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15 Jan 09 @ Ruums, Mist Club + 19-26 Feb 09 @ Randoms

i actually dont remember if i’ve already posted these pictures but yeah whatever. havent been in much of a mood to blog lately. and i think im going to be transferring my blog over to wordpress somewhere this week. with an empty templat first la. will work on the design some other time. pfft. but yeah.

brought my 2 babies with me to Ruums for their launch i think ? @_@

my favourite people.

u have no idea just how much.

love love love

cheh. they learnt my red picture effect skill

it really does make u look gorgeous. hahhaa.



baby nat as always with her weird expressions

chay chay

huai bin

horr.. who simply take pics of us

simon seow

cornered. wtf

the wall la what else
The Feb Randoms
herbal chicken noodles @ MingTien Taman Megah
i love this. a lot for some reason.

sarawak noodles

fried lychee! omg best shit ever

and watermelon juice laaaaaaaaa

broadway musical. hm

the pigs

totally random apple pie from o apparent birthday cake from them. wtf

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1-5 Feb 09

happy gin?
at her fav italian porto romano, TTDI

why is hsi hair like that! @_@

mwahahha i got this for 15 bucks woi. see shit like this makes me happy

pooh bear is awesomness.

CAN FIT MAGGI AN OKAY!! and this is jap one summoh. BIGGER PACK. hohohoh

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5 April 09 @ Before Jamiroquai Live in KL Concert
hahahahaha….i’m sorry la. i really did intend to do the jamiroquai post wan but i was going through the pictures and i wanted to give the pics more oomph by colour correcting them first and for once actually watermarking my pics in case they get stolen without my permission BUT the boy needs to use the desktop and photoshopping with the laptop is giving me an eyesore T___T

so here is Part 1 of the day =D .. from into the car to out of the car! wtf.

if u enlarge u will notice my new necklace! Vven gave it to me for my bday and i absolutely love it! especially the wings! i use to draw that on all my names and nicknames when i scribbled on stuff ;p

and so happy right my outfit! all the pretty colours =D i forgot to take pic of my bottom =( it was a pair of pants that looked like a skirt from vvens blog shop! and seriously @_@ nobody noticed it was a pair of pants.

went to Leo’s Cafe at SS2 because i wanted the passionfruit fizz thing. but they ran out =( so i had raspberry instead. Love the salt!

but raspberry kinda tasted like medicine “=_= passionfruit is way better. but i guess it’s the individuals preference

curry mee! looks crazy good right

a little salty but it was okay la. OKAY only ah. not amazing.

close up of ice lemon tea

happy before ordering

after 20 mins his food still hadnt arrive and then the waiter comes and tells us that they had to go out to buy ingredients for his dish but the person wasnt back yet “=_=

see…ask him camwhore also he dulan me

the happy and the not so happy.

so he had spaghetti at secret recipe. the super saver thingie.

fucken hell..i paid 50 BUCKS to get a parking sticker and my parking was literally a 15-20 minute walk away from the damn entrance. DAHLAH like that. the whole area was MUD!! see the grass, thats only like little patches. The mud was literally a few inches thick!!! and our tires nearly got stuck in it!! and as luck would have it “=_= it started to rain and the FI race got cancelled. wtf

we even had to pay another 10 bucks to sit their designated cabs to get to the entrance because the mud was just too thick to walk through!?!?! LIKE WTF RIGHT?? 60 bucks gone like that. oh and when we went home “=_= we had to pay another 15 bucks for another cab to get into our parking because it was almost pitch black and the mud was deeper than before “=_= and again the taxi also almost got stuck. wtf
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