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New Toy: Lancome Maqui Miracle Compact!

Actually right, I’m damn lazy wan. And in the process of me being so lazy, i really cannot be bothered to primp up and look all pretty unnecessarily. So I’m not a particularly big fan of make up especially foundations and compact powders because I used to do a lot of jobs or shoots that required it and my skin would get all irritated with the layers of make up and start to get all bumpy and stuff. Actually, i also hate that artificial make up look lar. HAHA. Not that i hate hate it, i just don’t like it on me. WTF

So for people that don’t already know. I’m seen with a completely bare face 95% of the time.


A few weeks ago I somehow got my hands on this very random item that i do not own, a compact powder foundation from Lancome in their new Maqui Miracle range all thanks to Nuffnang!  To date, i only have 1 concealer stick, 2 liquid eyeliners, 2 mascaras and a lot of lip gloss and some eyeshadows. HAHA. And that’s about it. Oh! And 1 BB Cream. And they are all so old i don’t know what to say so this compact is something very new to me =D


So this is what i got! The foundation powder, the compact case and the exclusive dual sided sponge!

Just so you know, the compact case and the foundation powder is sold separately yah and if you’re wondering about what i mean when i say dual sided sponge, it will be explained later in the post =3 mwehehhehe

BTW, this particular news might interest you guys especially to those who are always bugging me about why i am so fair.

NO, i do not use sunblock because i really hate the feeling of that sticky liquid but this compact is like magic okay! It’s a powder foundation and yet it has SPF35 sun protection! THAT IS CRAZY HIGH LOR for something like this!! But of course, this is good news to all of you out there la especially if you like to maintain fair skin.


Random picture just because i like to do that.

The case plus the powder and the sponge equals my new makeup toy! TADAH! Actually i just really love the giant mirror. HEHE

And did you notice that there’s a big hole in place of where the foundation is suppose to go? It’s damn cool wan i tell you, i always look at my mum and my friends drop their compact case and then the powder just flies out of it and shatters all over the floor but this case helps to avoid that problem!


And this is how they do it! The foundation is actually placed in this little tray thing that has a clip. The clip fits exactly inside as shown in the picture and then stays there! To remove it, you just need to push the trigger and it pops back out! It’s damn smart i tell you. I seriously wonder why nobody did this way earlier to avoid such tragedies.

NAH! CAN SEE OR NOT! SPF35 AH! I never bluff you okay, it’s even on the made in japan sticker!

And to top it off, it actually last 12 hours. PERFECT FLAWLESS SKIN FOR half a day! Of course after that 12 hours you need to reapply la, then you get your full 24 hours but who really needs that anyway? And it’s only logical that you reapply your foundation powder as needed after sweating and stuff. But no need some makeup noob like me to tell you that right, that one you also know already.


And here’s a picture of the sponge for your benefit! The velvet side is slightly rougher but its still very nice and soft la. Anyway, the velvet side is used to pick up the foundation and apply it on your face as it’s easier to adhere to that side of the sponge and to be released onto your face.

The silky side as you can see, looks a lot smoother and I kid you not when I say it’s called silky for a reason. It does actually feel like real silk. I couldn’t stop touching it. But it’s one of those you have to feel it to believe it kind of experiences. Anyway, the silky side of the sponge is used to blend and polish the foundation to make it look extremely natural and smooth.

You know how you always see people with thick make up and you can tell straight away that they’ve used a chunk load of powder on their face. Honestly, this one when you first apply it looks a little bit obvious as well but only a little compared to many others i’ve seen. This is probably due to the fact that their powder is ultra fine in comparison with many other brands. But after you polish it it’s so natural that you will even forget you’re wearing a foundation powder. That is until you wash your face and uncover your skin la. HAHA. Then only you notice what a big difference it really made =X


Anyway here is a before and after picture. TEEHEE! =X

I know it looks like there isn’t any difference but if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you will notice that the powder really evened out my skin tone and made it a lot brighter. And technically, that is the point and why i love this foundation. IT IS SO NATURAL, LIGHT and AIRY that people think it’s really my skin that’s so nice and flawless. MAUHAHHAHAH,A

If you’re wondering why it makes the skin look so much more radiant, it’s because Maqui Miracle has somehow managed to artificially recreate an aura or glow that we normally have when we’re feeling beautiful and happy. The foundation causes light to be absorbed and reflected in all the right places and angles thus giving our skin a poreless smooth finish that is shine free yet translucent and brightening! HOHOHOHO. ITS DAMN POWER RIGHT? U NO HAZ BELIEVE ME?!

Look below.


I JUST HAD TO CAMWHORE LA!! I tell you, after i went downstairs my bf was busy watching TV he actually complimented me and asked why is my skin so smooth suddenly! Normally he likes to kutuk me and say that i don’t take care of myself all wan. The light reflection and aura created actually made my face look smaller than usual and gave me my cheek bones back! The face area doesnt look as saggy anymore and makes me look like I’m actually awake when in truth I’m partially asleep. WTF

And dont say its my eyeliner okay because if your skin is bad you put what eyeliner mascara all also you will still look like crap.

TRUE STORY. Go dig through my facebook and find if you don’t believe me. I don’t untag my ugly pics wan.

