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Its March?

It’s been a whirldwind month of Feb for me and im sorry for leaving this space for so long again. Though i really doubt if anyone even comes in here anymore. Not that it would matter much anyway considering my blog is more of a personal thing rather than one i slave over for your entertainment.

Im not very entertaining anyway but that’s besides the point.

A lot of things have been going on in my mind but for some reason I cant bring myself to really express them openly anymore. Maybe I’m finally growing up or maybe my conflict avoidance personality has just gone up a notch. Or maybe I was just never the type to really be able to express things related to friendships or the likes.

But i’ve been feeling strangely more alone than usual lately.

And i really miss being in Japan where I had nobody else.


Who wants to read my depressing post on the first day of March anyway. My mid terms are over and I’m free for a few days before i have to start slaving for my assignments and more exams again.

So cheer up little one.

It’s time you learnt to move on instead of dwelling on things further.

Change is inevitable.

(ps. no, this has nothing to do with my bf. everyone always assumes my posts all only relate to the boy “=_= LOL)


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The First Jinx of 2012

is something that isn’t new. Something everyone else sees and knowns about despite my constant attempts at pushing it away or making excuses. Funny though. I really did believe we finally moved forward.

Guess I was wrong. This isn’t the first time I’ve been wrong about you either.



It always happens when we happily go around telling everyone how things are finally improving. Reality picks that as a cue to rear its ugly head and slap you back into situations that reveal the painful truth.

The truth still hurts.

Even after 2 years it hurts.

The same old things.

Same old situations.

And same old attitudes.

Still, I sit here waiting and waiting.

Hoping and hoping.

For something nobody else believes possible.


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2012 So Far – January

Fly By.

I’m pretty shocked at how it’s almost mid month and that we’re even in a new year.

Days have never gone by as quickly for me as this year has been so far. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m losing track of time if it wasn’t for the fact that I never take my watch off and it so happens to actually tells the date just above the time.

So how are you guys doing?


Im great, the same if not any fatter that the last any of you have heard.

And yes, those are my real eye colour and yes I swear I’m not wearing colour contacts. And yes, I’m also very aware that my roots are growing and yes, I do indeed somewhat resemble a certain type of “seafood.” Just felt the need to clarify these few things before we move on reading so don’t go on stating the obvious or making nonsensical jokes about whatever it is you find amusing about this chubby cheeked picture of mine =p

So back to the relative theory of time and perception.

Is it true then, when they say you have less hours in a day as you get older because that sure as hell seems to be the case with me these days.

In fact, things have been moving so quickly past lately that it sometimes feels like I’m skipping days in between.


As I type this, it’s a new day all over again.

How did this bizarre thing just happen again?

Wasn’t the weekend just yesterday?

Why is it suddenly Friday once more?

Ah time.

It’s only the first month of the new year but I’m still in denial that we’ve even hit a new year.

In a blink of an eye, this month will be gone as well.

Gone just as swiftly as it came.

And I will be wondering the same repeating thoughts all over again.

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Hi there!

Just wanted to say Hi!


Happy 2012!


How time flies.



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Today I woke up a mess.

A lonely, needy, depressive ball of a mess that felt too deprived of energy and lacking in the emotional capacity to meet with people other than those I’ve grown accustomed to, to the point where sitting in silence with them is not deemed as wrong or antisocial but just a quiet kind of comfortable.

I declared today “stay home and sulk day” despite my very busy week coming to an end and an entire list of things I still need to do and accomplish.

Alas, due to filial responsibilities I was forced to get out of the house by my lonesome self because everyone I called seemed either busy or just plain unavailable.

I dragged myself to 1 Utama and got stuck in the car park which was full and people going in all the wrong directions. This of course causing a jam since the road was not even remotely wide enough for two cars. A lot of yelling ensued from an angry man in a big car and the road eventually cleared.

Finally got my parking thanks to a lovely couple who pointed me in the direction of their car while patiently waiting for me before they left and thought okay, things are about to get brighter.

Went to do what I was suppose to do only to discover it was a pointless attempt and I had gotten myself into another pointless situation but refused to go home as my car was already parked. Mood dwindled down again especially with the crowd of people in the mall and the very annoying tunes of Chinese New Year melodies. Yes. I ABHOR Chinese New Year music.

Took a deep breath and made my way to the bookstore and picked up the first book that appealed to me;  The Reader, a translated German book.

Walked back down to this little cafe that caught my eye many times, ordered a cake and some tea and made myself comfortable.

It was love at first sight.




It’s been almost a year since I last picked up a book and read it. I’ve bought many but none of them have even left their plastic wrappers and sit lying in random places scattered all over Mutiara as well as Cheras.

Today, i picked up a book that absorbed me into it’s world the moment i started reading. The cozy setting of the very appropriately named cafe Whisk, their amazing Granny Cake – an apple cake with Butterscotch cream frosting and a steaming cup of English Breakfast Tea. The aromatic smells of freshly brewed coffee and the soothing sounds of jazz being played on their speakers and i got whisked away as well into my own little cocoon of solitude.

It feels good to finally fall back into the steady habit of getting lost in the world of books and sitting alone in cozy cafe corners.

For that almost 2 hours, I lost my initial sense of gripping neediness and jittery emotions and felt a forgotten calm and serenity.


Such is the name of a bakery that took me away from reality and left me happy and contented for quite a while.

All they need now is some sofa’s and I may be found there everyday.


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