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People seem to continuously mistake the idea behind trust.

I trust you. I just don’t trust your friend. That’s all.

Is that sentence really so hard to understand?

People do not hold on as hard to their ideals as they insist they do because in this circle of life, the treads of fate are so intensely messy and intertwined that a tangled ball of relationships can easily occur. In the time frame it takes to unravel that ball, confusion and chaos ensues and for a while, everything just isn’t the same anymore. Things get shaken up, temptations appear all over and the words “JUST THIS ONCE” miraculously starts forming itself line by line, alphabet by alphabet before it becomes a full blown voice in the head screaming and screaming until you either close your eyes and walk away or close your eyes and take the damn fucking plunge.

We’ve all been there.

Heck, I’ve been there.

The companies I’ve kept and the different way i seem to tolerate and get affected by someone else is all a continuous repetition in life that seems to go on and on with different people and most commonly occurring to those that say “I WONT! I WILL NEVER!”

Ahhh, fate has it’s ways of screwing about with the lives of the innocent.

Believe it.

So when more than a person says someone else is bad company for you and freaks out; sit down and take a listen because maybe there’s just something behind it.

People behave differently with different people.

But only a handful ever really realise just how big an impact and just what changes actually occur because these things are best seen by someone else.

Afterall, if you’re in a a fight with someone, are you really going to notice the clothes the other party wears or the screams that come out of your mouth?

The answer is a definite no.

And in this way, even outsiders know secrets you would never want to acknowledge.

So really,

Are the things that comes out from your buddies mouth really the entire truth?

Or are they hiding hidden agendas and screwing around with you.

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Stray Dogs?

11.20pm edit

I dont know why but this video is causing a lot of racist arguments instead of the point. seriously ppl??


i get it. maybe the dog was harmful maybe it wasn’t and i know it’s for the safety of the neighbourhood but what i don’t get is how they couldn’t have dealt with it in a better way =/

perhaps a little more educations on handling the matter like tranquilizing the poor fella and handing it to more experienced ppl to put it down or to send it to a shelter to see the dog’s temperament to try and give it another chance instead.

WHY is the video instead causing ppl to argue against one another about being of a different race or a hypocrite or things like that.


and i cant help but wonder. if that dog was a damn poodle, would this video be getting more united awareness instead..



At some point, I’ve pretty much given up on the whole animal cruelty stint.

A big part of me has died so many times that i no longer have much reaction anymore in compared to how i used to react despite that pounding agitation and the usual sting of tears.

But… this being done legally in Malaysia despite all the hoohaa that was created over the whole poodle and cat issue and all the press media, i can’t help but want to blog about this and ask why isn’t anything being done about situations like this?

Hey i get it that some stray dogs really need to be dealt with but isn’t doing it this way a little too much?

What really broke my heart was what the person who took this video said in his description,

“my 3 years old daughter asked me, what are they doing? what am i to answer her??”

Yeah, what do you answer her?


What do you answer anyone who even understands the meaning of humanity?

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The Avoidance Pet Peeve

I’ve been known to be pretty anal about a million and one things which indirectly tells you that i also have about a million and one pet peeves that just tick me off so badly i end up not being able to concentrate on anything else once the trigger has been set. This unfortunately has to be one of those moments which could not come at a “better” time considering how i have my assignments due and yet i am here typing and reaching boiling point at something that happened not too long ago (ie. RIGHT JUST NOW).

I get how people that have been hurt or whatever it is hold grudges and have a tendency to avoid the party that had inflicted the pain or whatever but to hold on to that grudge like somebody murdered your family for the fun of it is just fucking irritating. Yeah okay, be pissed off. In fact be really pissed of for a year or so but to continue being pissed off and refusing to let go to the extent of constantly avoiding that person and even causing those around you agitation or discomfort at the mentioning of said person’s name is just taking it too far.



DEAL WITH IT NOW instead of fucking around with your present and future.

People never realize how by dragging in their past into their present they end up muddling everything together and thus causing an even bigger effect than originally intended which would really screw their future over.


Im getting more worked up typing about this but i just want to say this to the person who pushed me to this point today.

DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA HOW I FEEL KNOWING THAT SOMETHING SO LONG AGO STILL HAS SUCH AN ADVERSE AFFECT ON YOU? where the hell does that put me then? that at the end of the day, i am still never going to be above that or important enough for you to focus on me instead of something that happened in the past? People change, situations change but holding on to something that is no longer there is only going to create a time capsule of continuous pain.

I dont even know what to say to you anymore. Its not like you ever listen or that you even care enough to consider my feelings anyway.

