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Cheesie’s Sloggi Slumber Party! ♥

Hello hello!

I almost never blog about events anymore if you’ve been following my blog for a while. But I love Cheesie too much so I’m gonna do this for her =p SO SUPPORT YA!!!

And I genuinely had lots of fun so props to Sloggi and Cheesie for the awesome party!

Pictures stolen from Jamie , Sloggi and Cheesie! =p

My favourite doll =( Gingy!! I wouldnt let go of it and carried it everywhere that night. But they dunch lemme take it home. WUWUWUUW. SAD CHILD.!

Me and Jamie! First time i see her so open and revealing leh =p HAHAHAHA.

Shannon and Jin Yen! I swear Jin Yen has the hugest eyes ever. LIKE EVER! Those aren’t enlarging lenses BTW. And they only drew a thin line of eyeliner and the thinnest eyelashes because the size of her eyes trumps ours by miles .___.

And of course, the host of the party! Cheesie and her pastel lollipop. Haha. She was so fascinated by it. Actually we all were. WTF


And us girls with Da Boss!


My fav pic with cheesie! <3 cuz we both look so ohsumsauce! mahahahhaa.

Jamie and Jin Yen. YOU SEE HER EYES!!!

Hahaha. Production crew behind us.

Jamie complain i always look so fierce and serious when i take pic with her =( But i like bitchy face. HOW? My smiley face is fat and my eyes become slits. ZZZZ.

And the pics you guys all want right.

Girls in Sloggi Underwear.


Da boss.

Yours truly.

Sweetie Pie Jamie.

Doe Eyed Jin Yen.

Smexy Shannon.

We hope you like our hardowrk and dedications you guys made 😉

Music video!? challenge accepted!

In our coloured gear!

You see this Jamie so pandai. Her contact lens match her baju! Pink!!

Cheesie transformed!

And me being a pig gorging on candy floss as usual. WTF. What else is new right?

I was so scared the bed was going to break D=

And le final pic of us with Henry Golding =)

And here’s a disclaimer before i post the video for you guys to make snarky comments about my fatness and slanty eyes. But i have two left feet and I am incapable of dancing when not drunk. WTF. So there. If you didnt notice it before but notice it now thanks to my disclaimer then FML. If you noticed my awkwardness earlier then don’t say i didnt warn you =X



So hurry down HERE and vote for Cheesie okay!?


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My Nuffnang Story

So what is Nuffnang to me?

Nuffnang is so many things to me because of how attached I’ve grown to them even to the extent of perhaps calling them my blogging family.

I’ve stuck around since they started not really knowing who they were or what their intentions had been.A mutual friend had been working in the company and i placed their banner ad in my blog just as a sign of support not really expecting much of anything. However, they’ve surprised me over and over again with memories i can never replace.

As much as i would love to write a long sappy story about my attachment to Nuffnang, i figured this summary post would be sufficient enough =p

Wondering why i’m in every nuffnang blogging event in the start of the first 2-3 years?


Well. I was their appointed event nuffie before they expanded and had a whole lot more staff. So if you’ve been around long enough you’ve most likely seen me around 😉 though probably not so much anymore as i havent been around all to often anymore.

But I loved working as a “part time nuffie”. Every party they’ve hosted had been amazing fun and they were undeniably one of the best employers i’ve ever had and for that i am always grateful.

They have also taken me on various trips and one of them had been to Singapore for a Christmas party. This was super cool because it was actually my first time in Singapore in years and we were placed in J.W Marriot which was AMAAZZINNNGG. I remember how obsessed i was with the swimming pool and all the fun I had.

Muahahhaa. Are you jealous yet?

I’ve also won some stuff from Nuffnang including this Coach bag at the Vaseline event for best dressed. And more recently i won their Lancome blogging competiton! So in a way, they’ve been my lucky charm because i rarely ever win anything =p haha.

I love Nuffnang.

I really really do =)

Not for the money or any other reason but for the people behind Nuffnang whom have always been very supportive and in their earlier days much treasured friends. Alas, things have gotten busy for them as well as for me and we may not meet as much but Nuffnang will still always be in my heart!


Here’s a funny random true story.

