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“The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”
-Mahatma Gandhi

over the past week a group of really hot swedish guys came down to malaysia to skate. i must say hot or else i would probably lose your attention by now. pfft. anyway they asked me a very interesting question.
“hey, how come we dont see any stray dogs in KL. It’s so weird.”

after explaining the situation they gave me a disgusted face and said MALAYSIANS are sick when I a Malaysian was sitting right there playing host to them. They didnt mean us of course but you know when something happens we have a tendency to generalise stuff so yeah good job. Because as much as i am proud to be Malaysian this is one reason i’m not.

this video below pretty much explains it

watch till the end. the ending’s really sweet and if you notice, instead of doing something people just video the incident. pfft. shows what kind of “heroes” we really are.

another story i got from reading Sam’s blog.

From NST:

All because of a curious puppy

KUALA LUMPUR: First, they strangled a four-month-old puppy to death, then they threatened its owner. A puppy named Maya, belonging to Indonesian national Sri Indria, was killed on Friday after it entered a neighbour’s house in Kampung Padang Lalang, Langkawi.

The incident took a dramatic twist when the neighbour’s son, who had killed the pet, came to Sri’s house on Saturday armed with a metal pipe and spoiling for a fight.

Sri called the New Straits Times to say she had returned from the pasar malam at 7pm on Friday to find Maya missing.

“I was only away for about an hour. I knew something was terribly wrong when I didn’t see her,” she said in the telephone interview.

After a futile search around the kampung, her neighbour, who lives about 50m from her house, told Sri very angrily that her puppy had entered her house.

When Sri asked for Maya, her neighbour brazenly told her “we have killed it”.

Sri turned back to enlist her sister’s help before returning to the neighbour’s house to look for Maya’s carcass.

They found the dead puppy in the undergrowth with a wire noose around its neck.

“They watched my sister and I look for my puppy. They were still scolding me as we carried the carcass home.”

Sri, whose Malaysian husband runs a travel agency, did not lodge a police report initially as she took partial responsibility for the puppy’s disappearance.

She was forced to lodge a report after the neighbour’s son threatened her the next day.

A distressed Sri rang the NST to say that he had come to her house armed with a metal pipe, shouting for her and her husband. He was angry that the incident had reached the ears of the media.

“I’m so scared. I’m home alone and I’m pregnant,” she cried.

A friend later took her to the police station to lodge a report and there Sri and her neighbour settled matters.

“I’ve made peace with them. What they did was wrong but I understand why they did it. It’s the culture and religious beliefs.”


culture and religious beliefs. interesting. i’m at a loss for words to say. i hope their “gods” treat them happily in their so called heaven for their great deeds of “murder”.

you know if you kill an animal it doesnt amount to murder, nope not at all. how ironic, another’s life doesnt count if it’s an animal. ho hum. such bullshit astounds me.

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