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Werk Me – Overwerk Remix

Hello there.

I’m not dead yet.

A little past barely surviving but heres an AWESOME video bribe. If you know, you like well, cute hot girls with really yummy tits and ass 😉

Cuz you know I do 😉


Now come tell me that was not yum? 😉

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Cheesie’s Sloggi Slumber Party! ♥

Hello hello!

I almost never blog about events anymore if you’ve been following my blog for a while. But I love Cheesie too much so I’m gonna do this for her =p SO SUPPORT YA!!!

And I genuinely had lots of fun so props to Sloggi and Cheesie for the awesome party!

Pictures stolen from Jamie , Sloggi and Cheesie! =p

My favourite doll =( Gingy!! I wouldnt let go of it and carried it everywhere that night. But they dunch lemme take it home. WUWUWUUW. SAD CHILD.!

Me and Jamie! First time i see her so open and revealing leh =p HAHAHAHA.

Shannon and Jin Yen! I swear Jin Yen has the hugest eyes ever. LIKE EVER! Those aren’t enlarging lenses BTW. And they only drew a thin line of eyeliner and the thinnest eyelashes because the size of her eyes trumps ours by miles .___.

And of course, the host of the party! Cheesie and her pastel lollipop. Haha. She was so fascinated by it. Actually we all were. WTF


And us girls with Da Boss!


My fav pic with cheesie! <3 cuz we both look so ohsumsauce! mahahahhaa.

Jamie and Jin Yen. YOU SEE HER EYES!!!

Hahaha. Production crew behind us.

Jamie complain i always look so fierce and serious when i take pic with her =( But i like bitchy face. HOW? My smiley face is fat and my eyes become slits. ZZZZ.

And the pics you guys all want right.

Girls in Sloggi Underwear.


Da boss.

Yours truly.

Sweetie Pie Jamie.

Doe Eyed Jin Yen.

Smexy Shannon.

We hope you like our hardowrk and dedications you guys made 😉

Music video!? challenge accepted!

In our coloured gear!

You see this Jamie so pandai. Her contact lens match her baju! Pink!!

Cheesie transformed!

And me being a pig gorging on candy floss as usual. WTF. What else is new right?

I was so scared the bed was going to break D=

And le final pic of us with Henry Golding =)

And here’s a disclaimer before i post the video for you guys to make snarky comments about my fatness and slanty eyes. But i have two left feet and I am incapable of dancing when not drunk. WTF. So there. If you didnt notice it before but notice it now thanks to my disclaimer then FML. If you noticed my awkwardness earlier then don’t say i didnt warn you =X



So hurry down HERE and vote for Cheesie okay!?


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Riusuke Fukahori – Goldfish Salvation

He is my new artist idol.


Acrylic on Resin.

Be Inspired.

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Stolen of Pluralfiction

This girl i know; with the prettiest face and a wisdom beyond that of her years was introduced to me almost 2 years ago.

Secret smiles and secret understandings yet meeting only once in a blue moon, she caught my attention in a way most girls never will.

Still i stalk her her writings HERE and every now and then the sides of my mouth curve up into a smile in mutual understanding to the words she displayed on that very bare layout.

Today i decided to share a part of one of those posts.

Just because i want to.


“to trust, or not to trust?

I hear relationship is about trusting. Well, it’s kinda hard to build something so fast on two strangers, don’t you think?

You begin with like, crush, infatuation, lust, whatever – how are you supposed to go from there? At the beginning you’re already clouded with a rush of hormone and emotions, as your other partner is on the same level of intoxication as you are.

It’s like taking two drunk kids home and putting them in a pitch black room, they’re definitely gonna fuck, or at least do something physical. Tell them, one of them is leaving, one of them has a vaginal disease, one of them is married, one of them has a kid, but what the hell, maybe this one will be different. Maybe this is, the exception.

There it is! That “exception” that gets us screwed, over and over again, too much for a lifetime, not enough to learn the lesson.”

-Plural Fiction

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