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Werk Me – Overwerk Remix

Hello there.

I’m not dead yet.

A little past barely surviving but heres an AWESOME video bribe. If you know, you like well, cute hot girls with really yummy tits and ass 😉

Cuz you know I do 😉


Now come tell me that was not yum? 😉

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No words needed.

Perth, September 2010.

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March Wanderlust

I crave many things.

Many things i cannot afford.

I want to stay a week in a yoga retreat. Somewhere in the middle of a cool forest that doesnt have its grounds covered in leeches. Listen to the sounds of the wild as i lie down in the dark drawing in the smell of fresh mossy grounds.

I want to camp next to a lake somewhere in a less tropical country and stare at the stars overhead while shoveling instant baked beans and eggs i cooked over a portable little stove. And then i want to wake up in the morning and dive in naked into it’s crystal blue waters and not be surrounded by anyone else but me myself and I. Perhaps a book or an animal will be my companion.

Im so much more of a wanderer that people take me to be. I avoid cities and instinctively search out the smell of fresh dew on grass and the gradient of different leaves. But earth has been hurt so much for these things now. Everywhere is either dirty or crowded or just out of reach.

I want to dip my little toes in a clean moving stream in the countryside somewhere. Dressed in a yellow sundress with white polka dots or a breezy white linen dress. Sit on a red and white picnic mat and share grapes, champagne and bread. Ride on a horse, and laugh with the wind.

I miss the beach and it’s clean clean water so much it kills me. The last time i swam in the sea, it was the end of winter in Perth on a little island called Rottnest. The waters were freezing but I’d never been happier. That was back in 2010. Doesnt seem like too long ago but 2 years away from being submerged in an unpolluted sea has my heart wrenching in yearn.

I think i dream too much and i want too many things.

 Rottnest Island, Perth September 2010

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that’s what i am.




I miss you.

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Before Nov 2011 Ends – Where Has The Time Gone?

The song Some Other Time by Barbra Streisand plays in the background and the words “where has the time gone” keeps replaying itself in my head.

I open my blog every now and then before staring at the last post and the date. This makes me glance at my watch and the same very thoughts start make their appearances; – “where has the time gone?”

Day becomes night and night becomes day repetitively without fail and at some point i lose track of time, days and dates.

It’s not that i am up and about being busy with every minute that i have. Yet so many restrictions and responsibilities weigh themselves in my face and my brain automatically takes this as a queue to go into a shut off mode and not do anything i want to do.

All those times of saying i want to play my playstation, i want to finish reading a book, i want to paint a picture and the many more that i have made in worded promises or even written down in this very blog or anywhere else never seem to happen. Then i look at the date and it’s almost the end of the year.

Time is a funny thing.

I seem to work in funnier ways.

This weekend,

I think i’m going to bake a cake. Or perhaps i shall make some cookies instead.

Who cares if i have a paper on Monday.

My heart just isn’t there.

I want to do something I love instead.

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