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Werk Me – Overwerk Remix

Hello there.

I’m not dead yet.

A little past barely surviving but heres an AWESOME video bribe. If you know, you like well, cute hot girls with really yummy tits and ass ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cuz you know I do ๐Ÿ˜‰


Now come tell me that was not yum? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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22 Dec 09 @ Inked Tattoo Sunway

ohaiz! it feels like forever since ive done this and here we go again! pictures from about a million years ago. lol…and yeah still form the batch that i accidentally encrypted the rotation thing and so cannot really be bothered to fix it… U_U i know. im such an arse.

taken by KC not me U_U i no haz such canggih lens. pfft

eh actually ah. its ironic that these pics were taken so long ago because honestly it felt like just last year 0_o how can time fly by like that!!


she is indicating that there is really not much pain. wtf


tattoo artist of the day =D


this is her sitting in her usual ugly way absorbing all the pain from jess….


and i dont know why but ive never seen her look more corean than in this picture. must be them squinty eyes.



yah i also got plaster. i went and touch up mine but KC was late so no pics of me. PFFT


this is to remind myself that although i look quite fat here i was still not as fat as i am now because i used to need a shoelace to wear those jeans and i cant even button them up now….

le sigh…


shes a mummy =D



dunno why i damn suka this gambar lar. must be the greenish tinge. no editing okay!! THIS ARE THE ORIGINAL PICS i just put them into one image cuz i thought they paired well.


cherry blossoms! so girly!! so un jess chong. LOL


fell in love with another artist punya tattoo. its so cute okeh!!! drawn by the lady above yeah.


i liked the mushroom and tree so much i was suppose to get it done at my ankle. one tree withย  mushroom ppl. but never got around to it U_U

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23 June 09 @ Dim Sum, Inked, Pizza

wah i dunno why this batch of pics felt very nostalgic for me ._. one year ago wei but felt a lot lot longer than that for some reason. it feels longer and shorter at the same time. so weird wei!! so list of destination is this. Dim sum @ Connought, Inked Tattoo Parloud @ Sunway and finally Yellow Cab Pizza @ KL


haha. random pic of this mini costume i got for 10 bucks at SPCA jumble sale. Yes!! its the dino from toys story!!


and my doggys random paw. wtf


siapa lagi? natalie laa


what do u call this agian?


hailatz. i got dim sum craving now T_T i miss cheras dim sum. pfft. havent had this since well, that was the last time


a very angry and tired looking sam and a very bright natalie @_@


siu mai. is this considered siu mai? eh i dunno my dim sum okay. so sue me.


see overexpose she do stupid things also look pretty leh!


finger specs. wtf

hahhaha. cw. i know this looks so wrong but its cute leh!!!


sorta normal natalie


and a very ugly and strange looking me @_@…..


a cicada flew into my room =D




lari lari!


i dont remember but i think this is cw trying to hold natalies head. wtf. but blurred. lol


ohh. looks painful.




almost done with the outline


wah gamber beremosi!! i suka sangat!


another angle of it


i like the colours lor. can i kidnap some pls?


benny. peggy. aaron


pengacau. wtf


jeez. that looks crazy much like blood wei


in preperation for the torture i am about to inflict


BWAHHAHAHHAHAHA. i miss my other self proclaimed bf T__T bastard abandoned me to teman his taiwanese gf instead of coming back!! grrr

mwhehehhehe. the changing expressions of aaron chung in pain.


hahaha. put one still pic of my fav expression first.


the complete. looks better in reality. dunno why cant seem to capture it ._.


some girl wanted to interview him for her college thingie


so o buat kacau tangkap gambar tak berkenaan la. wtf


pizza for dinner!


looks helluva good right? it is very good =) man… suddenly i miss this too T_T


where else but yellow cab pizza at jln yap ah shak =D

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The Bald Tong Yuen Delivery

22’s have always been my number over the past recent years and a significant one at that.

today or more like yesterday marks my first balding session. no not on my head but down there. yes yes =) i had my first brazillian today or technically i was told it’s called a hollywood since brazilian wax is known to have a landing strip. i took it all off just for the heck of it =) and fuck yeah it hurts. but it’s all good ๐Ÿ˜‰

today i also found a new tattoo inspiration! or more like i saw it and decided OKAY THATS SO ME IMMA GONNA GET IT and im damn excited =D wheeee.. sadly i’ve gotta wait cuz the tattoo artist is going for a trip. le sigh but dont worry!! it’s not another depressing violent tattoo. this time its cute and sweet =D wahhahaha. damn itchy backside man.

and baby Vvens brought me tong yuen!! because i love tong yuen and my house decided not to make any today “=_= pfft. brought it over to the boy’s place and he loved it so much he asked me to ask why so little. LOL. greedy pig.

eh okay la. actually i got nothing better to say wan and my brain damn fuzzy and im damn tired but yah i like can. k whatever bye.

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Runaway Child

there is an undeniable sense of regret in matters of road taken and i feel at an absolute lost at my incapabililty to allow myself to love what it is that im doing. timetable’s an absolute bitch and pulls me under so deep, i feel the need to lock myself in a room and sleep till i no longer even bleed.

it’s not that i hate my classes, it’s not that i hate being in class. it’s the whole idea of it that denies me my freedom and acceptance to even want to go back to it all. it really isnt about being lazy either its about doing something i know i really have lost the passion for; a dead end at a frozen trail and all i see is this monochromed lie thats slowly burying me inside.

holidays are meant to be good for you but what happens when you never really recover from it?

my next tattoo is a suicidal fairy straped to a revolver, unladylike and fierce; a piece i fell instantly in love with yet had no proper meaning to. it just stared back at me begging to be imprinted, with words “think happy thoughts” in place of the model of the revolver. it felt so me somehow yet brought no reason or that 100% clarity of being a permanant mark on my body that time around. classes have started and i fear depression setting it; it is right now that it brings a deeper sense of being somehow. i think this week will be a good time to get it done.

i just want to run away from it all, run away from the expectations of others and live my life happy and free. “you and everyone else” i hear the words scream back in my head. but i guess im not as strong as everyone else is now then am i? im not that girl with ambition or drive to make something of herself and like many other people i have become a downcast in the cruel eyes of mankind and the society we have been brought up in.

on the bus my thai friend asked, “why are you called emo girl? i know you so long and you like happy all the time only?” it’s true, i’ve been quite the carefree child over the months of skipping classes and doing things i want but today, right now, in the midst of forcing myself to get ready for class i sit here in front of this lighted screen and finally after months, break down.

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