not really enjoying myself all that much at all. It isn’t the subjects or the lecturers but me and school just don’t gel very well together. Heck, i can easily wake up at 5am to work or at 6am to eat breakfast or even to go swimming but asking me to get up at 7am to go to class at 8am is a whole new feat all together that i have yet to master. Sitting in a classroom or a lecture hall and trying to pay attention drains so much of my energy on a daily basis that i’m normally down and out by 10pm the same day and that is after i’ve taken a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon after my classes.

Aiya, i know i’ve only gone for a week of classes and already I’m such a whiny bitch but i really can’t help it wei and ironically enough, the only reason i am able to blog now is because somehow for some unknown reason, I’ve managed to get sick and am lying in bed with a fever instead of freezing myself in the classroom. Actually I’m wondering how much more i can even type because my head is starting to spin. HAHHAHA but i shall persevere and go on typing at least a little more just so everyone knows I’m really alive and I’ve not abandoned this blog yet!

Aside from that, did i tell you guys about my addiction with body balance class? It made me lose like 4 KGS in just over 2 weeks. I went about 3-4 times a week but i have to give up most of my classes now since class has started. SAD. And after not going for a week I’ve gone back to developing my sloth like abilities of having my thoughts battle it out inside my brain about whether to get up and go for a session or stay home and lump myself in front of the TV with what’s left of my precious time. Which if you think about it is really a lot of time left seeing as I’ve only got 3 days of classes but those 3 days of classes are making my other days fly by like the wind and all of a sudden it’s time for class again??

I wonder if there’s something i could use to make myself love going to lectures and tutorials. Perhaps i should try a self hypnosis?


I went to Penang for the first time since i was last there when i was probably 5 with no recollection of the place and i must say that I LOVE PENANG!! wtf wtf. I don’t really know why but that place just feels really familiar and comfortable to me and it’s one of those little cities that i could go wondering about and plopping myself in some random cafe and just stare out at nothing. I guess because it has such a seaside town feel to it and I’m just crazy addicted to the sea. AIYA I KNOW LA ITS NEXT TO THE SEA but what i mean is the infrastructure and the pace of the place lar!!

And for the record, i really didn’t think the Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow was all that. SOOOOO overpriced!! There used to be this kopitiam in Aman Suria opened by a penang family and homaigad their char kuey teow is to die for wei!! If you had anything to do with hypertune, you’d likely find the hypertune boys sitting there having their daily dose of it. I’m still devastated that the place closed down and i no longer no where they are. If anyone knows do tell me okay!

And and and I’m addicted to this jagung bakar special thing i ate in Penang. MY goodness it was soooo goooooodd! they actually roasted the corn with some special sauce that caramelises a little to give a sweet and smoky taste to the corn. Just thinking about it is making me salivate and that is on my first thing to eat list if i ever go back to penang again. I got it at a stall in Batu Feringgi outside Sunset Bistro. MUST TRY I SWEAR TO YOU!

Eh okay la. cannot type anymore. nauseas already.


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Congrats Proton (APRC 2010)!

I’ve always been a fan of Proton despite what everyone says because i remember the Perdana being my favourite car in the house when i was a kid and then most of my exes drove Protons as well and now i drive a Proton =) And despite how everyone keep mocking my car, I really do actually love it because so far it has been a really good companion to me and has yet to fail me. I even get annoyed at people who make fun of my car because i think “she” actually has feelings so when you’re in my car next time talk nicely to “her” okay! “She’s” been really reliable all these years despite the abuse I’ve put “her” through =/

So i was really happy when i heard about Proton’s one-two win in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) 2010 in China recently because it really is something to make Malaysians proud.


Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson did us proud by winning first and second respectively in the China Rally pushing Proton into 2nd place in the APRC Manufacturers Championship with the Satria Neo S2000. This gave them the leap they needed and put them behind Mitsubishi but ahead of Subaru.


Proton has actually been involved in Motorsports for quite a while and this year itself they have already competed in five of the six APRC rounds that began with the Rally of Malaysia, Rally of Japan, Rally of New Zealand and Rally of Australia.

This win however was not an easy one because throughout the entire season Proton encountered a lot of unexpected misfortunes. Despite it all, they never gave up and their determination finally bore fruit =)


Once again, a hearty congratulation to Proton and all the best in their future endeavors. I’m definitely looking forward to more good news in the coming future. Do us Malaysians proud!

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