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Hi. Its the end of 2013.

In the years that have passed I’ve learnt to fall out of love with many things.

One of which had to be writing.

And another reading.

I no longer wanted to fill my time doing things I used to love. All I wanted to do was find time to be alone and just hibernate without having to do anything.

Many people attributed this to my boyfriend.

But the fact is, he had nothing to do with it.

I was tired. So very tired both mentally and physically for a myriad of reasons. The worst being the ordeal of having to go through my degree. I hate school. I hate studying. This has been the same since I was a kid.

The first week of kindergarden had me screaming and crying on the floor for days. I begged to be left at home. And every year, i felt no excitement at the prospect of starting a new school year.

In fact, the rest of my school life was filled with me making myself sick or literally getting sick because of how much I hated having to coop myself up in a room and listen to things I could learn in 10 minutes get dragged on for an hour. How I was not allowed to pace my own work and forced to do things at a slower rate or in a ridiculous timeline that had no proper spacing at all.

None of this changed.

But what kept me very much alive throughout these many years are the wonderful people I always seemingly seem to meet in my life, many of whom have walked alongside me for as long as I can remember. I’m one of those lucky kids that still has her best friends from kindergarden and primary school.

I don’t know where this post is going or what this post was for.

But i told myself in bed just now as I tried to go to sleep that its time to pick up on things that I had left behind. I want to paint, read, bake, write and do the many things I used to so adore. And I want to them all because I know these are the things that truly make me happy. Things that do not involve competition with another, or taking things from another or making another person feel smaller than they are. Things that many people expect me to do and be.

I’m sorry that you feel that I’m wasting my talents and time.

But I just want to be happy.

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A Nothing Day.

There is really no purpose to this post.

No function, no point, nada!

But i just felt like blogging about nothing.

Because today feel’s like a nothing day.

So what is a nothing day?

Well, a nothing day is a day like today.

Where i feel like doing nothing and blogging about nothing.


I was going to blog about my latest addiction. Home made marshmallows.

Except class ended early on the day I decided to show up for class and I am incredibly early for my lunch appointment and was afraid that if I went home and sleep I would refuse to come out again (much like what often happens. so don’t let me do that if I’m about to meet you). AND SO, I am sitting at Coffee Societe in Publika, completely monopolizing my buddy’s laptop, which, would obviously not contain any pictures of those heavenly yummy marshmallows i have procured from the brand that I am going to later introduce to you. Which would make all the sense in the world to blog about nothing and nonsensical nothings such as this rather than a post with no pictures to illustrate the fluffy joys of healthy full of flavour home made marshmallows.



Is a nothing day.

And this is a nothing post.

And you have just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading about nothing in particular. Except it’s not really nothing because nothing is something but is still really nothing.

I’m so funny sometimes,

I could make you cry.


Good bye.

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The King Says…


Now bow before me PEASANTS!

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I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

Sigh, it would be absolutely amazing to be at my favourite place ever (the beach, sea if you didnt know) and to do yoga with the sound of crashing waves *self envisions and prays for good things*

And so because I’ve always wanted to go to Pangkor Laut and I absolutely loved YTL Cameron Highlands Resort,  I’m participating in Cikipedia’s Healthy Getaway Weekend! for my chance to have yogaaaa by the seaaaaa!

My Weekend Workout Routine
A grunt and a stiffle of breath,
As I run up and down the stairs,
Wrestle the cat in the bath,
And chase after the dogs for a shower.
Phewee, look at all that sweat on my towel.

Stumble into yoga class every Fridays and Sundays,
And sometimes even body balance on Mondays,
Relax, meditate,
Then take a long calming walk with the partner.

Yoga kitteh that hates showers says Hi!

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Quick Hello! *sleepy kitty*

Just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to lately.

Well, I’ve been bogged down with a pretty intense amount of assignment and assessments and I’m flying off to UK for random holiday to see 2 of some of my favourite people in high school.

So damn busy i haven’t watched TV in 2 weeks except sneaking in a quick 15 minutes here and there.

And i’m discovering that nope, i still hate being busy.

Being a lazy bum and acting like a sloth all day is more in my nature.


Child with no ambition.


Time to continue slaving away on le assignments. LE SIGH.

Sorry if my blog is becoming more and more of a bore =/

I havent even touched my camera in a month! Tsk.

Not that i ever upload them here anyway.

Man, im getting distracted again so bye for real! WTF

But here’s an adorable picture of my baby kitteh <3 yes he sleeps with me that way. though normally his face is pressed against my neck or face. this is actually a rare case of him facing the other way. WTF


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