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Some days i want to leave it all and run away to a place where i can be alone and the realities of the world exist only in the news that litters the expanse of my coffee table.

Somewhere where the horizon is seen as clearly as the day and the sea is just a little stretch away from my tingling toes that crave its constant presence and my tears mix with it’s salty coolness.

I don’t have to have lots of money, just enough to be comfortable in my little home away from the bustling noise of the city.


One day i will have the freedom and strength to do this.

The courage to let myself go and push myself beyond my known limits.



One day.

I will it all go.

And allow myself to truly be me.


Until then, sugar bunnies like this will be my childish amusements.

(no, i dont know where to find them)

*pictures nicked from Carmen*

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Lotus Front Lie Hello!

discovered i could do this in yoga class today and was quite amused cuz when my teacher did it i was like WTF. that doesnt look right wei. is that even possible? LOL

eh.. im not some yoga pro so if im not moving correctly or in the exact correct pose dont come yell at me okeh..

and haha ignore the middle part where im trying to push myself up. for some reason i forgot im suppose to use my arm to pull myself up and not use a swinging action to push myself up “=_= blur.

and dunno whats up with my mac leh.. the webcam getting blurer and keeps having this blue tinge thingie =( anybody got any idea? too lazy to google right now.

LOL. wanted to use my new toy the 60D to take a clearer video but just realised i bought the wrong memory card and it’s not fast enough for the video function so need to get new one. pfft

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Sudden Rush

Its april and all of a sudden it looks like my schedule is packed up all the way to july. 3 more months and I’m pretty much in doomsville. My final papers would by then have been done. No more chances. No more retakes. Shit. That means less than 3 months away and I’m having my finals. A month and a half more to my first paper to be exact. GG.

And then I am faced with the choice of what to do after that. Everyone else has flown off somewhere, applied and got accepted somewhere. Many are even starting their new course immediately in August. Wtf. So where does this leave me? Because seriously, I have progressed nowhere in finding out just what I want to do neither am I really even prepared to make that choice. Le sigh.

That aside, tonight is my first time stepping into a club for a party in months and I’m not sure if I’m even excited or I’m just dreading the whole situation. Its not even a club I like. Tsk.

I have gotten very much accustomed to staying home at night and snuggling on the couch watching dvds and playing with my crabby sugar glider gizmo. Yes. I am a sad 20 year old but forgive me. It is an old woman stuck in a young girl’s body I be.

Cruds. Typing such a long post on the blackberry is giving me hand cramps. Wtf max.

Next week is white water rafting and I’m damn gan jiong lor. Even roller coasters make my heart stop and I’m hell afraid of drowning although seriously fat chance of that. I’m not much of a adrenaline junkie. I like slow paced stuff that reflects my forever stoned slumber mood. So why did I go omg! I want to go is really beyond me. Maybe secretly I have a death wish. Pfft.

Have not attended pilates class in 3 weeks because the sister has kidnapped all my appropriate gym pants. Everything else is only going to risk ass and pussy exposure which really isn’t that pleasant a sight. Lol.

However, on sunday I went for my first yoga class and holy buhjeezus! My body ached donkey balls for the next few days after that class. I seriously have no balance whatsoever. Le tragic is it not? Am still in debate whether to go again this sunday T_T

Fwaahh! Then right in a month from now I’m flying to bali! And here’s the best part. I have yet to decide on a hotel. My passport has expired and I’ve still not gone and have it renewed. My ic has also not been renewed. And I have an exam paper the week after I come back. Haahahaha tres awesome it is.

Why la am I like that T_T I realy am quite a fuck up in life aren’t I? Lol. Okay back to my afternoon nap. Wtf.

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hello, hi there!

Just to push down the angsty post might as well randomly update with my pointless daily ramblings.

So initially my plan today was to go class at 10 go gym at 12 have lunch be home by 3 latest 4 do law hw until abt 6 and play ps3. But alas as always things went a bit off key today but expextedlah kan from your royal highness le retarded, moi.

Overslept as secretly expected hence missed class again as always. Spent much longer at the gym and had heavy lunch at 1u and its now 6 and I just got home and I’m tres sleepy. Wtf. But it still feels somewhat productive because I made an effort to go to the gym and spent a whooping 2 hours there!!! Applaud ppl!!! This is an achievement for the weak one -_-

However my hw is still dued and I am still blogging on the bed from my bb instead. I think I really am somewhat sick. Oh I just noticed. Is eating from 3 to 530 really considered lunch anymore ._.

Omg I must stop this food addiction.

Okay sorry. This really is a waste of time. Thank you for spending 5 mins of your time reading my rubbish U_U

I love you all still. Hehe.

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Eat, Be Fat And Be Jolly

you know… it didnt even occur to me until we went through this whole facebook omg i got fat arms thing that i realised HOLY SHIT they’re right!! in the spam of 6 hours i ate at 4 different places. wtf. talk about diet gone whacked.

how can a vegetarian dickhead like me find so many things to eat @_@ maybe i should really consider going vegan like sam said. that’ll teach me to stuff my face that way again

so this is what happened.

miss Natalie Chai decides OH WOW IMMA GONNA HAVE A PRIMARY SCHOOL REUNION!! so we end up at TGIF.. me representing the smart apparently lan c class(if only i was smart and nerdy again so i can stop procrasinating and get good wtf…. yah “=_= i was the freaking oddball at the place because everyone else was from a different class (labelled the naughty class) EH IM NOT STEREOTYPING OKAY THEY SAID SO THEMSELVES…

they were going through this conversation where they aimed nat and went why u never invite this that this taht suddenly someone says EH WHY NO SMART PPL HERE WAN (the smart class ppl) then all fingers come zooming at me neh one representative. wtf.not that im really smart la. i just did well at exams for some unfathomable reason considering the history of shit i had in the past and was in the class. OH YA I REMEMBER. i think it was because i was bribed with stuff like the PS to get good results. hence. end of bribe=end of good results. wtf. im such a shithead.

and really my classmates were my closest friends until form 4 where i just totally became the black sheep and got along with the other classes better instead =/ …

er yah so ANYWAY.. after TGIF we stoned at Wong Kok.. and then after that Tien Tien Lai @ Pudu AND THEN CAKE AT ALEXIS!!

so if u do that in a labelled diagram as so

IN THE SPAM OF 6 hours (TGIF > Wong Kok > Tien Tien Lai > Alexis) ……….. that really is a lot of food isnt it @_@ and among the mini entourage of 4 i brought along with me to Tien Tien Lai and Alexis for dinner and dessert with le fatso TJ.. i was the only one who continued eating and had cake. OMGWTFBBQ

but cake and chamomile tea is good for the sick soul U_U not that im any better today but that’s besides the point

AND BECAUSE I DID NOT GET TO STUDY YESTERDAY %&$^$%&$^%*&$^# i am camping out at Fitness First Damansara today from 12pm-5pm to alternate between studying and working out (sweat them icky flu germs out baybeh) .. jeezus.. im crazy hyper right now arent i @_@


oh shit.. its only 11am.. im getting sleepy @_@…..

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