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Final Fantasy Distraction

ahoy there mateys!

i was just about to update my sad blog which i have continued to neglect due to the presence of me finally being able to play final fantasy 13! and holy cow! the graphics are legendary and i kid you not. epic awesomeness max okay!!

oh well. discovered my blog was unknowingly hijacked .__. so i guess u guys have temporary entertainment. bwahhahahahha

oh btw, i like nasi lemak cookies. wtf.

betcha uve never had them =p

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9 Hours of Artificial Life

so the initial plan was crash after the epic as teng siang puts it blood bath of my c3 paper. by jove. the topic i did not open came out 2-3 times which is equivalent to well over 30 marks out of 75. pfft. so hello resit. RIGHT back to the sory

but i sat in front of the comp and ended up playing Sims 3. that was at 4 pm. it is now almost 2a.m and i just stopped about 15 minutes ago T___T. i only stopped to take a quick 15 minute dinner and a quick 10 minute shower. omgwtfbbq.

right now i am partially blind @_@ everything looks somewhat blurry and my heads spinning and omg it feels good to waste my life playing pointless games for hours after hours like i used to =D. i am sick in the head wtf.

i did update 2 days back but it was a short reminder post so i decided not to post it. but i’ll jsut add it here.

I want a 70s themed roller disco party =D

er yeah i had to remind myself in my blog because i have a lot of self proclaimed parties that i forget a few days later because i am forgetful like that.

nothing much to update my life about but obviously the exams arent over. once again i have succesfully pawned myself with my laziness and amazing procrastination skills hence i forsee many many resit papers in the near 4 months. omgwtfbbq. oh well. my bad. still cant feel that whole STUDY ITS IMPORTANT thing in my head. maybe on the final of the final chance @_@

my head hurts .____.

claypot crab rice T____T

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Sims 3 The Shihznit

wtf. so i messed up exams again. the tragedy. at first i thought it was a pretty easy paper and i didnt know how to do one question. manatau i ran out of time and i really didnt do that one question and that one questions marks is equivalent to my A T___T it means since i didnt do it. there definitely wont be an A unless they decide to scrap that question off.. haha. fat chance. fuck me.

er yeah so i still ahve another paper next week and i got distracted by Sims 3 and holy smokes its so addictive mny intention to sleep before 12 yesterday due to how tired i was got deterred until 4 am T__T and its not even 10 yet and im awake because its gonna be a busy 2 days.. garh garh garh

so right the sims 3 so awesome u can even customise your sims voice @_@ and choose fabrics and shits for your clothing as well as your furniture. like wtf? damn cool can T__T i spent 2 hours customising myself yesterday and the bf went at this rate you’ll never start the game. HUR HUR HUR.

faster go try =D

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MIA- Death By Restaurant City

hello. guess what horrendously addictively pointless game has taken posession of my already sad life.

2 days to my exam and i am still staring at that damn screem waiting for my points and money to go up. pfft.

nope. no prizes for the one who guessed right considering it’s already in my title. well do’h.

im sleepy.

oh no. it’s not loading again T__T

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