Some of the people of Nuffnang *cough. Tim. cough. Nic* were the first few people to actually meet my current boyfriend. And this was really funny because at that time we had just been friends and the Nuffnang team ironically sat behind us and started spamming my phone with *cough. not so appropriate* messages =p

They then proceeded to continuously wink at my “now boyfriend” and a banter of “no laa. we’re just friends” — “dont lie” ensued.

Sharp eye they had because not too long later, we really did end up together.


2 years ago.

Wow. Time flies.

I’m also extremely thankful to Nuffnang because of all the friendships they have given me. Many of which most of you may know but i will not really talk about here but a few of them have been a great light in my life especially people like Suet. The rest need not be mentioned as you guys know who you are 😉

And of course, who else to thank if not Nuffnang for bonding me with the fishball members Natalie and Vvens so much closer. It all started with the Singapore Nuffnang Awards and the rest was just well, history.

Yes yes, we had always been pretty close friends but the trip was a huge highlight in our friendship as it was out first trip together anywhere and that sort of sealed the deal between the 3 of us 😉

So there you have it.

2 Years down the road, and here comes the most anticipated blogging event again! The Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011!

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region’s best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

Being with Nuffnang all these years, how could I not go for this one? 😉

It would almost be like a friendship reunion of the fishball clan and I.

Haha =p

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The Road to Enlightenment – Oprah Style


That was my first reaction stepping into Kechara House for the very first time. The centre looked more like a boutique hotel than a Buddhist centre. My initial reaction when Ginny first received the invitation for us to attend HE Tsemtulku Rinpoche’s 46th birthday, the Guru of Kechara House, was a mixture of amusement and uneasiness.

I mean seriously, what’s a twenty-one year old asian girl like her with almost-blonde hair suppose to be doing in a holy person’s birthday? Jump out of a cake and sing La Bamba….in Tibetan?

The feeling of uneasiness soon eased away the moment I stepped inside the lobby of Kechara House right around 7pm on a Monday night. The centre was just outright chic and modern. Nothing like a conventional temple at all. Hey, we might actually enjoy this. 

“ Hi, Welcome to Kechara House” a lady at the concierce beamed with a smile so wide I wished I had brought a present or something instead of a sheepish grin and an empty stomach. After all it’s not everyday one gets to attend a holy monk’s birthday coupled with the hordes of his friendly staff ushering the guests around. A simple card would have left me a little less guilty. 

“Hello, I am a blogger under Nuffnang, and this is my guest” Ginny replied. A couple of page flips later, she discovered she wasn’t in the list.

 “You are an evil demon disguised as a blogger to ruin this holy occasion!!!!”…..screamed the concierge. 

Ok,  I made that up. But that’s how it kind of felt when your names were not on the invitation lists like its suppose to be… impostors.

“Its ok, our list seems to be missing. We’ll place you guys in the media section where the bloggers will be seated”

After climbing a flight of stairs , I was inside a huge hall with a few hundred people already seated and right in the middle of that hall was a humongous statue of a deity. It must have been almost 20 feet tall. I mean, that’s really huge for it to be placed indoors. I later found out that his name was Lama Tsongkapha, a really holy being that existed thousands of years ago in Tibet.

“Here’s your gift pack with some information about Kechara House and His Eminence” the lady handed over. I rummage through the nicely prepared pamphlets and little books about Tsemtulku and discovered that he was going to perform a ceremony to ordain four people as Buddhist pastors at his birthday party.

Somehow, you gotta hand it over to the holier folks. I mean, on my birthday I would be eagerly waiting for presents and trying to get my friends drunk. Here instead, they give you presents and try to give their friends a holier life with a higher status. Perhaps it’s time to re-examine my priorities in life.

After about an hour of gazing around the huge hall and watching some very distinguished Datin-like ladies sauntering around in their beautiful evening gowns, the emcee announced the arrival of the birthday boy followed by the sound of some ominous trumpets blaring across the hall. His Eminence strolled in, wearing traditional monk robes and flashed smiles and greetings to the audience. He is definitely a lot bigger and taller than I had actually expected. I mean, if he ever needed a career change, he could guarantee himself a place in the World Wrestling Federations’s Hall of Fame without breaking a sweat. 

Strangely though, his presence emanated a sense of dignity and calmness that descended upon the room the moment he appeared. Maybe, just maybe this is the powerful aura a higher being possesses that is often explained but seldom witnessed.

As he got unto the ornately decorated chair which is referred to as “the throne”, we all waited eagerly in anticipation. Thus, began one of the most sincere teachings I have heard in a long time, Buddhism or otherwise.

