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The Love Wall

so what do you do when you look at random art blogs and feel imspired? when you see how the colours all seem to go perfectly well with each other and you feel somewhat inadequate because face it, you just aint that creative or anywhere near as talented. but the more you look at it the more you want to do something. which sorta kinda resulted in what happened to me.

i got into my car and went to buy art materials. or more like an overload of colour papers and decided to destroy my boyfriends perfectly nice and clean whitish beige wall.






and ended up with this!!! bwhahahhahah!! i turned the boyfriends room into a kindergarden with my colourful paper murals. and it really does help brighten the room a lot lor. more chirpy looking. then you know la. all that effort and paper cutting and cleaning up all. what to do with the wall after that?

what else but be a girl with way too much time on her hands.

CAMWHORE BAYBEH! and turn it into a moving gif! i actually remove the hearts one by one in photoshop to make it cute okay T_T so you must take note of the hearts reappearing!!!

and while we’re on that note of having nothing better to do but wanting to do something and pretending to be somewhere remotely creative, why not use it for something more somewhat err… productive?

like trying to win AN IPAD or some IPODS which are not as cool as the IPADS la of course but still cool what!


Well well well, LUCKY YOU THEN! because Muchyz is bringing you THAT CHANCE to win by participating in a competition with Muzic Wafer!

All you have to do is record a video of yourself mimicking the Muzic Wafer jingle in whatever ways you can think of (singing, tapping, whistling, beatboxing etc). AND obviously like all competitions, you should really try to be a wee bit little bit more creative instead of just videoing yourself humming the jingle okay? OKAY? yah okay, so go have fun now and unleash your inner jingle monster powah! i believe in you *bbzzztttt bzzzttt – creative power aura passes on to reader* but first let me explain what you need to do okay. dont go semangat all make the video already then go leave it in your computer or lagi best go make your own jingle. Just follow the steps below BY THE 5th OF AUGUST 2010!! =D

1) Download the Muzic Wafer Jingle 

2) Shoot a video of your production, featuring a real live pack of Muzic Wafer. (Keep it brief – 30 seconds!)

3) Wait for your notification!

in the end, 20 videos will be shortlisted and will be given a Muchy’s hamper worth RM 150 each.

Seeing as im not very effective at explaining things to you, you may want to hop over to their website in case i forgot to mention anything =X

okay. now for real, go forth my little munchy minions! go win yourself a spanking new ipad!

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