*note to all my readers: this probably sounds like a rant about a bfs ex gf or something but no. not really. thats not it. i shall leave it somewhat cryptic. le sigh.*

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Bad experience with Tutti Fruitti Froyo Advertisement

This happened quite a while back and during that time i was fuming pretty badly and was on the verge of exploding on the spot but felt bad for the agent who was very nice the whole time and had technically been screwed over as well or so it seemed la. I know it’s been forever and i should have let go and forgotten already but i just saw the ad on TV today and went and youtube it again just for double verification and all feelings of annoyance and anger just started flaring up again. CONSOLATION to the whole thing was reading tweets about how crappy the ad was so now i cant decide whether i should be glad they keyed on their own staffs face onto my face or not (ie. edited the pic and stuck on somebodys elses face on mine). then again the video quality is so crap on youtube i cant really tell. maybe they just distorted my face a lot but im pretty sure its the face of one of their staff who handled us.

So the story was like this.

i went for a casting call at Shiroku Productions for the recent Tutti Fruitti Froyo ad being shown on TV. i didn’t get the main or the featured but they called me up and asked if i could do a favour by helping out as an extra. i figured why not. its not like i had anything better to do with my life anyway and being an extra was infinitely less work or SO I THOUGHT.

Even before production i was required to attend a fitting session with their full Tutti Fruitti uniform and this itself was surprising as it is considering that from all my experiences being a features as well as an extra this normally doesnt happen for an extra. i shrugged it off and went ahead anyway since the place was so near where i was staying. the day of the production was another mess all together. i was surprised to notice that the make up artist was my own agent even “=_= but thought nothing of it again.

IN FACT NOTHING OCCURRED TO ME until me and another guy who was also an extra in the tutti fruitti uniform were required to do our own individual picture shoot kind of thing will FULL FRONTAL FACE EXPOSURES. the ad was meant to be like a cartoon kind of thing so they used pictures instead of it being entirely a video. Me and the other guy were really surprised and we started talking about it. i finally went up to my agent and asked why this was happening because i thought we were just extras in the background. This surprised her as well and she went and had a talk with the production house and wtf they had the dumbest explanation ever!!!

I was told that it was all just for the client to see and they wont really use us in the ad but there was internal complications and they had to appear to look like we were being featured as well or some crap like that. i tried demanding for a pay raise because extras get basically peanuts for the fact that we do not even have to agree to having ourselves shown because WE ARE SUPPOSE TO APPEAR NON EXISTENT IN THE BACKGROUND. the other guy was a really nice and shy fella and he didn’t really dare to bring it up but he was definitely unhappy about the whole situation as well and kept urging me to ask about it and so i did multiple times which i guess stressed everyone out especially the production company.

i saw the ads today and they had 2 different versions. the other extra had a lot of face time and i really hope they paid him later on for it or something but i reaaallly doubt it because even the mains and featured didnt exactly get much. hell, he even appeared in both versions!!! he’s the tall guy in the tutti fruitti uniform that is like the ambassador ya. NOW YOU tell me does that look like a role of an extra to you!?!

and then i found myself in the traffic jam ad as well. ONLY IT WAS JUST MY BODY because my face had been replaced by someone elses. their own staff for that matter of fact. why didnt you idiots just do that in the beginning then?? i have a suspicion they were afraid to use my original pic because of the scene i had already created during production itself. but i really think everything had been handled very unprofessionally. and its impossible that the pic was taken again because i was there the entire time and the other talents in the picture had left way before me.

here are the 2 ads btw.

Productions houses like Shiroku Productions really give malaysian companys a bad name wei. and such a horrible ad seriously “=_= not like the ice cream is some cheap ice cream can find on the streets. i think its even more expensive than haagan dazs wei!!!

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Bye Bye Zoukout 2010 =(

Finally got my ass down to singapore. got nice parking all in sentosa too. line was long but didnt look too bad.


ended up in line for almost 4 hours and when we were almost at the ticketing counter they said sold out despite having a big stack left over?!?! ARGH OMGQTFBBQ??!?!?!

i was pretty annoyed actually because the line wasnt exactly that long but they only had 2 or 3 ticketing counters?! and the worst part of it. they only limited like 5 per person and all the dickheads in front were holding up the line by going in groups and buying 5 each so they could sell it at a much higher prices to those at the back of the line! it was reaaally reaaallly annoying because seriously go get a life la. wanna be jackasses like that just to make money at others ppls expenses. i really hope you guys fall down and pokkai or something. wtf. zoukouts management also damn pandai wan. dunno why didnt limit to a smaller amount knowing the amount of people in the crowd waiting in line to buy the tickets. seriously stupid max.

den den they said ticket sales officially start at 6!! we got there at 5 and it already started?!? wtf??

actually im not that sad. i dont know why. plus im unusually tired the entire trip .__. i keep just wanting to go back to the room and sleep.

maybe because of all the drama that ensued in order to actually get here and all the delays and the cancellation and then the last minute agreements.

oh well.

just wanted to rant. wakkakaka.



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