 Tsemtulku started by explaining the reason why he wanted to ordain four of his followers as the first Buddhist pastors in the world and we were all witnesses to the first event of its kind. He said that to expect people wanting to be monks and nuns in today’s world is almost impossible, as lay people like us would find it very difficult to give up the life we have right now. Hence, the Buddhist pastors would serve as a halfway house between a lay person and monkhood. Whoever says that innovation is dead in Buddhism gotta check this out.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Tsemtulku blurted out that he likes Oprah’s style of connecting with her audience and climbed down from his “throne” and started walking closer to us. I liked him better already.

Tsemtulku spoke english with a strong American accent. It was kinda surreal listening and watching it all as this person dressed in tradition Tibetan monk robes dished out a Buddhist talk with a Californian drawl. Kinda like watching an Asian flick translated into English.

His teaching was about “changes” and in a nutshell he says that it is better to change oneself than to expect others to change. This simple but profound insight struck a chord in shallow me that somehow always expected the world to change accordance to my whims. The best part was Tsemtulku spoke to us not like a teacher to a student but as one friend to another with a good dose of American humor thrown in that drew guffaws from all of us and actually drew us closer to him.

 There was a moment of sadness when Tsemtulku told us that he has been diagnosed with an incurable disease and he had no more than a few years left in this world unless a miracle happens and if so, he would be granted another 16 or more years before he leaves. He said that he was not afraid at all because all have been foretold by one of his Gurus. We all felt his courage and the lightness he placed on his own life. I later found out that his failing liver was the cause.  

 The whole talk lasted a good two hours but it was one of the shortest two hours of my life. I wanted more. Even my empty stomach was no longer hungry. He was seriously that good.

 His 46th birthday party ended up with four of his followers ordained in a somber ceremony of hair cutting and mantra chanting. The generous Tsemtulku presented some of the guests with Buddha statues and his coffee table biography “The Promise”. Yes, we were one of the few fortunate people who got a copy of the book. Beautifully written and visually exciting.

 I left at about 11 pm that night from Kechara House with a feeling best described as strangely happy and light-hearted. Those few hours virtually changed my whole perspective about Buddhism. The whole experience including the beautiful and modern centre, the smiling and friendly people and the super charismatic Tsemtulku kinda made religion fun again for me. 

The wise once said that if we are really lucky, we will get to meet people and visit places during our short journey in life that will change us for the better. I honestly think that this chance encounter with His Eminence and Kechara House is one of those rare moments.

 Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Tsemtulku and thanks for everything.

 – Arthur

(Ps. the Queen claims shes going to do another post regarding this so wait up for that next week as well)

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New Toy: Lancome Maqui Miracle Compact!

Actually right, I’m damn lazy wan. And in the process of me being so lazy, i really cannot be bothered to primp up and look all pretty unnecessarily. So I’m not a particularly big fan of make up especially foundations and compact powders because I used to do a lot of jobs or shoots that required it and my skin would get all irritated with the layers of make up and start to get all bumpy and stuff. Actually, i also hate that artificial make up look lar. HAHA. Not that i hate hate it, i just don’t like it on me. WTF

So for people that don’t already know. I’m seen with a completely bare face 95% of the time.


A few weeks ago I somehow got my hands on this very random item that i do not own, a compact powder foundation from Lancome in their new Maqui Miracle range all thanks to Nuffnang!  To date, i only have 1 concealer stick, 2 liquid eyeliners, 2 mascaras and a lot of lip gloss and some eyeshadows. HAHA. And that’s about it. Oh! And 1 BB Cream. And they are all so old i don’t know what to say so this compact is something very new to me =D


So this is what i got! The foundation powder, the compact case and the exclusive dual sided sponge!

Just so you know, the compact case and the foundation powder is sold separately yah and if you’re wondering about what i mean when i say dual sided sponge, it will be explained later in the post =3 mwehehhehe

BTW, this particular news might interest you guys especially to those who are always bugging me about why i am so fair.

NO, i do not use sunblock because i really hate the feeling of that sticky liquid but this compact is like magic okay! It’s a powder foundation and yet it has SPF35 sun protection! THAT IS CRAZY HIGH LOR for something like this!! But of course, this is good news to all of you out there la especially if you like to maintain fair skin.


