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KONY 2012

We live each day with no fear and carry on with our lives oblivious to many things. Or sometimes we know, but we also know there is nothing we can do without substantial funds and time. I’m not any different. Many things tug at my heart strings, many things make me cry and wish I could make a difference. I can but I choose not to because sometimes, things just aren’t as simple as saying “Hey, I’m going to do something. I’m going to make a difference and change the lives of hundreds of people/animals.”

Here, one man and his team stands up for something he believes in with more courage that I could ever muster. 9 years later, this man has the support of thousands of youths all over the world.

Be inspired.

Make a change.

All you have to do is watch this video and spread the news

Not too hard is it? 😉

APRIL 2012. It’s going to be EPIC.


[ps. Oh yea! We now have a Malaysian facebook page HERE so do like and show your support so we can join in the movement this April as well 😉 ]

(10pm edit: there is also some controversy going on about how Invisible Children is not all its cracked up to be with funds being used for less ideal charitable reasons and how by supporting Kony 2012, we are in effect supporting the Ugandan army whom themselves rape and pillage and all those usual things. Also the fact that Kony’s body guards would inevitable be children and hence to get him, more children will die.


But sometimes, it works just the way stop buying from pet shops to close puppy mills works. When we stop buying form shops, those bred and being used to breed die anyway. Either way deaths are going to occur but which has a more sustainable inpact. The world works in a fucked up way.

Neither way is really correct but do make your own judgement and research before you support a cause =) I for one believe that this is one thing that until tried, you never really know the outcome. So i am all for Kony 2012! Maybe I don’t know the real story or the real truth behind this movement but it’s not like im forcing anyone to support it either)

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Plea for Polo

This is Polo. Polo is not his real name, just a given nickname. In fact, Polo doesn’t even have a real name because he was abandoned as a baby by his parents and was left in the room they had rented.

Yup, you got that right.

Polo is not only an orphan, he isn’t even considered a citizen despite living his entire 9 years of life here as he is stateless and without an ID. This is very bad because despite his temperament and learning capabilities, he is not even allowed to go to school here =(

How did we find Polo you ask?

Well, after being abandoned, Polo was taken care of by the original landlord of the place. Unfortunately, his guardian is no longer capable of taking care of Polo and has no choice but to give the poor boy up.

This gorgeous lady here, Mei Sze has sent out a plea of help and it made it’s way to me from a mutual acquaintance.

She is now trying to find willing families who will legally adopt Polo so he is able to obtain an ID and go to school where he can learn to read and write like anyone else and have a better shot at a fruitful future.

If you are interested or know anyone else who is interested, please email her at mschoo116[@]

Polo is normally found here at the Kechara Soup Kitchen in Jalan Imbi if anyone is interested in doing a story on him or visiting him to see his condition.

However, it is advisable that you contact Mei Sze and make arrangements with her as not to confuse the people at the soup kitchen.

Come on guys, how can you resist that adorable little face. And knowing what he’s been through yet he is still sweeter than most kids, you know he’s gonna be worth saving 😉

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Charity Weekend

damn menyampah right me? that day say busy brb den tiba tiba got 2 post already. wtf. well technically i should be busy wan but i ended up canceling all my plans this week and have been home moping about. must get back to cheras so i can haz picture spam. wtf. also need to submit the stoopid pics for the articles. why if submit article to magazine, the writer still has to provide the pictures wan meh?!?! ish!! oh well. lifeless ppl like me need something to occupy my time anyway =X

anyway! back to the original point of this post!

theres going to be a kitty adoption drive !!

its this weekend so it would be great if you guys could spread the word and drop by for it =)

Date : 23-24 October 2010 (Saturday + Sunday)

Time : 10am – 4pm

Venue : Pet Epicure

6 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL

some light refreshments will be served as well =)


i know you want a kitty kat T___T because i want one really bad. uwuwuwuuw


anyway i’ll probably be there on Sunday though not entirely sure what time. so do drop by and say hi =D

this weekend is called charity weekend because i’m also going to be volunteering with The Last Polka on Saturday for their trip to the orphanage to distribute free home made ice cream to the kids =D happy! i havent done these things in a lonnngg loonnnggg time and im actually really excited =X though kinda scared cuz i’ve been in anti social mode for quite some time and i will now be required to meet new people. HUR HUR HUR


looking forward to my weekend =)

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Rescue Mission

i know how we’re all sick of my animal obsessed realted post.. but this is serious.. just click on THIS LINK to read about how you can help out.

remember the post about missing strays, after the whole burrying issue a lot of them were transported to Pulau Ketam where they became too much of a hassle and were furthur transported to an uninhabited mangrove island. there is literally nothing there for the poor dogs to eat and survive on except each other.

so this dude is out on a rescue mission and he needs as much help as he can get, be it donation or actual volunteers. so do spread this on =)

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