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Kiwi berries?

So right,

I’m suppose to be doing my work wan but this is just so amusing I had to do a quick blog abt it. Wtf.

Came across these kiwiberries yesterday and finally had a try. And I must concur that I love it!!

They are like little cherry tomatoes only in kiwi form. Wtf. And for the lazy ppl like me it’s damn awesome cuz just pop in mouth. No need cut and scoop with spoon all. Wahahahaha!

Well just wanted to share what it looks like. Wtf.

Kinda pricey though. Got this box at RM13 from MBG fruits in the Curve


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Sugar Cookie Crave

It all started a few hours ago when I brilliantly decided “hey guess what everybody??!?! Imma gonna make sugar cookies and gingerbread men/shapes on thursday for christmas!” And so, in the home without my baking goods, I randomly started googling recipes and reading reviews of said recipes.

As the tragedy of being a sucker for cute things would have it, I was reminded that I wanted a recipe where I could make use of my now “missing” cookie cutters. They’re around. I’m just not entirely sure where. And reading the reviews further about the many mishaps of using cookie cutters and the dough warming up into a goey mess faster in humid countries, I was rather detoured from my initial plan remembering the amount of effort and chilling time I’ve gone through in the past.

You see. Me and rolled sugar cookies just don’t do so well together. I like to take my time baking. And hence my dough always softens much too quickly. Added with the fact my cookies always turn out like shortbread and end up crumbling in your hands if held too hard, I was beginning to doubt my decision. Don’t get me wrong here. My cookies almost always taste awesome but I really just want a more solid sugar cookie I can randomly trash around in containers and frost without having to worry about it crumbling if I poke at it too hard. In my mind, I really hadn’t envisioned my sugar cookies to be crumbly and function like short bread where it actually melts in your mouth. “=_= I want that crisp breaking and that sugary goodness that induces hallucinations of sugar rushed minds.

Maybe I just haven’t found the right recipe, though this may have room for question since I pretty much never follow recipes anyway. The rebellious child in me always just has to tweak everything in accordance to my mood which more often than not is forgotten again the next time I try to bake the same thing. However if you ask around, I think I’m pretty hell good as a cook and a baker from my random throwing in of ingredients despite what my writing seems to want to imply.

Back to the point of the story. So while I was beginning to doubt my decision of making these supposedly simple cookies, it occured to me that I really didn’t have a choice. The inevitable had happened. In the midst of all that sugary thoughts, I had somehow developed a craving. A craving for that sugar cookie shaped like some random item that taste only like what home made sugar cookies can taste like. I am now stuck with that stupid craving no forms of store bought or commercialized cookies can replace.

I need my sugar cookies.

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Bad experience with Tutti Fruitti Froyo Advertisement

This happened quite a while back and during that time i was fuming pretty badly and was on the verge of exploding on the spot but felt bad for the agent who was very nice the whole time and had technically been screwed over as well or so it seemed la. I know it’s been forever and i should have let go and forgotten already but i just saw the ad on TV today and went and youtube it again just for double verification and all feelings of annoyance and anger just started flaring up again. CONSOLATION to the whole thing was reading tweets about how crappy the ad was so now i cant decide whether i should be glad they keyed on their own staffs face onto my face or not (ie. edited the pic and stuck on somebodys elses face on mine). then again the video quality is so crap on youtube i cant really tell. maybe they just distorted my face a lot but im pretty sure its the face of one of their staff who handled us.

So the story was like this.

i went for a casting call at Shiroku Productions for the recent Tutti Fruitti Froyo ad being shown on TV. i didn’t get the main or the featured but they called me up and asked if i could do a favour by helping out as an extra. i figured why not. its not like i had anything better to do with my life anyway and being an extra was infinitely less work or SO I THOUGHT.

Even before production i was required to attend a fitting session with their full Tutti Fruitti uniform and this itself was surprising as it is considering that from all my experiences being a features as well as an extra this normally doesnt happen for an extra. i shrugged it off and went ahead anyway since the place was so near where i was staying. the day of the production was another mess all together. i was surprised to notice that the make up artist was my own agent even “=_= but thought nothing of it again.

