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Hat Yai Day 3 Part 2 – 4 July 09

and finally the last installment of the Hat Yai pics!! LOL and this are mostly camwhore moments. eh must la. the whole album almost don’t have my face wei. got la. in TJ’s ohhsumm D3X except every pic he takes i never ever get them unless i upload them on the spot so i have already given up trying to get them =( even though there were some really realllyyy nice ones that i super super like. buts its okay. i accept this sad fate that is my pictures. as long as the fotoworx crew took it. they are never gonna see the light of day!! PFFT

_MG_7650 (2)

happy thai boy cant wait to go home and see his girl =X

_MG_7652 (2)



hi there! it’s been a while!

_MG_7655 (2)

out there.

_MG_7656 (2)

in here

_MG_7658 (2)

cute walls of this lovely cafe we found. er..the name i kinda just forgot so ladidadida!


havent seen this guy smile in a while =X


whooo.. wtf

_MG_7666 (2)

this interesting drink he ordered. i cant remember what it is but the colours were so vivid 0_o

_MG_7668 (2)

eating his audi keys “=_= wtf

_MG_7669 (2)

eh the drink is really that colour okay!!

_MG_7675 (2)

his favourite “=_= nasi goreng USA. WTF!!!!

_MG_7681 (2)

my vegetarian green curry!! which was damn nice!! eh weird la. i remember taking pic of the place so i’d remember it but its not here 0_0 maybe its in his cam

_MG_7692 (2)

WHEE!! free kitty kat bottle when you order a drink!! Vvens fav steamboat place!! MK steamboat!

_MG_7694 (2)

shooting stars =)

_MG_7695 (2)

er..thai boys uncle insisted he take pics of us..

_MG_7697 (2)

to apparently show his leet ex photography skills. he was the one that got thai boy into photography apparently. no pics of him cuz he shy =p


little girl at the bus place.

_MG_7704 (2)

and her adorable brother!


i ish child stalker.! bwahhahaha

_MG_7716 (2)

he has lovely eyes for real!


happy =)

_MG_7729 (2)

this the bus we took!! only 40 bucks lor!!! or possibly less! IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE THIS!! NO JOKE!! damn nice and comfy wan!

_MG_7732 (2)

_MG_7733 (2)

his leet hamburger square face .__.

_MG_7738 (2)

the 2 missing peeps


random water bottle. wtf

_MG_7747 (2)

_MG_7748 (2)

feels nice to have someone who has a much bigger head than you! ahahhahah! eh i darno where my little hat clips went =(

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21-25 April 09

IMG_3954my moo moo cup. it moos. or so thats what the box claims the noise is when u click the on button


IMG_3970pretty T_T

IMG_3973shit awesome fried calamari @ ole Bali in Soho Mt Kiara. i think its Ole Bali?

IMG_3976pretty good grilled fish spaghetti but i like the rice one more *o*

IMG_3979my fav jammy dodger cookies from Bijou!

IMG_3981down boy down! kekeke

IMG_3989giant wasp that made a nest in my room “=_=

IMG_3997it was massive huge T___T refuse to sleep in my room for 2 days

IMG_1711my guinea pigs =( only one left from this pic. sigh

IMG_4255once upon a time fav fish and chips from leos cafe cuz CHEAP!

IMG_4259eh im very fascinated by this. sorry ah

IMG_4261so cute right T_T they really look like masked rider lor!


IMG_4264walk walk


IMG_4284honey prawn wanton thingie @ Kaki Corner Tmn Billion Cheras

IMG_4289and their awesome possum giant watermelon juice! huhuhu.

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Have a Carlsberg Christmas =)

So everyone’s heard of the so called perks of working in Carlsberg, at least one way or another anyway. You know, all the free flow beer in their “private” pantry exclusive to only the staff of course! 😉

Ever wondered what it looks like? Well here’s a little glipse of it.




Looks pretty neat huh? And as far as any of us are concerned; it isn’t exactly open to public and we always want things we can’t have. Ah, the joys of being human.

Well, well, well, how does an exclusive Carlsberg sponsored party for 50 sound? No? Free booze not enough for ya? Really? No? What if we throw in hmmm, let’s say …. a bunch of sassy sizzling hot FHM Girl’s Next Door finalist into the pot?

Hot girls, free booze, private venue, got your attention now didn’t i?

So what’s the catch? How many million bottles of Carlsberg products do I have to buy you’re probably wondering as you roll your eyes at me.

The answer is none! All you have to do is join their facebook  fanpage HERE  first. Just click on the become a fan button! You know you want to.


Okay, now what?

And then you add their Christmas Tree Application HERE where you will find a pretty naked Christmas tree just waiting to be covered in your friends faces. Amusing trinkets and the joys of mutilating your buddies at your disposal.


There you will automatically be guided on what to do. Just 4 simple steps and the person with the biggest tree, here’s a hint : THE MOST TRINKETS wins the party which will be held  on the 8th of January 2010.

Eh!! You all spend too much time on facebook anyway! Might as well use it for something beneficial like a free party right!! Work fast okay because the contest ends on 28th of December at noon sharp.

Why you all still reading? GO LA. Time’s a ticking!

….Free beeeerrr… FHM girls ….. nom nom nom….

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13 March 09 @ J.Sze early bday – Theobarma Choc Lounge Pavilion

IMG_2161okay to be honest i dont rem what this is but it was good ya!

IMG_2159my chilli hot choc =) which was also awesome

IMG_2157really it was … yes u can feel the spice of the chilli

IMG_2154spot the camwhores!

IMG_2147super dense choc cake thingie

IMG_2142ooo err..


IMG_2199ookkayy..some puff pastry thing laaa

IMG_2191haha damn dirty can

IMG_2178the cutest couple


IMG_2174princess of the day =)

IMG_2219shheweeett ness

IMG_2237us  girls + a space man






and them boys.

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1-4 March 09


love love. @ Curve




and of course the lovely Kit! =D


lavander cookies. yum


as tea is always good for the soul =)


pretty wallpaper.


random pics of water droplets. hm..





which was your fav?


random shot @ Jason Mraz concert


hello piggy!



the shirt was sew by a friend of a friend. haha. no not my pig. but cute no?

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