OH BTW, i actually wanted to make a little make up tutorial thingie wan but I’ve been so busy i just haven’t found the time to actually edit it properly because its in seperate bits and pieces and all over the place =/

BUT I’m gonna post one part of it just to proof to you that i really did make an effort to video it T__T

HAHHAA. The final product. SEE MY SKIN LOOK SO NICE RIGHT!! and yah lah, my hair doesnt look as nice as my camwhore pic la. Actually after finish video-ing, I blow dried it a little back into proper place =X AND my chicken hairband cute or not? WTF

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Liese Bubble Hair Dye Chassis Berry

As an official blog bribe because i’ve been seriously neglecting this space and pretty much archiving it with way overdued pics im going to put something relatively new here.

a beauty item review!!!

and i know la. the whole world has done it an blogged about it all already but if you know me well enough im probably one of the laziest females on earth that thinks beauty regimes are a chore not worth completing on a daily basis =X so lagilah lazy plus dont have my desktop takde semangat wanna blog but can do review some more! well sort of a review lar. ish.


this is my original hair colour. i had it dyed a brown red but before that my hair was dyed black so the colours didnt seep in well enough and it wasnt red enough for me. and also my hairstylist and bf refused to let me further torture my hair with bleach so i had to make due with this only mildly lighter shade of brown =X with very little red tinge u___u sad. totally wasnt what i was expecting.

click to enlarge to have a clearer pic of the colour.


got the brightest reddest one that was apparently available. casis berry colour from sasa. cant remember how much it was. RM35 maybe??

before beginning, you are suppose to do a little test patch first to see if any allergy occurs. me being lazy as always, couldnt even be bothered and just took the risk anyway but my skin is not particularly sensitive to these kinda things so i guess it was okay for me.


Sasa was having a promotion where they gave me this free cape thingie so the dye doesn’t stain my clothes =D please note it does not come with the hair dye but it was a free gift promotion thing. you might also want to wear an old shirt you dont really care about anymore just in case ya.

it is also advisable to line the edges of ure skin that comes in contact with your hair with some baby oil so the dye does not stain your skin if it overflows a little. the area behind the ears and the back of the neck especially because we tend to not notice when theres dye stuck there.


the things that were found in the pack. instructions. the dye. some mixer with the dye. the foam nozzle. gloves and some conditioner lotion thing for after care.


first, pour the dye carefully into the bottle containing the white liquid.


close the cap and tilt the bottle upside down gently in order to mix the two solutions. do this multiple times until the soltuion is evenly coloured indicating that it’s been mixed well.

DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. I REPEAT! DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE!! shaking it will cause the foam to occur in the bottle before it is pumped out. this will cause the foam to become very watery when you use the pump and thats dangerous since it might drip into your eyes as well as pretty much useless later.


remove the cap and replace it with the pump given. okay i wanted to make a GIF image to show you but im using the bf laptop and i dont have my programmes so too bad. we all know what happens when i drag it. lol. this post would never have appeared.


put on your gloves and you’re just about all geared to go!


one thing i noticed though is the longer i left the dye, the darker the solution became. im not sure if its better to use it when its lighter or darker but most likely it doesnt make a difference.

to use the pump, press the plastic bottle with the bottle upright. its not like a shampoo bottle where you press on the nozzle so do read your instructions properly and dont let yourself get confused.


with your foamy palms, start massaging the foam into your hair starting from the top and slowly going towards the base. for me the first half of the bottle was actually used up before any foam started to show. it made me panic because i thought i was doing it wrong but after using more of the solution and massaging it in more the foam finally started appearing.

theres an indicator on the bottle stating how much of the solution you should use depending on your hair length. it wasnt necessary for me to finish it with my length but i figured might as well use it all since it cant be reused again.

after youre done, just pile everything on your head so the foam doesnt fall all over the place or touch any of your clothing.

a lot of people have told me that the ammonia smell was really bad for this product but funny enough neither me nor my bf thought so. we actually found that this one smelled quite nice and the berry smell was really really strong. it could also be due to the fact that we have an air purifier in the room so im not entirely sure. however the fumes did sting my eyes and nose a little when i got too close to it like when im applying the foam on my fringe but it was manageable.

head also felt slightly tingle somewhere in the middle but it was just a mild sensation. ive gone through a lot worst dying my hair all these years in saloons.


leave on the foam for 20-30 minutes. 30 if you have darker hair and then just wash off like normal using your shampoo and conditioner. i expected my hair to become all dry and frizzled but it was fine. no dramatic changes to the texture of my hair. use your own leave on conditioner for double safety or just apply the leave in conditioner provided with the hair dye =)

tried to take pic of the after colour but the room lighting was horrible and the flash just made it worst.


it doesnt look like much difference from the original but it was definitely a lot brighter and redder. it also became slightly lighter and overall i was pretty happy with the results. still not as bright and light as i want it to be but what do you expect for a hair dye that cost that much for home use? and i still need to constantly remind myself that my hair was dyed black previously.


the lightness is more obvious in this pic but it was still really hard to capture the actual colour.

all in all, i guess i would say i was satisfied with the overall results.

sadly, the colour doesnt really last and after a month there is almost no more red in my hair and it’s started to darken back to its original brown. im not sure if anyone else has this problem but red generally becomes brown on asian hair anyway so who am i to complain. at least it didnt cost me a bomb like it would have in the hands of more professional hair colourist.

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