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Temporary MIA


I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately but I’ve been having my finals and since I’ve been slacking like crazy the past 2 years of my college life, I am indeed in layman’s terms FUCKED as expected. So a wee bit more time and effort is mega expected to at least hopefully achieve somewhat decent results. Next papers in a week so got la a bit of time to berupdate update. Well, at least my twitter is still being spammed like crazy. Uh huk uh huk (•̯͡.•̯͡)

Oh btw, I pimped my blackberry! Mwahahah! Its now pink and white with pink keypad backlights! I would post a pic but the one I have in my blackberry just doesn’t do it justice so one day la hah, when I’m hardworking enough to upload pics into the comp. Not that I’m at my comp very often anymore also but that’s totally irrelevant and cheh wah! My picture spams sudah berbackdated sampai setahun dah. Epic max!

I know I just came back from bali but I wanna go holiday again laaa. Kl city air is really sucking the energy out of me lo. Ish! And so sad, shanghai expo holiday not happening adi U_U berexcited for nothing. Aihhss

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Out there…

Its a cloudy day today, gloomy with the clashing of thunder in the background. The raindrops have yet to fall but I’m sitting in this cafe, cozy and unsurprisingly sleepy. My books are sprawled in front of me but I can barely even concentrate on a single word much less have these formulas and calculations drilled into my head.

The atmosphere is perfect for a cuddle or a nice quiet book read with french jazz playing softly from the hidden speakers in this romantically lit little gem that has become much of a favourite to me. Yet every afternoon spent here is a sad reminder of my dwindling grades and uninterested mind.

I miss the open air and warm sunshine. Its getting cold here. Much too cold for me.

I remember sitting in my car one evening where the sun shone golden rays that felt absolutely wonderful against my pale fair skin. And on my right, a sight tempted me so much as memories of my childhood came flooding in.

It was the park. It was the perfect weather. I longed to sit on the swings and feel the warm air ruffle my hair or just sit still and stare at the passing day. It was a sight so tempting, yet unreachable at that time. I felt my heart pulse with desire and break with painful disappointment.

Today sitting here in a place I normally felt at peace in, I am torn with a loneliness and a longing to be somewhere else. Somewhere like that park on a warm sunny day or under the sheets on that white bed wrapped in the warmth that is you.

I miss you.

And I miss my days where I didn’t have to give in to societies norms or expectations and obligations of a reluctant student’s life.

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Sudden Rush

Its april and all of a sudden it looks like my schedule is packed up all the way to july. 3 more months and I’m pretty much in doomsville. My final papers would by then have been done. No more chances. No more retakes. Shit. That means less than 3 months away and I’m having my finals. A month and a half more to my first paper to be exact. GG.

And then I am faced with the choice of what to do after that. Everyone else has flown off somewhere, applied and got accepted somewhere. Many are even starting their new course immediately in August. Wtf. So where does this leave me? Because seriously, I have progressed nowhere in finding out just what I want to do neither am I really even prepared to make that choice. Le sigh.

That aside, tonight is my first time stepping into a club for a party in months and I’m not sure if I’m even excited or I’m just dreading the whole situation. Its not even a club I like. Tsk.

I have gotten very much accustomed to staying home at night and snuggling on the couch watching dvds and playing with my crabby sugar glider gizmo. Yes. I am a sad 20 year old but forgive me. It is an old woman stuck in a young girl’s body I be.

Cruds. Typing such a long post on the blackberry is giving me hand cramps. Wtf max.

Next week is white water rafting and I’m damn gan jiong lor. Even roller coasters make my heart stop and I’m hell afraid of drowning although seriously fat chance of that. I’m not much of a adrenaline junkie. I like slow paced stuff that reflects my forever stoned slumber mood. So why did I go omg! I want to go is really beyond me. Maybe secretly I have a death wish. Pfft.