Random picture just because i like to do that.

The case plus the powder and the sponge equals my new makeup toy! TADAH! Actually i just really love the giant mirror. HEHE

And did you notice that there’s a big hole in place of where the foundation is suppose to go? It’s damn cool wan i tell you, i always look at my mum and my friends drop their compact case and then the powder just flies out of it and shatters all over the floor but this case helps to avoid that problem!


And this is how they do it! The foundation is actually placed in this little tray thing that has a clip. The clip fits exactly inside as shown in the picture and then stays there! To remove it, you just need to push the trigger and it pops back out! It’s damn smart i tell you. I seriously wonder why nobody did this way earlier to avoid such tragedies.

NAH! CAN SEE OR NOT! SPF35 AH! I never bluff you okay, it’s even on the made in japan sticker!

And to top it off, it actually last 12 hours. PERFECT FLAWLESS SKIN FOR half a day! Of course after that 12 hours you need to reapply la, then you get your full 24 hours but who really needs that anyway? And it’s only logical that you reapply your foundation powder as needed after sweating and stuff. But no need some makeup noob like me to tell you that right, that one you also know already.


And here’s a picture of the sponge for your benefit! The velvet side is slightly rougher but its still very nice and soft la. Anyway, the velvet side is used to pick up the foundation and apply it on your face as it’s easier to adhere to that side of the sponge and to be released onto your face.

The silky side as you can see, looks a lot smoother and I kid you not when I say it’s called silky for a reason. It does actually feel like real silk. I couldn’t stop touching it. But it’s one of those you have to feel it to believe it kind of experiences. Anyway, the silky side of the sponge is used to blend and polish the foundation to make it look extremely natural and smooth.

You know how you always see people with thick make up and you can tell straight away that they’ve used a chunk load of powder on their face. Honestly, this one when you first apply it looks a little bit obvious as well but only a little compared to many others i’ve seen. This is probably due to the fact that their powder is ultra fine in comparison with many other brands. But after you polish it it’s so natural that you will even forget you’re wearing a foundation powder. That is until you wash your face and uncover your skin la. HAHA. Then only you notice what a big difference it really made =X


Anyway here is a before and after picture. TEEHEE! =X

I know it looks like there isn’t any difference but if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you will notice that the powder really evened out my skin tone and made it a lot brighter. And technically, that is the point and why i love this foundation. IT IS SO NATURAL, LIGHT and AIRY that people think it’s really my skin that’s so nice and flawless. MAUHAHHAHAH,A

If you’re wondering why it makes the skin look so much more radiant, it’s because Maqui Miracle has somehow managed to artificially recreate an aura or glow that we normally have when we’re feeling beautiful and happy. The foundation causes light to be absorbed and reflected in all the right places and angles thus giving our skin a poreless smooth finish that is shine free yet translucent and brightening! HOHOHOHO. ITS DAMN POWER RIGHT? U NO HAZ BELIEVE ME?!

Look below.


I JUST HAD TO CAMWHORE LA!! I tell you, after i went downstairs my bf was busy watching TV he actually complimented me and asked why is my skin so smooth suddenly! Normally he likes to kutuk me and say that i don’t take care of myself all wan. The light reflection and aura created actually made my face look smaller than usual and gave me my cheek bones back! The face area doesnt look as saggy anymore and makes me look like I’m actually awake when in truth I’m partially asleep. WTF

And dont say its my eyeliner okay because if your skin is bad you put what eyeliner mascara all also you will still look like crap.

TRUE STORY. Go dig through my facebook and find if you don’t believe me. I don’t untag my ugly pics wan.

OH BTW, i actually wanted to make a little make up tutorial thingie wan but I’ve been so busy i just haven’t found the time to actually edit it properly because its in seperate bits and pieces and all over the place =/

BUT I’m gonna post one part of it just to proof to you that i really did make an effort to video it T__T

HAHHAA. The final product. SEE MY SKIN LOOK SO NICE RIGHT!! and yah lah, my hair doesnt look as nice as my camwhore pic la. Actually after finish video-ing, I blow dried it a little back into proper place =X AND my chicken hairband cute or not? WTF

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Are You Moist Enough?

Now hold your horses and stop your blushing! I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING and it ain’t that. Then again, maybe it is in a cheeky little way perhaps *grins.*

Who knows?

