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3 August 2013. Thoughts of 1.49am.

It’s easy to lie.

Its easy to lie to someone else and pretend that everything is fine.

Until you realise that you’ve lied so much, you’ve become the lie.


I’ve been staring at this space on the wall, and then at my phone and then back at the wall. I’ve been doing this for over an hour and a half now and each time i stare at the digits on my phone, i hurt a little bit more.

The numbers move slowly, so slowly in fact that it feels almost like it isn’t moving at all.

And then suddenly an hour passes and the pain you’ve felt earlier has swelled up so much that you’re almost gagging; unable to breath or speak, or even close your eyes and hope to fall asleep.

I’ve lost a lot of things on the path to what I believed was what I wanted.

But they never made themselves known, at least not until i lapsed into these momentary cries of a crazed enemy.

And then i can only laugh and blame myself for what I have become and what I will continue to become.

Because really, what did I even know before?

Did i know what I want?

Did i forsee what would have happened or did I just play pretend.

In the end.

I lie here in my despair, alone and shivering.

And I blame no one, but laugh at the cruelty of my own joke and my belief of my own self worth.

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Last Night…

I never really understood the feelings I had or the reasons for my decisions. They guided me well enough over the years and I was never made to really think them through.

Last night a long hearted chat with an old friend touched on a subject that I have kept hidden from many. Not because I was secretive; no, it was because I never really once thought about it. And yet last night it all came out, glaringly painful and so obvious all of a sudden. And it kept coming out in waves. This hidden pain that over the past 2 to 3 years I have learnt to shut out unconsciously. It spilled out effortlessly, as if I knew what it was all these while yet kept silent in denial. My feelings and fears were finally revealed until our conversation became quiet in mutual understanding, and a sad nod indicated that I wanted to just go home and cry.

She saw right through me. She saw because she understood. Something i often wished you could.

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The First of 2013.

Hello there old friend,

It’s been a while since i last came for a visit. I missed you. I did.


Today i felt the tightening of my chest, all too familiar yet different at the same time. There was no argument, no fight, no nothing; just weeks of wondering suddenly compacting itself into a lightbulb of unwelcomed realisation.

I have become a bird who’s wings have been clipped. Conditioned to never leave.

The light in my eyes, they have become weak.

And still I wonder, why haven’t you noticed?

But the truth is, my dear, you have indeed. Yet you keep quiet, unquestioningly brushing it off like this is how things are meant to be.

But things have gone much deeper than you realise. It isn’t as simple as it may seem for I now fear many things. Things I used to want so badly no longer appeal to me. I fear them like they are the plague and my caution grows ever much stronger. Dreams that used to be, now become nightmares that cling onto me.

And I often wonder if I have become that shadow I’ve always wanted to be.

Maybe the truth is,

I often dream of death,

Because death has already befallen me.

I am just waiting,

Waiting patiently,

For you to finally see.

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White Tiles

It’s always the same dream.

The same white space.

The same white tiles.

And nothing else in sight.

It the middle, lies a girl; curled up in a ball, shivering, pale and naked, like a wilted flower left to stain that gleaming white floor.

I’m standing there, watching as always; as silent as a ghost, doing nothing but staring.

My heart aches at the sight.

It cries along with the ashen tear stained face of the child.

And so, I try to reach out.

But nothing happens as my arm goes right through.

It’s always the same dream.

Me watching me.

Knowing exactly who it is I am staring at, yet being able to do nothing else but only that.

Tonight, my dream shape shifts for the first time.

I realise it’s not a room of infinite distance anymore.

I’m in a room lit by some hidden white light that reflects the tiles as if they were luminous.

The strange thing is,

It isn’t really a room.

It’s a transparent white cube.

I’m now hovering over it.

Staring down at the shrinking figure in the middle.

Just staring, staring and staring as usual.


In an unusual turn of events, the girl suddenly trembles harder than usual.

And I watch as she finally moves from her position on the floor.

She’s crying for real this time.

The tears are streaming down her face like I’ve never seen before.

She pulls herself to one side of the wall and on her knees, she starts banging on the walls; calling out to someone, someone who can’t hear her or even see her. Who, it makes me wonder for I see nothing but a floating cube in a dark expanse of space.

Her voice is coarse, she’s choking on her own words.

And the pale white skin of her fists.

They are not longer white, but red and sore from her constant banging.

And then I see it.

There you lay, fast asleep and smiling in our bed. You’re covered comfortably in our sheets, oblivious to the realisation that nobody is lying next to you any longer.

But there she is, just inches from your face.

Screaming, crying, banging on the walls; trying to get your attention;

Only you can’t see her.

And then i wake,

And tears are streaming down my face.

And like my dream,

I am staring at you,

But you don’t see me.

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Silent and hard, they stare back at me and in that split instance, i feel it all over again. That suffocating pain, both mental and physical; the painful tear of my heart being ripped apart even when i had thought it would finally stop beating.

We often try to convince ourselves of how numb we have become, but they never seem to be the truth in moments such as this.

And then we retract into a crying ball of mess; alone, in pain and then self loathing.

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