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Some days i want to leave it all and run away to a place where i can be alone and the realities of the world exist only in the news that litters the expanse of my coffee table.

Somewhere where the horizon is seen as clearly as the day and the sea is just a little stretch away from my tingling toes that crave its constant presence and my tears mix with it’s salty coolness.

I don’t have to have lots of money, just enough to be comfortable in my little home away from the bustling noise of the city.


One day i will have the freedom and strength to do this.

The courage to let myself go and push myself beyond my known limits.



One day.

I will it all go.

And allow myself to truly be me.


Until then, sugar bunnies like this will be my childish amusements.

(no, i dont know where to find them)

*pictures nicked from Carmen*

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Lotus Front Lie Hello!

discovered i could do this in yoga class today and was quite amused cuz when my teacher did it i was like WTF. that doesnt look right wei. is that even possible? LOL

eh.. im not some yoga pro so if im not moving correctly or in the exact correct pose dont come yell at me okeh..

and haha ignore the middle part where im trying to push myself up. for some reason i forgot im suppose to use my arm to pull myself up and not use a swinging action to push myself up “=_= blur.

and dunno whats up with my mac leh.. the webcam getting blurer and keeps having this blue tinge thingie =( anybody got any idea? too lazy to google right now.

LOL. wanted to use my new toy the 60D to take a clearer video but just realised i bought the wrong memory card and it’s not fast enough for the video function so need to get new one. pfft

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