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8th October 2011 Randoms

SOOOOOOO.. because I have been procrastinating and neglecting my chores and duties of the day, I am punishing myself by attempting to revive my slowly disappearing blog.

Yah. I went through my blog posts and discovered how little I’ve blogged this year in comparison to the past where i can churn out 2-3 posts DAILY. hahahaa. now 1 week got 1 post also very good already but even that occasion is somewhat pretty rare =X

I was actually in the midst of writing a rather serious and proper post a few days ago about one of my favourite artist but before i had a chance to really write write the post, i had to go out and now i can’t seem to channel back the mojo i need to continue the post so i shall leave it sitting in my drafts for a while until i am back in the zone.


So i have nothing much to blog about actually and i didnt really feel like photo spamming my blog with old pictures from 2-3 years ago at the moment but probably will later on or something and schedule it. WTF… so here is a more recent but not so recent spam of my face just to remind you guys how i look like.

YES! I think a blogpost of my narcissismand camwhore pictures with pointless babbling words and captions actually does constitute a blog post!



then how?

what you want me to blog about?!



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3rd Oct 2011 Randoms

at least got update la okay. wtf

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19 July 09 @ Domokun Shoot with Kevin Han Part 2

Wah! after a week finally part 2 is up! hahahhaa. 2 mroe parts to go. WTF

and erm..yeah if you notice to extreme colour change in this set its cuz i was editing halfway and fell asleep. and when i woke up i forgot my colour schemes. AHHAHAHA. and no i have this bad habit of not saving the actions so i can never really get the exact same colour effect on my pics. HAHAHA LOSER.

aiyah i know the last pic especially the colours damn ugly already but im too lazy to redit la. PFFT. go away.











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19 July 09 @ Domokun Shoot with Kevin Han Part 1

urmm yeahh… so you guys remember my teaser post that i made like ages ago….. umm… HAHHAHHAHA.. well, i finally copied the pics to my lappie so i can edit them when im not in cheras but…. theres just so many and i loved them all so i had an awful time trying to decide which ones to use T_T

if you think it’s boring and repetitive den im sorreeehh but i like them so boo!! as i was saying…there was so many and it’s late and im tired… these are all i managed to edit to my liking… SOOOOO…this set will be divided into 3-4 parts according to my “hardworkingness” level. wtf


cutie pie juju when she still looked this innocent =p


i looked weird so i cropped myself out. HAHAH. but she was too cute la! just had to use the pics!!


yes if you’re wondering. that is a pink domokun. it was a valentine special and it cost me a bomb. dont ask. i dont even know where it is anymore “=_=

i want kissy kiss pls


cookie monster wanted an appearance…


i jsut love the feel of this one =D

oh… if you’re wondering. the note says happy birthday i still owe you your pressie -hsin. LOL


thought these 2 pics were just too cute so i had to reuse them in a proper picture. KAKAKKKA.

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Domo Shoot Teaser

225-IMG_4299 - Copy

Gahahaha. ANother round of random casual photoshoot coming up… I HOPE….

Sorry lar. got a ridiculous amount of pics in this set and although most of them are damn similiar but its still very hard to decide on which to edit and post =X

Yah yah. i posted a few pics from this set before i know. no need to remind me.

So stay tuned!

*innocent face*

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