IN FACT NOTHING OCCURRED TO ME until me and another guy who was also an extra in the tutti fruitti uniform were required to do our own individual picture shoot kind of thing will FULL FRONTAL FACE EXPOSURES. the ad was meant to be like a cartoon kind of thing so they used pictures instead of it being entirely a video. Me and the other guy were really surprised and we started talking about it. i finally went up to my agent and asked why this was happening because i thought we were just extras in the background. This surprised her as well and she went and had a talk with the production house and wtf they had the dumbest explanation ever!!!

I was told that it was all just for the client to see and they wont really use us in the ad but there was internal complications and they had to appear to look like we were being featured as well or some crap like that. i tried demanding for a pay raise because extras get basically peanuts for the fact that we do not even have to agree to having ourselves shown because WE ARE SUPPOSE TO APPEAR NON EXISTENT IN THE BACKGROUND. the other guy was a really nice and shy fella and he didn’t really dare to bring it up but he was definitely unhappy about the whole situation as well and kept urging me to ask about it and so i did multiple times which i guess stressed everyone out especially the production company.

i saw the ads today and they had 2 different versions. the other extra had a lot of face time and i really hope they paid him later on for it or something but i reaaallly doubt it because even the mains and featured didnt exactly get much. hell, he even appeared in both versions!!! he’s the tall guy in the tutti fruitti uniform that is like the ambassador ya. NOW YOU tell me does that look like a role of an extra to you!?!

and then i found myself in the traffic jam ad as well. ONLY IT WAS JUST MY BODY because my face had been replaced by someone elses. their own staff for that matter of fact. why didnt you idiots just do that in the beginning then?? i have a suspicion they were afraid to use my original pic because of the scene i had already created during production itself. but i really think everything had been handled very unprofessionally. and its impossible that the pic was taken again because i was there the entire time and the other talents in the picture had left way before me.

here are the 2 ads btw.

Productions houses like Shiroku Productions really give malaysian companys a bad name wei. and such a horrible ad seriously “=_= not like the ice cream is some cheap ice cream can find on the streets. i think its even more expensive than haagan dazs wei!!!

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 1 – 3 July 09

erm.. so Day 2 i went a wee bit over trigger happy and had to seperate into 4 different post but even then i kinda still went overboard and umm.. this might kill your badwidth =X it is also good to note not to pay attentioon to my locations because i never know where we are seeing as thai boy was driving all the time and im like this little girl going EH SO CUTE at everything and just snapping so… la la la

but most of these pictures were taken in Songkla which is a short drive away from Hatyai City. SEASIDE PEOPLE. HELLO?? its not like gorgeous but its a really chill place and i fell in love pretty fast =)

_MG_6963 (2)

stupid boy brought me to eat his favourite chicken rice which has been there for  like forever apparently “=_=


this is actually the son of the owner!! and dude. he aint young wei. so that gives u a pretty clear idea of how old this place is.

_MG_6943 (2)

he looks so i dunno whats the word. but hes just very ngam! lol


fish sauce. the love of the thais.


random white man that looks like hes been going there everyday for the past dont know how many years

_MG_6956 (2)

these kinda settings always make me feel very nostalgic T_T


no meh no meh

_MG_6961 (2)

damn old skool feel wei

_MG_6972 (2)

sorry lar. the lighting in the shop that day very nice ah.

_MG_6975 (2)

some random beach at Songkla

_MG_6977 (2)

SEEE SEE HES ON THE PHONE AGAIN!??!! i think 4th time since he woke up?!?!



_MG_6983 (2)

_MG_6984 (2)

_MG_6986 (2)

a lot of cute boats around =D

_MG_6988 (2)

oh mi gads. i want the beach and the sea T__T


even the trees look happy. wtf

_MG_6992 (2)

_MG_6996 (2)

puma ambassador “=_=


_MG_6999 (2)

THEN WE SPOTTED THIS MAN!! JENG JENG JENG! im so sad lor. i only saw this once!! ONCE?!?!?

