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Toby and Maneki Says Hi!

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I will be back with lots and lots of updates especially picture flooding next week 😉



Meet Maneki.

His name was originally August because we found him tiny alone and hungry outside early this August covered in red ants. His name is now Maneki because 2-3 weeks after living with us, he snuck out and tried to play with our Bull Terrier Mix.

It was not a pleasant sight.

His guts were spilling out and he couldn’t move at all.

The 24 hour vet we brought him to told us his leg would most likely be dead and he has an almost zero chance of survival due to how young he was. The boyfriend was shattered and insisted we put him to sleep because it was unfair to August if he had to be amputated and that he was in pain. I refused.

I brought him to my own vet the very next day and he saw me quivering and said fine, he’ll do what he can but no guarantees because most cats that young do not wake up after the anesthetics.

2 months living in a cage at the vet and many many anesthetics and stitching later… .

He’s back in our home climbing trees, mirrors and plotting with the monster dog Toby on how to steal food. Yes. Plot to steal food.

He climbs on tables and counter tops and pushes them down so Toby can open it. Then they share and hide evidence “=_=

I kid you not.

He can even use his back leg which was originally completely dislocated.

Its been pushed back into place but due to some extreme broken bones and torn muscles, his bone still juts out in an awkward manner but that doesn’t stop him from anything. Fearless cat that eats anything. Even tobasco, fruits and cereal.

So his name is now Maneki.

As in Maneki Neko.

The Japanese lucky cat you often see on tables 😉

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The Toothpick Man Dispenser

Uhh yeahh.. so my random fascination at things i see around the place. hahaha. this was at silkinas hse. we had a cooking baking session and i made the most ohsum cake everrr!! erm… hopefully i’ll get to upload it soon. or maybe silky will do it on her food  blog HERE which i highly recommend u visit cuz its awesome like that.

and indeed.. hahaha… one toothpick did fly out halfway cuz i pulled the thing up too hard =X


Photo on 2011-05-13 at 17.13


(ps. i was wondering. do you think i should remove the notepad lines in the bg? it’s always not in line with my text anyway “=_=)

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17 First Kisses

3 steps on the 2nd of every month…


Step 1: Pretend to be just friends.

Step 2: Do a stupid “cute” pose


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9 Deadly Words

I just had to repost this. Couldn’t help myself. MMM


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Random #25494352

Wow. I think I see spiders and cobwebs in that corner.

Perhaps if we flip some pictures over and look under those letters, I’m pretty sure dust bunnies can be found over breeding themselves *ahem*

Don’t worry poor blog.

I still love you ♥

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