Have not attended pilates class in 3 weeks because the sister has kidnapped all my appropriate gym pants. Everything else is only going to risk ass and pussy exposure which really isn’t that pleasant a sight. Lol.

However, on sunday I went for my first yoga class and holy buhjeezus! My body ached donkey balls for the next few days after that class. I seriously have no balance whatsoever. Le tragic is it not? Am still in debate whether to go again this sunday T_T

Fwaahh! Then right in a month from now I’m flying to bali! And here’s the best part. I have yet to decide on a hotel. My passport has expired and I’ve still not gone and have it renewed. My ic has also not been renewed. And I have an exam paper the week after I come back. Haahahaha tres awesome it is.

Why la am I like that T_T I realy am quite a fuck up in life aren’t I? Lol. Okay back to my afternoon nap. Wtf.

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10-19 May 09

IMG_1811this is Spice in her new pink cage =( she used to live freely in the garden until she dug under some wires =S now she has been condemmed back into a cage. lol. she’s my oldest rabbit =3 and the one that attacks cats. lol. had her since i was 14-15!

IMG_1835this is uncle bens very paranoid chihuahua. lol. all of a sudden his name escapes me @_@ wtf. i really havent been there in a while huh. yeah. havent really been mixing with the fotoworx crew much anymore. long story. not important.

IMG_5203this is tj!! and im wondering whos using my comp and whos head is on my bed on the right hand side @_@ lol. random much?

IMG_5206button!! =D he’s also been with me for pretty long. poor boys castrated now. lol. big daddy of most of my baby rabbits.

IMG_5410HAHAHHAHA. im so retarded. got tissue stuck up nose also wanna show ppl. wtf max

IMG_5411miko! shes 13!! scary max =(

IMG_5415hello. say hi to my ridiculously messy table computer table at one point in my life.

IMG_5417a closer view of one part. actually it’s not much difference now also U_U slightly neater only. wtf. but still choc full of junk! .___.


15 May 09 @ Island Bistro, Pavilion

IMG_5421guess who behind!! look so aneroxicly thin right *o*

IMG_5422sorry la. i got fascination with their flower arrangement. damn cute lor.

IMG_5424no meh no meh

IMG_5434artistically challenged. wtf.

IMG_5426hahah its nat. and i like posting weird pics of her cuz shes entertaining like that. HUHUHUH



IMG_5439wtf mayo also wanna take right. but cute what the way they serve it T_T yah. im easily amused. wtf

IMG_5440see. so hardworking lor. im studying for exam wei!! no joke @_@

IMG_5442looking at the size of the book. it was probably biology. but the point of this picture is FWAH SEE MY CHIN SO SHARP AH!!

IMG_5443i like coleslaw.

IMG_5446some fish burriton thingie @_@ lol. it was quite good lor actually. their set lunch damn cheap wan. den this thingie was damn addictive. but like damn long ago already la. who knows if it still exist or not at this point of time U_U. actually now that im looking at it’s picture im kinda like craving it. zomg stress. hello nat vvens or whoever. who wants to go eat with me this week =D

IMG_5449closer look at the “shit” mayo.

IMG_5451the witch nose + the pursed lips sideways is not a good combination. wtf.

and now…





.IMG_5452BOO to you too =p

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13-17 April 09 @ Randoms

13-16 April 09 @ Bio Plant Experiment

yeah okay actually damn pointless picture post but i like to document things can or not. i dont even remember what this experiemtn was about. why are we cultivating little plants in jelly culture again @_@.. bah what does it matter. just a few pictures.




IMG_1695see it grew!!


16-17 April 09

IMG_1707my fav grilled vege sandwich from Wondermilk Cafe! =3

IMG_1708er… nice to look at… normal to the taste buds

IMG_1709@wondermilk cafe Uptown.

IMG_3704Helps Corridor.


IMG_3694sorry la. my dog cute can or not. i like to post can or not.

IMG_3676new hamster!

IMG_3673damn cute lor. wtf

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