_MG_7001 (2)


summoh nobody buy from him wan so sad.


its this!! coconut jelly. er a lot of other flavours la but i like coconut best. its damn ncie on a hot day okeh!

_MG_7011 (2)

see im so easily amused.

_MG_7016 (2)

more pigeon. i think this place is monkey hill or something. eh really i dunno la. but got like some cable car thingie to the top wan. den like some mini temple but not temple thingie and u see monkeys running around and playing everywhere.

_MG_7019 (2)

these vendors were around selling food to feed the monkeys.


which these pigeons were waiting for the monkeys to leave bits of food. lol

_MG_7021 (2)

=D =D

_MG_7023 (2)

umm..aggressive much?

_MG_7025 (2)



_MG_7035 (2)

_MG_7046 (2)

_MG_7056 (2)

its damn blur lar i know la. but cute okay..

_MG_7059 (2)

_MG_7069 (2)


_MG_7070 (2)

fella looks so freaking contented sial.

_MG_7072 (2)

_MG_7077 (2)

_MG_7082 (2)



okay i dont remember what this is and im too lazy to zoom in. u may click on it and see yourself. but its something important!! tiba tiba only fence around like that U_U


_MG_7090 (2)

_MG_7092 (2)

i like wind chimes. like a lot… A LOT…did i mention how much i like wind chimes?

_MG_7094 (2)

Hat Yai City from the top of the hill =)




eh okay. ahahhha this post tells you where this freaking place is. Tang Kuan Mountain. LOL. phail max.


_MG_7101 (2)

this is the path the cable car takes .__. quite scary lor. looks like some road to nowhereness. den u can imagine sounds going like ziiingg zinnngg.. wtf. i think i had too much shisha and sugar today .___.

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Hat Yai Day 1 – 2 July 09

okay. so in most cases it would be good to note that i never photoshop my pics because im lazy like that and i have just way too many to spam my blog with to even bother. on travel logs however, some pics have been colour editted. which have and which have not really doesnt matter la. but if it does i’ll definitely make it a point to note it down. anyway if they’re too small click on them to see a bigger one. i advice to use right click open in new tab. lol. some can open some cannot. u know la. when editting in design view sometimes u backspace or what then the link hilang adi and im really too malas to bother checking one by one la.

went at night arrived in the morning =D took the bus down and really, the uber long i dont remember 5 or 7 hour trip really WAS NOT AT ALL BAD. the bus was crazy comfortable with massive seats and the best part. only 40 FUCKING BUCKS baybeh. its really a good way to travel up to Hat Yai if you’ve got time and want to spend it doing your own things like reading or playing with the psp or the laptop or something because the ride is definitely much more comfortable than the plan or a car. sorry no pics because i forgot. i did take them on the last day but wait till then la =p what bus also i forgot T_T but according to my Thai travel buddy pretty much all the buses of that price range up are about the same standards so i’d say its a pretty safe bet. eh note that it was 40 bucks in 2009 ya. i dont know how much is it now because nobody will go with me and it sucks to not have a thai friend to translate stuff for me =p

had this jambu guava thingie at the rest stop. actually its quite nice wan. budden hor.. suet li says its just guava soaked in syrup =S and not really jambu. pfft. but its okay. still somewhat tasty?


haha. and we all know i never go anywhere without a doll from a boyfriend. and this is pinky, the representative of the ex =D

_MG_6831 (2)

i dont remember what the point of this pic is. its either the view after i just arrived or the view after we got down from the hotel. we stayed at this budget place called Rado Hotel. 50 bucks a night for 2 twin size beds, air conditioning and a really clean and big toilet. eh its a budget hotel ah. dont expect amazing ya. but it was okay cuz its clean =D its a slight walk from the bus stop and i really dont know where its located but im sure you’ll find your way if you decide to stay there. no pics here cuz i was way too stoned. 2nd day ada la i think. its me camwhoring wan but can see the beds and part of the room in the background. lol

_MG_6835 (2)

the famed tuk tuks of thailand! i really like these ones more than those in bangkok. okay in general im a small town person and pretty much stay away from cities =S

_MG_6837 (2)

random walk around the market after we had a nap in the room. well i had a nap while the buddy was on the phone with his girl the entire time “=_= . in fact, he was on the phone with her almost the entire trip!!!! RARW!!!


really messy cables @_@ … it was like this almost everywhere. so scary lor sometimes got sparks and can hear plak plak sound wan!!

