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Guilt Trippin

i swear my conscience is becoming excessively ridiculous!!

not too long back the bf decided to bring some random fish home because he refuses to let me keep my guppies as they all had a sudden death when i went to aussieland last year. the fishie he brought home wasnt eating much despite it being an omnivorous fish.

so a few days back i saw the most DISGUSTING and long worm wriggling about outside. YES I HATE WORMS AND THINGS THAT WRIGGLE LIKE MAGGOTS!! give me spiders and lizards any day (i actually like them). Also, after absorbing this information about me, please throw it back out and forget it so you do not use it against me one day. ANYWAY, back to the story so i started going eww and made gagging sounds until the boyfriend came and said EH GO CATCH IT AND FEED TO THE FISH!

this of course sparked a series of OMG and NO WAY from me because seriously i am not going to pick that disgusting wriggly thing up so he went and got it and fed it to the fish. WAHLAH! fish very aggressively ate the friggin worm which was over 10cm long!! at first i was just happy because the poor skinny thing finally decided to swallow something and then it hit me. OMG THE POOR INNOCENT WORM!! all it was doing was wriggling its way back into the dirt from the tiles and in a flurry of unknown movements, it’s being drowned in water and suddenly ends up being bitten and swallowed by a fish with teeth! …. i was genuinely appalled at the whole idea of how i may have just contributed to the death of the very disgusting worm in such a torturous manner!! .___. drowning and being beheaded via bites is pretty hell fucked up aye.

and then yesterday another depressing though dawned upon me.

if most of you dont already know, the current place im living in is literally infested with mosquitoes so in order to help elevate this problem we have mosquito traps. the kind where the light and co2 attracts the mozzies and then it gets sucked into the trap and can’t escape. i’ve had it for a while now and ive never had any qualms about squishing and killing mosquitoes because they really piss the hell out of me (i am a walking mosquito attraction). so anyway the first trap we had was just like that and one sucked it they cant escape. my mum got me another one where you can put sticky paper at the bottom so the trap doesnt need to be continuously on (if u switch it off the fan stops so the mozzies can fly back out) since the mozzies get stuck on the paper.

i opened the trap to count how many mosquitoes there were and a few of them were still alive trying their best to escape T___T and i got hit by another level of guilt trippin. I AM TORTURING THE MOSQUITOES!!! you see, if i had a zapper or if i squished them, it would be an instant death. no suffering no nothing but these so called eco friendly traps work by trapping the mosquitoes and then they eventually die from dehydration!! BUT OMG CAN U IMAGINE HOW TRAGIC IT IS?!?! i am actually causing the mosquitoes to slowly dehydrate and die from it in a slow and depressing manner T_____T

now im in such a dilemma i don’t know what to do because the stupid voice in my head won’t stop mocking me T___T

i am evil.

i feel evil.

somebody help me. PFFT

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA damn you conscience!!

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22 July 09 + Picture Spam Confession

okay. so the truth about all my uber late picture spams is this. almost a year ago, ive technically moved out of my family home in cheras and gone to live with the bf and in the process have forsaken my poor very much loved computer because there is no space there and occasionally my family still uses my comp. due to the fact i only come back probably one or twice a week, i dont really have time to spam my blog with my pics because i dont own a laptop and i use the bfs which i dont really like using and it doesnt have much space left so i cant upload all my pics there anyway and also because i have very little time left when im home in cheras.

so dont la blame me that my blog damn boring and outdated =X take it as a space warp through time to remind u of past events. WKAKAKKAKAKKA


uncle edward and his nikon!


le god fathaass very cute red ears. wtf


sigh. long time i dont ahve special reserved tables at zouk adi.


yah dark pic but i like the red for some reason


a very dark andelisia and me!


dancing and ignoring. wtf


lets do the chicken dance yo


wah. really so much thinner last time lo. *sits in corner*


ooo..wots this!


super cute beetle that some friends of mine almost killed T_T such pretty colours!


me and vvens gadgets!


i kinda miss this ice cream phone =X

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and here we go again with those damn mosquito rants but really its not like i have a very interesting life with anything particularly interesting to talk about anyway so i shall rant about these diabolically scheming pawns of satan >=(

now really why doesnt anyone just find a way to eradicate these stupid spesies anyway? do they really contribute to the world AT ALL?!?!start hunting mosquitos u nimwits! collect them in a huge glass container to see who has caught the most instead of going around hunting the heads of deers and seals and tigers and the likes. U_U

sorry had a pretty rough day and im pretty sick so went to bed at 10 only to be woken up TWICE by these useless bloodsuckers in the span of an hour. TWICE IN AN HOUR?! talk about hardworking and annoying. and now sadly i cant go back to sleep anymore ‘=_=

subconsciously i keep thinking one is buzzing around me and before i even get bitten im already scratching. zzzz.!! jeez!! not only can they harm me physically they can even mess with me mentally?! talk about super powers that they really do not at all need =/

and not that it helps that the weather seems to be cultivating their magically express breeding time either =( why arent there more people going around fogging!! oh how badly i miss the smell of that stinky but glorious cloud of white smoke! where art thou T______T

i need by body to go through some sort of mutative evolution where i become immune to these mozzies T_T

good night T__T  *emos in corner*

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The Wacom Tablet Tragedy

if this doesnt count as a tragedy i really have no idea what would.

i finally get around to making a new layout after switching to wordpress. i dig around for my wacom tablet lo and behold


i saw ants happily making their way out of the crevices of my tablet.


i tried drowning them all since there’s pretty much no way i can save my tablet anyway.

after soaking it in hot water for almost half an hour. the ants just still kept spewing out like they were infinite T_T. must be those damn air bubbles that saved them. so i gave up trying to mass murder them threw my precious tablet into a plastic bag and used mosquito spray to spray the living daylight out of them.

i feel somewhat contented to have murdered the bastards.

u know normally i never kill ants because they are such hardworking insects BUT THIS IS JUST TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

now i need to get a new one =(

*cries in corner*

happy early birthday to me =(

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21-25 April 09

IMG_3954my moo moo cup. it moos. or so thats what the box claims the noise is when u click the on button


IMG_3970pretty T_T

IMG_3973shit awesome fried calamari @ ole Bali in Soho Mt Kiara. i think its Ole Bali?

IMG_3976pretty good grilled fish spaghetti but i like the rice one more *o*

IMG_3979my fav jammy dodger cookies from Bijou!

IMG_3981down boy down! kekeke

IMG_3989giant wasp that made a nest in my room “=_=

IMG_3997it was massive huge T___T refuse to sleep in my room for 2 days

IMG_1711my guinea pigs =( only one left from this pic. sigh

IMG_4255once upon a time fav fish and chips from leos cafe cuz CHEAP!

IMG_4259eh im very fascinated by this. sorry ah

IMG_4261so cute right T_T they really look like masked rider lor!


IMG_4264walk walk


IMG_4284honey prawn wanton thingie @ Kaki Corner Tmn Billion Cheras

IMG_4289and their awesome possum giant watermelon juice! huhuhu.

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