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A Secret at はるにれの木


At any moment in time, there is a feeling of vulnerability that makes itself known.

Sometimes in weakness, sometimes in strength.

A lover’s embrace, littered in tears.

And a silence that wraps itself like a cocoon on each other’s lips.

A moment felt,

A moment made ours,

As the sky turned dark and the shadows came creeping.

I know what I felt, I know that gentle rhythm. The solidification of my emotions, I gave you my all, on that cold November evening.

It had been perfection. A transcendence that far exceeded any form of expectation.

A spell had been cast.

A secret shared.

It was only just us.

And a tree that was.

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Hello from Tokyo!

Just in case you miss my face =p

Actually got very fast internet connection here but everyday is so tiring i collapse in bed by 10-11pm and have to get up again at 6-7am “=_=

My sister made a really full and tiring itinerary.


I want to dye my hair here.

Should I?

The ash blondes here look so good!!! And it’s almost the same price as KL anyway.

Le tempted.

But it will take the whole day??



But Im going to Ghibli Musuem tomorrow!!!


Much Love!


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