Why not let your imagination and my not so little story play a game with you and your senses as it unfolds itself word by word drawing vivid pictures in the back of your head, stroking and caressing the inner thoughts of that “innocent little mind” of yours. 😉


She blinks as the early rays of the sun shines through the window and dances across the soft curves of her body and face, illuminating everything around and awakening her from her sleep. And so Elivenas found herself in a room unfamiliar, clothed only in a men’s shirt that seemed almost perfectly made for her. The sheets on the generously sized bed a startling white in contrast with her messy dark raven hair and the tinted Asian colour of her bare legs. She remembers nothing yet a lingering scent of a man’s cologne she knows yet cannot place stirs her and she flushes a deep red embarrassed at the thought of what might have happened the night before. This was the first time Elivenas had ever found herself in such a compromising situation. So unexpected that even the thought of it made her groan out loud in desperate frustration.

He sees her blush and the sight of her so vulnerable causes him to sigh and catch his breath in hungry desire. “She’s beautiful,” Laven whispers to no one as he watches her rise from the bed, observing her for a brief moment more before disappearing through that tiny gap of the the door hidden within the shadows of the curtains and walls.


Elivenas got up and took a casual look around, surprising herself at what she sees in an almost empty cupboard in the corner of the room. Inside there is nothing but her clothes, some towels and a bikini laid out nicely in piles. Shaking her head in confusion, she makes her way to the adjoining bathroom where under the harsh light she is startled by the sight of her once dry and flaking skin, now much softer and smoother than before. She touches herself all over, reveling in the lovely but strange texture of her delicate skin that now glows ethereal like around her.

She smiles at her reflection in the mirror and then starts to frown.

She knows she should be worried instead of happy but for some reason her heart reassures her with its slow rhythmic beats, consoling her and persuading her that everything really isn’t as bad as it seems. She opens a shelf near the shower and finds all the necessities she needs; the usual toiletries all unused and something else that catches her eyes, a pink bottle she doesn’t recognise. She picks it up and on it were the words ” Vaseline Healthy White – helps match your body’s dark skin areas to your light ones.”  Elivenas shrugged her shoulders at her discovery before letting out a little laugh at the realization of how much this brand of body lotion resembled her own name and without hesitation she started applying it all over herself delighting in it’s lightness and fresh soothing smell.

After much thought, Elivenas got dressed in her swimwear and braved herself before headed outside, tempted by the warmth and the lure of the glorious sun. “Afterall, why waste the moment when there’s a pool right outside the bedroom’s sliding doors with such a brilliant patio decked in such comfortable looking lounge chairs?” she reasoned with herself.

The weather was perfect.

And so Elivenas took a dive into the shimmering blue waters, closed her eyes and felt herself begin to calm.

Laven remembered the first time he saw her.

He had tried talking to her, only to have her proud and arrogant face smirk in mild acknowledgment. Still, he could not tear himself away. She wore a flirty white dress and sat across the pool reading a book under the shade of an umbrella oblivious to his presence. As the day wore on, his eyes never left her as he willed her to remove her dress and come into the pool. An hour passed and he noticed that she had somehow fallen asleep. An idea struck him and quietly he swam to her side where he splashed her and quickly swam sheepishly aside.

He hated himself for how childishly he had acted and prayed with all his might that she would not find out it was him as he continued watching from afar. He had not been very successful as his fear had caused him to react much too carelessly. Only her feet had been hit by the sprays of water but for some reason that did the trick.

Elivenas let out a tired yawn before taking of her dress, revealing an exotic bikini so tight that it looked almost like her own skin and made her way to the standing showers.

Laven watched mesmerized as the clear liquid flowed down almost obscenely over the long gentle slope of her neck and soft crests of her breast. Droplets of water dripped off, appearing like tiny crystal around her and he felt himself gawk at the scene before him.

Elivenas flinched in pain under the cold shower not realizing that her nap had caused her skin to burn. She turned the shower off and retreated back to her chair much to the disappointment of her silent audience.

The pain on her face had become apparent and as his eyes searched her almost naked body, he saw it. The raw patch of skin, an angry red stared menacingly back at him. Without thinking, he ran to his own villa and reappeared a moment later clutching a green bottle with the words “Vaseline Aloe Fresh – hydrates and refreshes skin.”

