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Winter Solstice 2011 Achievement!

I made for first Tong Yuen today!! All by myself! Bwahahhaa.

And it looks ugly in the picture because colour all is so retarded but it’s actually very nais okay!!

Lesson learnt today.

As with all days i decide to make something I’m unsure of.


I repeat.


Ever follow online recipes exactly because they always screw up for me “=___=

I couldnt get the consistency of the dough right by following recipes i found online and got so frustrated that i dumped everything and restarted a new batch based solely on feel.


Perfect for me la. Haha.. since the consistency an the chewiness was just the way I like it ^__^

Happy Dongzhi festival everyone!

La la la la laaa

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The Bald Tong Yuen Delivery

22’s have always been my number over the past recent years and a significant one at that.

today or more like yesterday marks my first balding session. no not on my head but down there. yes yes =) i had my first brazillian today or technically i was told it’s called a hollywood since brazilian wax is known to have a landing strip. i took it all off just for the heck of it =) and fuck yeah it hurts. but it’s all good 😉

today i also found a new tattoo inspiration! or more like i saw it and decided OKAY THATS SO ME IMMA GONNA GET IT and im damn excited =D wheeee.. sadly i’ve gotta wait cuz the tattoo artist is going for a trip. le sigh but dont worry!! it’s not another depressing violent tattoo. this time its cute and sweet =D wahhahaha. damn itchy backside man.

and baby Vvens brought me tong yuen!! because i love tong yuen and my house decided not to make any today “=_= pfft. brought it over to the boy’s place and he loved it so much he asked me to ask why so little. LOL. greedy pig.

eh okay la. actually i got nothing better to say wan and my brain damn fuzzy and im damn tired but yah i like can. k whatever bye.

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13th Feb 09

and the early of 14th Feb, Valentines Day. be warned. this is an extremely picture heavy post. hohum. i noticed this albums really dark but yeah whateveer. how often do u see me edit my pics anyway. pretty much almost never

miko and my ass
scary smile

and i really did fall asleep “=_=

chippy baby

more ugly pics of me. good grief

nat chai being domesticated.

hello my illusion-ed long skinny hand friend

pink icing!

us poor sods who were commisioned to ice the beloved “guai lous” gfs vday present. pfft

not bad right my skills T_T say not bad

a bit squiggly la T___T

my name in corean apparently!

nats creation “=_=

i like this pic.

whos fingers?

“guai lou” and his girl =)

pretty cool pic

thats fugz btw

222 again laaaaa. telur setengah masak the bomb


interesting story behind this pic. hmm

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1-5 Feb 09

happy gin?
at her fav italian porto romano, TTDI

why is hsi hair like that! @_@

mwahahha i got this for 15 bucks woi. see shit like this makes me happy

pooh bear is awesomness.

CAN FIT MAGGI AN OKAY!! and this is jap one summoh. BIGGER PACK. hohohoh

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1-3 January 09

forgive me for the extreme lack of updates but ive been crazy busy lately and not in a good way either. garhh!! havent had time to study and theres just 2 days left. but see.. i damn sayang my blog lor.. no time also must find time to update wei. WHERE TO FIND LA U TELL ME
u have no idea wht my dog is doing but no she cant fit under the bed
agedashi tofu my fav from sushi king

or so i thinkla

mmm..sticky chewy chocolate is the bomb

their fries are the best also lor! especially with them dips!
swensens ss2

while eating some old man came up to sell this and so cute buy la!

he then started chanting some stuff and giving me some luck prayer or something? @_@
cuz he agve me a paper and it had stuff written but i lost it!!

mwahah. cuz we so fat like that

just look at that perfectly baked cheese wei

one of my fav home made pastas =D cuz damn easy and damn nice

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