_MG_6841 (2)

pigeons were everywhere. i like pigeons and crows. dont ask me why i just do.

_MG_6844 (2)

random cobbler fixing old shoes =D .. at least i think thats what his stall is for…


eh so weird lor suddenly walk past this area then im like zomg! look like kampung in malaysia. wtf. okay i know … right

_MG_6851 (2)

wall scribblings. this one really caught my attention for some reason .__. just an elephant but theres something about the wall and the elephant la!!


over exposed random part of the city.

after walking around the thai boy got hungry and me being a pescetarian i was rather hard to feed. lol. so he brought me to his favourite western place which was apparently very worth the money. its called Sizzles and its really quite good with buffet salad bar and soups and stuff =D at least i liked it.


salads had a really big variety and all fresh!!! love love


they gave this bread with the set. i dont remmeber what it is. but its really good. crunchy outside and all soft and warm inside. *melts*


see what i meant about the variety of salds and random stuff you can have if u get the buffet thing.


fish and chips with this sweet sauce i really liked. and baked potatoes!! nyam nyam!!!


his i dont know what but it looked pretty good.


and the pineapple was nicely baked *o*


they even gave mints after paying the bill! =D i like service like this lor!!


this random building was really weird. the sun kept hitting it in a way that only this building gets lit while around it it’s all dark.

_MG_6884 (2)

random car!

after more aimless wondering went back to the hotel freshen up and headed out to this night market that he apparently frequented at a child. its really big and apparently these kinda night markets are scattered all over town. just pick up a map and look for the legends. the one we went to was called Green something i think. i just remember the word green. lol. you get all sorta crap there like ure hair stuff and tshirts and all at really cheap prices. not much bargaining needed either UNLIKE bangkok. pfft. lotsa random foods around and things to see as well. it really was quite big lor.

_MG_6898 (2)

see what i meant. suddenly got this one. and around it got some other games stalls and stuff. its really cool!! its powered by a fan only. i keep thinking the thing is gonna break and fly off cause it looks so fragile but nobody really gives a shit. lol

whee… looks so fun lor =( but im too big for it. ish


this thai dessert thing thats everywhere!! one is salty one is sweet. i really really like it and apparently so does thai boy because he ate A LOT of it.

_MG_6908 (2)

in the tuk tuk tired and sweaty back to the hotel.


sudden pang of hunger so walked around and found this wanton stall thingie? yah i dont eat meat but im not that strict so i still ate the noodles and had the soup. HAHAHA. loser.


okay. this is ochien. AND I HATE ochien in KL because usually its small and got this very sang/fishy smell. but the ones there was soooo good. and they used like thos big western oysters!! like BIIGGGG and fresh so no smell!!! *o* shit. craving now T_T


this is what the stall looks like scattered alone the random roads. some of them can speak english some cant but they all usually have pictures so just point =p

_MG_6919 (2)


and then spotted this T_T…

_MG_6926 (2)

and this


but thai boy told me not to get any because he says they usually keep refrying them and its not fresh. but oh my gosh it looks so good. but you can try your luck. if youre lucky its a fresh new batch! =D


so he got the sulking me mango sticky rice for supper instead. and i was proclaiming how i wanted to loose weight. wtf. i ate this and fell asleep almost immediatly. fail whale. BUT ITS DAMN GOOD LA!! OMG I THINK MANGO sticky rice is like my favourite thai dessert lor T_T

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