Now you see, Elivenas never saw the words on the bottle. All she remembered was this frenzied man that had tried chatting her up much earlier, now with a look of pure concern and panic etched across his boyish face. Words exchanged, Laven felt himself blush as he gently rubbed his palm over her back with his lotion, tracing her contours and she felt herself begin to get moist in more ways than just one from the touch of this adorable stranger.


Laven crept quietly back into the room as not to disturb Elivenas from her swim. He sat on the bed and watched as her now tan back faced him, waiting for the moment she would turn her head and notice him sitting there. It felt like time was standing still and every minute felt like hours as every movement she made caused him to tense, afraid of what she would think when she finally saw him. He had after all slid in and out of the room without a word and he wasn’t even sure if she remembered what had happened and why she had woken up there in his clothes. Hell, even he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened exactly. They had gone out for dinner and drinks and the next thing he knew, he had brought her back to one of his investment homes where things were going much smoother than he had anticipated until there was a sudden turn of events that caused quite a lot of confusion .

Elivenas had started complaining about her dry skin and some body aches that had been recurring as they lay side by side on the living room floor talking. Laven offered to give her a massage and they had moved into the bedroom where it was more comfortable.  He told her to lie face down on the bed and take off as much of her clothing as she felt comfortable with while he prepared the candles and scented oils to help set the mood.

Laven’s strong strokes were gentle but firm and felt like absolute magic on Elivenas aching body. As his rhythm became more constant, she felt herself moan in absolute bliss amazed at what this man could do with just his hands. No man had ever touched her that way before and she felt herself melt like butter from his massage. Laven noticed that her skin was indeed unusually dry and after the massage told her to remain as she was as it would only take him a minute. He remembered that he had a yellow bottle of body lotion somewhere in the house and went to retrieve it. After rummaging around, he finally found what he was looking for; “Vaseline Total Moisture – 10x more moisture,” perfect he thought.

Laven returned to Elivenas and repeated his massage techniques using the lotion instead of the massage oils. Elivenas felt so good, she felt herself drift off to sleep. Laven thought nothing of it and decided to sleep in another room uncertain of how she would feel if she woke up next to him especially considering that she wasnt exactly dressed. He didn’t want to appear to be taking advantage of her although the massage was secretly quite a pleasurable experience for him seeing as he was able to touch her so intimately without appearing too direct.

Suddenly he heard her scream and he ran back to where she was. Elivenas had sleep walked and was for some reason screaming and crying in a heap on the floor. Laven tried to wake her up but she only got worst before finally quieting down. Despite that, she would not wake up and mumbled something about leaving her alone and the cold. He did the only thing he could think of at that time, he dressed her in one of his shirts and tucked her back into bed where he ended up passing out as well.

The next morning, Laven woke up completely disorientated and was even more surprised to find that he had fallen asleep next to Elivenas. He didn’t even remember lying down next to her what more falling asleep in the same bed. Elivenas started to stir and in panic, Laven made a dash for the door where in it’s shadows he watch as his little jewel finally opened her eyes and from the confused look on her face figured that she really did not remember at all where she was or what had happened.


With a swift turn of her head, Elivenas finally caught sight of Laven sitting on the bed. She let out a laugh of delighted surprise as his face brought back an instant refresh of the night before and smiled, blushing slightly pink from her obvious crush and feeling completely stupid for thinking that she was in a strange place with no memory of the night.

Relief flooded through Laven the moment he saw Elivenas’ shy sweet smile and from the back of his hand produced another bottle of lotion. This time a white bottle, “Vaseline Intensive Rescue – Hypoallergenic and Unscented for Very Dry Skin.” “Figured you might want this one instead since you were saying how dry your skin was,” Laven told Elivenas with that sheepish smile she fondly recognised from weeks ago. Elivenas laughed again, this time at his little gesture and made her way back into the room. She apologised for falling asleep through his massage and Laven noticed that she clearly did not remember anything else after that. He decided not to say anything.

Elivenas cleaned herself up in the shower and got dressed back into Lavens shirt before sitting herself comfortably on his bed and stuck out her legs. Her eyes sparkled teasingly as she held the new bottle of lotion in her hands and waiting for Laven to get the hint.

It didn’t take long for Laven to realise what she wanted and as he moved his hands along her legs, spreading the lotion evenly along, he whispered “Are you moist enough?” before pressing his lips hungrily across hers the moment she let out a little giggle which soon became breathless gasps.

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