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8 August 09 @ Dirty Vegas Concert, Cap Square

Gosh, this is actually pretty insane! I swear i thought the previous past year spams were old but holy crap im back in front of my desktop and old takes a whole new level!! HAHAHHAHA. i am actually officially 2 fucking years backdated!! HAHHHAHAHHAH!! EPIC MUCH?!?!

OH WELL, who cares!! old or not pics are pics and memories are still memories =D i swear me doing this whole backdated picture spam thing is seriously nostalgic. its like HUH? ITS BEEN THAT LONG AGO? seriously?? 0_o


Jet Law who likes to hide his face. wtf


My laksa which looks really really good. or maybe im just hungry right now.




actually not very nais only. i remember it being quite tasteless. yes. i remember food. ZZZ. loser face.


it’s a funny story really. i came to watch dirty vegas with Jet but he had an emergency and left me here ALONE. but i insisted on staying because i really wanted to watch dirty vegas =X


AND I HAD HELL LOTS OF FUN!! i remember it being crazy good and the energy level of this really pretty girl whom i think looks like sarah lian or may have been her upfront with me. It’s been a long time since i’ve last sweated it out at an outdoor event that happily. HMMMM..


itu andy kho la. lihat watermark dia.


bumped into Tian Chad and his friend whom im sorry i cant remember anymore T_T


AND THIS OF COURSE IS DIRTY VEGAS!!! i heart heart them okay!!! and man do i look tiny. LOL


speaking of old pictures, it’s ironic really because i’ve been wanting to post this one particular pic for the longest time but i keep forgetting about it!!

so here it is!


not too long back, a friend of mine actually sent me this pic she found telling me how cool it was. the only reaction i had was erm.. yeah okay. its a really nice picture of the twin towers?

UNTIL i noticed some of my other friends posting pics they took with a similar symbol of the lights in the pic above!! X_X

how weird is that wei?? i really thought it was just some light flare thingie at first wei.

i mean if it was a lighting effect understood la, but then the symbol actually started appearing here and there so i just had to open up this pic again and look. AND WAHLAH! it really is the same symbol leh!!!

why so suspicious wan!?

anybody know what it is?!

is there something im missing?

hullo hullo??

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Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur Presented by Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid

So Paramore is FNALLEEHH coming to KL and it’s got everyone raving about it! i mean seriously??!?!?

it really isnt often that Malaysia gets such hot rock bands down due to all the *ahems* and rules  and all. im sure you know what i mean.


so what is it about paramore that i like?? well more like what is there not to like? a hot chick and her posse of hot guys playing on stage right before my eyes. screaming fans and the crazy energy thats going to be flowing? nyam =9 sounds like one helluva plan to me!


like really? im actually still in a bit of disbelief that they’re actually going to be down in KL. what i also really like about them is the fact they had a music video called brick by boring brick made into their fairytale like thing and im really a big fan of all things fairytale like so they’ve definitely found a place in my heart somewhere =p hehe. see la girls like me easy to con wan!


plus any chick that will willingly wear such a cute top out for a shoot passes in my books 😉


SO a HUGE thank you to Tune Talks once again for bringing his kickass band down to KL for us fans! =D

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MTV World Stage Anyone?


so guess who’s going after all? =D

after the initial i cant really be bothered to get tickets because there isnt anyone i really like going anyway fiasco, i started to get gan cheong a few days ago and for some reason the names Bunkface, Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry and Wondergirls especiallly Wondergirls for that matter of fact kept popping up in my head taunting me in mockery of all my missed concerts this year “=_= bleh. i almost wasnt going to get to go again because all my ticket sources ran out and gave me that “i told you to ask earlier not few days before the concert” shake of the head and wahlah, no tickets for the poor little ginny.

and the concert is only now 2 days away!!! its this Saturday the 31st of July 2010 if any of you have forgotten.

but i finally got my ticket in the end! Courtesy of Nuffnang and Celcom Xpax so thank you guys very much!

and guess who i will be going with?? *grins*

i will be going with the fehmes Vvens . hohohoh.

now if only we could somehow source one more for our precious little natalie. hmmmmmm

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Proof of the Wednesday Tragedy and Others

So thinking nothing could possibly get worst today, I woke up with a very very mild fever. Big deal, that wasn’t going to stop me from screaming like the pansy fan girl I was at stereophonics tonight. Oblivious to the later events that would soon follow, I went about my daily lazy chores of rolling around the bed and twitter stalking.

At approximately lunch time, my date for the day cancelled on me due to family commitments. STRIKE 2. This was the 2nd time someone ffked me in the span of 24 hours. Panic stricken, I asked around hoping someone would agree to a free ticket on condition that they picked me up and sent me home due to my woozy inability to drive.

A savior in the form of a once long haired boy called yatz took up my offer and I started to relax. So very relax I fell asleep immediately after gorging myself on some corean noodles and a jambu.

A message came in and it was yatz. His car was in the workshop. We had to take my car. Okay, small problem. Driving to get him and switching drivers wasn’t going to kill me right? Or so I thought until I realised there was something very wrong with my body and temperature.

My whole body was aching and I could barely even walk straight. My mild fever had also escalated and yet I was still shivering under the comforters WITH the air conditioning turned OFF. Ranted to the bf and he came home and brought me to a doctor.

I was almost 39 degrees and hence forbidden from attending the concert. Le sigh. In the end I gave yatz my pair of tickets rather than have it be sad and useless at home. Go forth and enjoy the legend that is stereophonics people T_T I doubt they will ever come down again *cries in corner*

And now melting and freezing to death at the same time, I am struck with a horrible craving for desserts. I am not at all hungry but I can imagine that soft spongy texture of just heavenly’s red velvet cake, the soft explosive taste of fruit tarts and durian rolls and that light fluffy melt in your mouth sensation of alexis’ berry pavlova T_T

Why?! Why the horrible craving for desserts that are currently not within my reach?! This torture must be retribution for some large sin I’ve commited in my past. Sigh. Nothing else can explain this sad tragedy that is to have a high fever, miss the concert I’ve been waiting weeks for and an unachievable dessert craving to be satisfied U_U wuwuwuw.

Woe is me!

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10-11 April 09

10 April 09 @Push Skate Shop+ Shah Alam Skate Park

er..actually right i dont know the exact location of the place cuz its confusing. hahah. well doesnt matter because they have another shop in 1u now =) next to Charms Cafe i think =) go go visit

IMG_3547awesome skate shoes <3






IMG_3564this guys from Switzerland. i forgot his name T_T but he likes spicy food =p haha and hes damn hot


11 April 09 @ Sunway + Jalan Alor

this would be the pissing off day at David Archuletta i think. lol where there was more tickets than space allocation and a whole lotta angry people. got so pissed off we left without even trying to get in. also the first time ive eaten ikan bakar at jalan alor. i know right. 19 yrs di only first time eating ikan bakar there. pfft




IMG_3600see la all the angry ppl walking away…

IMG_3603errr some ramen at the ramen shop upstairs in Sunway Pyramid? lol

IMG_3609sushi king! wtf. sorry i like the moving conveyor belt effect =p







IMG_3660say hi to Pinky everyone! he had his first dry clean. lol

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