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All It Takes is A Care Bear ♥


Somedays you find yourself hysterical and so tired of life that every little mistake becomes more than just a little. All you want to do is to scream and run off expecting things to change for the better from your disillusions of leaving.

And then, every once in a while something magical happens and your heart stops it torrid unhappy beatings and the little curvatures of your lips turn upwards even when you try to hide it.

Last night was one of those nights.

And a Care Bear names Share Bear saved the day.

It’s true you know.

Care Bears do bring joy and love wherever they go.

And then they remind you of the reasons you always stayed anyway.

And all you want to do from then on is latch on and never let go.

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Quick Hello! *sleepy kitty*

Just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to lately.

Well, I’ve been bogged down with a pretty intense amount of assignment and assessments and I’m flying off to UK for random holiday to see 2 of some of my favourite people in high school.

So damn busy i haven’t watched TV in 2 weeks except sneaking in a quick 15 minutes here and there.

And i’m discovering that nope, i still hate being busy.

Being a lazy bum and acting like a sloth all day is more in my nature.


Child with no ambition.


Time to continue slaving away on le assignments. LE SIGH.

Sorry if my blog is becoming more and more of a bore =/

I havent even touched my camera in a month! Tsk.

Not that i ever upload them here anyway.

Man, im getting distracted again so bye for real! WTF

But here’s an adorable picture of my baby kitteh <3 yes he sleeps with me that way. though normally his face is pressed against my neck or face. this is actually a rare case of him facing the other way. WTF


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8th October 2011 Randoms

SOOOOOOO.. because I have been procrastinating and neglecting my chores and duties of the day, I am punishing myself by attempting to revive my slowly disappearing blog.

Yah. I went through my blog posts and discovered how little I’ve blogged this year in comparison to the past where i can churn out 2-3 posts DAILY. hahahaa. now 1 week got 1 post also very good already but even that occasion is somewhat pretty rare =X

I was actually in the midst of writing a rather serious and proper post a few days ago about one of my favourite artist but before i had a chance to really write write the post, i had to go out and now i can’t seem to channel back the mojo i need to continue the post so i shall leave it sitting in my drafts for a while until i am back in the zone.


So i have nothing much to blog about actually and i didnt really feel like photo spamming my blog with old pictures from 2-3 years ago at the moment but probably will later on or something and schedule it. WTF… so here is a more recent but not so recent spam of my face just to remind you guys how i look like.

YES! I think a blogpost of my narcissismand camwhore pictures with pointless babbling words and captions actually does constitute a blog post!



then how?

what you want me to blog about?!



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July 2011 Video and Camwhore Bribe

=X Just so you guys remember how i look like. WTF

Its the same make up la.. jsut that my hair let down from that bob thingamajig. long time no vain pot post okay =p so its a bribe for myself and you. WTF


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Still Alive End of April


Busy Busy Busy AGAIN!!!

But just had to update this.

In case you’re wondering why the thing is titled Photobooth Magic, it’s cuz photobooth does magic. LOL. generally makes you look prettier or cuter or whatever wan. tsk. such deceiving things an internal webcam can do =X so deceiving that i’ve even decided to dedicate an entire category to it. WTF

Back to my studies!

SOMEONE promised to guest blog for me tonight so let’s see shall we.

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