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11 Nov 09 @ Velvet Zouk

im feeling uncharacteristically generous today or more hardworking would be the right word after taking the most KO-ed nap ever and missing my class. wtf so here are more amazingly old picture spams!! HAHHAHAH wtf

sorry T_T i tot i rectified the tilt thing by rerotating and clicking save but doesnt look like my problem has been rectified “=_= haihs. dont worry. i dont have THAT many pics from this cam that is in this setting so i dont think all my next spams will appear this way. HUHUHU


jessbabes ass. summoh in red. wtf


elaine is high. HUHUHU


rarw!! \(^o^)/


tj lah! plus azrin n cory in the back.


hey ho. its been a long time since ive seen the rascal eugene in the center *o*


see how cute she is drunk. wtf





grandaddy!! <3 yes i call him grandpa. haha


i dont remember who he is. =X someones friend. ? wtf



the iskl boys



this picture is just too funny. AHHAHAHA. dunno wth jessbabe told him until his muka can react like that. wtf

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16-17 May 09 @ Zouk KL

ya actually hor if u observe properly somewhere at the bottom im wearing a diff top. im not sure if its the next day or i actually terput wrong pic in wrong folder. ahhaha. but its hard to tell considerng how often i used to be in zouk so whateveaahh.!

_MG_5526sammy wammy

_MG_5530annoyed and bored me



_MG_5550shes trying to show how small she is


_MG_5554hahah i think this pic very cute and comical lor


_MG_5556ex SSG

_MG_5557my iskl boys.

_MG_5573random group. but quite4 pretty ma the 2nd girl!

_MG_5594nana and her friend in reeedd

_MG_5595corey getting drunk. lol

_MG_5596the happy couple

_MG_5600azrin.otto. corey

_MG_56013 plus one

_MG_5604this very cute random group also. lol

IMG_5457emo boy tj looks so dejected .__.


IMG_5465see see! diff baju. wtf

IMG_5473his signature “=_=


IMG_5488riyaz and unidentidied! lol

IMG_5491woooo. i like ze effect!

IMG_5502emz and yu mei!

IMG_5503the chais plus one

IMG_5518wtf am i doing. fat hao. wtf max


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Sudden Rush

Its april and all of a sudden it looks like my schedule is packed up all the way to july. 3 more months and I’m pretty much in doomsville. My final papers would by then have been done. No more chances. No more retakes. Shit. That means less than 3 months away and I’m having my finals. A month and a half more to my first paper to be exact. GG.

And then I am faced with the choice of what to do after that. Everyone else has flown off somewhere, applied and got accepted somewhere. Many are even starting their new course immediately in August. Wtf. So where does this leave me? Because seriously, I have progressed nowhere in finding out just what I want to do neither am I really even prepared to make that choice. Le sigh.

That aside, tonight is my first time stepping into a club for a party in months and I’m not sure if I’m even excited or I’m just dreading the whole situation. Its not even a club I like. Tsk.

I have gotten very much accustomed to staying home at night and snuggling on the couch watching dvds and playing with my crabby sugar glider gizmo. Yes. I am a sad 20 year old but forgive me. It is an old woman stuck in a young girl’s body I be.

Cruds. Typing such a long post on the blackberry is giving me hand cramps. Wtf max.

Next week is white water rafting and I’m damn gan jiong lor. Even roller coasters make my heart stop and I’m hell afraid of drowning although seriously fat chance of that. I’m not much of a adrenaline junkie. I like slow paced stuff that reflects my forever stoned slumber mood. So why did I go omg! I want to go is really beyond me. Maybe secretly I have a death wish. Pfft.

Have not attended pilates class in 3 weeks because the sister has kidnapped all my appropriate gym pants. Everything else is only going to risk ass and pussy exposure which really isn’t that pleasant a sight. Lol.

However, on sunday I went for my first yoga class and holy buhjeezus! My body ached donkey balls for the next few days after that class. I seriously have no balance whatsoever. Le tragic is it not? Am still in debate whether to go again this sunday T_T

Fwaahh! Then right in a month from now I’m flying to bali! And here’s the best part. I have yet to decide on a hotel. My passport has expired and I’ve still not gone and have it renewed. My ic has also not been renewed. And I have an exam paper the week after I come back. Haahahaha tres awesome it is.

Why la am I like that T_T I realy am quite a fuck up in life aren’t I? Lol. Okay back to my afternoon nap. Wtf.

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9-10 May @ Zouk KL

IMG_5129since hor..henessy artistry is in a few days i contribute a picture. LOL. wtf random much

IMG_5132who drinks water from henessy cups.

IMG_5156fendi lah~ wah why his eyebrow here macam shin chan maximum

IMG_5159eh damn cool lor the ice crust like that T___T

IMG_5162sorry lar i jakun but i think its damn cool can.

IMG_5167some DJ..actually which dj is this i also forgot liao. quite fehmes wan i remember @_@

IMG_5171well well..someone enlighten me please



IMG_5176that times newest hottest couple. lol. still as lovey dovey as ever im happy to report =)

IMG_5178suek mei dunno from where got these few jap guys. lol

IMG_5186tangan hantu

IMG_5189ching ching ching. wtf. i dunno. mosquito suck too much of my blood. brain malfunction

Picture 531 copyfwah i look damn damn young here lor. kekekeke. but i am young so wtf am i saying. sorry the boredom has got to my head

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30 April 09 @ Party Like A Rock Star and Make Love like A Porn Star Part 2, Zouk

aiyooo.. sorry la. picture spam kau kau as always but what to do really so damn backdated already. i rememebr a time where it was just a month backdated and i claimed i would keep it up to date but months down the road.. it’s almost a year behind. LOL. tres tragic much?

and uhh.. if u notice the title..this is a familiar title no? hahaha. i posted part 1 like in may last year without pictures promises to get juicy pics of some russian models that were around but i got lazy and forgot to transfer the pics….

soooo.. mostly pics of me me and more me. wtf. u may now click X.

IMG_4599u know laaa..i like all these blurred colour thingies wan

IMG_4604dont find the patterns always so pretty meh. the randomness of it





IMG_4652sam!! u actually look like u have meat here!

IMG_4654before the red kicks in.

IMG_4657and it starts. pfft


2820_179079620466_631060466_6635101_4796592_ngin.levy. eh shut up la i know i got huge arms.

2820_179079635466_631060466_6635103_3452959_ndaddy tj!


IMG_4664hur hur hur.

IMG_4671champagne lips


IMG_4673the duck face and the blotchy redness. pfft


IMG_4679hi sam!


IMG_4685ohhhh.. din caught a rainbow on his head!


IMG_4690and 2 high girls

IMG_4691plus a happy boy. and his happy girl

IMG_4693moet n chandon.?




IMG_4707pretty mar he glass T_T

IMG_4709party like a rock star. lol

IMG_4710eh what am i playing with ah. i dont remember


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