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The King Says…


Now bow before me PEASANTS!

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Quick Hello! *sleepy kitty*

Just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to lately.

Well, I’ve been bogged down with a pretty intense amount of assignment and assessments and I’m flying off to UK for random holiday to see 2 of some of my favourite people in high school.

So damn busy i haven’t watched TV in 2 weeks except sneaking in a quick 15 minutes here and there.

And i’m discovering that nope, i still hate being busy.

Being a lazy bum and acting like a sloth all day is more in my nature.


Child with no ambition.


Time to continue slaving away on le assignments. LE SIGH.

Sorry if my blog is becoming more and more of a bore =/

I havent even touched my camera in a month! Tsk.

Not that i ever upload them here anyway.

Man, im getting distracted again so bye for real! WTF

But here’s an adorable picture of my baby kitteh <3 yes he sleeps with me that way. though normally his face is pressed against my neck or face. this is actually a rare case of him facing the other way. WTF


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My Babies at Rainbow Bridge.

Approximately 3 months ago, one of my babies passed away; as most of you would have already noticed from one of my more recent posts. I say recent post because I know I haven’t exactly been the world’s best blogger  and so despite this happening months ago, it’s still quite recent. WTF. Do also note that despite this paragraph sounding vaguely cheerful and flighty, it really isnt the case.

My blog is turning more and more depressive by the year but I’m trying. Happy looking pictures kinda counteracts that doesn’t it? Well fine, I guess if you don’t actually bother reading then yes but if not just pretend it does okay? *waves hand dismissively*


In case you forgot what my precious little teddy bear looks like =(

Well, exactly 3 months later. It really is exactly because Chippy passed away on the 25th of Feb 2012, and what I’m about to tell you also happened on the 25th; only it was April 2012 instead of February. Wow. That was a pretty disjointed and “Duh” sentence. WTF. But humour me okay? I’m really trying my best to lighten the mood as I’ve been crying for 2 days now and I think they wouldn’t like me being upset over them. Or so I think.

So yes, back to the story.

My baby Miko who’s about 16 or possibly 17 this year passed away 2 days ago =( She had a spinal nerve problem and we wanted to operate but unexpectedly her heart stopped halfway through the operation despite it being strong and healthy.

I secretly suspect that she really misses Chippy and feels that maybe living past 100 human years is a tad boring and so decided to stop her heart or something ludicrous like that.

But i still really miss them both =(

Don’t feel like writing a dedication post to her because it’s just going to make me start sobbing my eyes out again but I think maybe it really is time. She is an old dog after all.

Miss you baby Miks! And love you long time too!

You watched me grow up and you were always by my side =) Thank you for being a wonderful dog to the Yap family!

Just some random pictures of my two babies when they were still around. Btw, the girl in the last picture isn’t me. Just i case you though it was. WTF.

To the both of you!

You will both always be in my heart.

Thank you for taking care of me throughout your lives, to the extent of even protecting my room when I’m not around.

I know you’re both back together somewhere and I hope you guys are happy on that side of Rainbow Bridge.

Come visit me in my dreams some time all right?

Love you and missing you guys like crazy.


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A Message to My Dog Chippy.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to lose a beloved.

Especially one that you know wasn’t really to go.

She held on for days, I knew she did it just to see me and it broke my heart so bad to hear her cries and whimpers the day i left her at the vet.

My poor baby had an auto immune disease and her own body was killing her from inside and there was no cure. She had a chance of survival, though slim there was still a chance.

I came to see her the day before i left for Japan. She tried to eat and stay alive, perhaps hoping that I would finally bring her back. She yelped and whined even louder as i walked away from her cage and out the glass doors. I could still hear her from outside.

Did i break her heart this time?

Was that why she never came back?

I never thought that would be the last time i saw her, I didnt even say goodbye. No hugs and kisses just a scratch below her neck because she wasnt allowed to be brought out of the cage.

Nobody told me the day she passed away.

I just found out yesterday because nobody wanted to ruin my trip.

She died the night i flew to Japan.

Was it because she no longer felt my presence?

Did she think i had abandoned her for real this time?

I can’t help but feel like it was my fault.

I left when she needed me most and now a big part of me wished i never went.


My baby Chippy,

I’m so sorry baby. I know for the longest time I was never around. I smelled like another dog and saw you for short hours every now and then when i came back home.

Still, you were always there by my side as i slept and followed me everywhere even awakening if i so much as stirred in my sleep. You kept me company and protected me from anything and anyone you remotely thought was a threat.

I can’t recall how old you are anymore or when we first got you.

But i remember the look in your eyes and that giant pink bow i tied around your neck. You were tiny fragile and shy. Who would have thought you would grow up to be my little soldier that believed could protect me from anything in the world despite your little size.

I hope you’re in a better place now where you’re no longer in pain.

I’m sorry for the hurt and loneliness I’ve caused.

But thank you for being my loyal guardian dog.

I love you baby.

And i really really miss you.

Rest In Peace dearest one and have fun up there in heaven.

Because I know for sure that’s where you are.

I love you.

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Toby and Maneki Says Hi!

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I will be back with lots and lots of updates especially picture flooding next week 😉



Meet Maneki.

His name was originally August because we found him tiny alone and hungry outside early this August covered in red ants. His name is now Maneki because 2-3 weeks after living with us, he snuck out and tried to play with our Bull Terrier Mix.

It was not a pleasant sight.

His guts were spilling out and he couldn’t move at all.

The 24 hour vet we brought him to told us his leg would most likely be dead and he has an almost zero chance of survival due to how young he was. The boyfriend was shattered and insisted we put him to sleep because it was unfair to August if he had to be amputated and that he was in pain. I refused.

I brought him to my own vet the very next day and he saw me quivering and said fine, he’ll do what he can but no guarantees because most cats that young do not wake up after the anesthetics.

2 months living in a cage at the vet and many many anesthetics and stitching later… .

He’s back in our home climbing trees, mirrors and plotting with the monster dog Toby on how to steal food. Yes. Plot to steal food.

He climbs on tables and counter tops and pushes them down so Toby can open it. Then they share and hide evidence “=_=

I kid you not.

He can even use his back leg which was originally completely dislocated.

Its been pushed back into place but due to some extreme broken bones and torn muscles, his bone still juts out in an awkward manner but that doesn’t stop him from anything. Fearless cat that eats anything. Even tobasco, fruits and cereal.

So his name is now Maneki.

As in Maneki Neko.

The Japanese lucky cat you often see on tables 😉

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