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Abandon Maybe?

i dont know what to write in this space anymore.

i have time yet i dont.

need my desktop to be more productive for my blog.



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On Advertorials And "Famous" Blogs

there’s this thing that’s been bugging me till no ends lately. i spend a very large amount of my time actually blog hopping because i love reading and for some reason i just dont have time to read books so i read blogs, okay this sentence sounds so retarded but thats besides the point.

but lately i notice a lot of blogs only ever update when there’s an advertorial. i mean if its one or 2 of the blogs i read then yeah sure go ahead i dont mind reading about your product but what happens when a few blogs at one shot churn out the almost exact thing. now this wouldnt be such a big deal if the blogs were frequently updated but if any of you have even noticed, a majority of these blogs almost never update unless it’s an advertorial. and then the blog looses it’s essence of the original owner which saddens me =(

or maybe it could be me going back to the same blog a few times a day thinking its a new day. wtf. but im sure it isnt that.

come back bloggers.

and then there’s another thing that has been annoying the shit out of me. There have been a few bloggers on whose names we shall not mention who think that are tres fehmes and when people dont recognize or acknowledge them they put on this haughty face and go OH you dont know me ah. it’s okay la. no big deal. OMGWTFBBQ.

you think you model or movie star or something is it, please la. so you have a few thousand readers a day but really, does anyone care? nuh uh. maybe when you do something like volunteer at a 3rd world country instead of brag about your daily work and stuff then people would care more yea.

im sorry im on angst mode and these random stuff just popped out =S

(12pm edit: i was going to do a MJ tribute using a video of my once london bf as a kid but he wont give it to me >=( i am still trying to fish it out)

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FRUSTRATING is the word i would constantly throw at blogger. I dont know why but while uploading pics it worked the first 2 times and then stopped working so i thought maybe its blogger and asked someone else to try and it works.. hence therefore concluding its ONCE AGAIN BLOGGER FTP CLIENT….. ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING..

what’s even more frustrating is at time’s like this when im free and i could be studying i cant bring myself to concentrate because all i really want to do is get rid of overdued pictures on my desktop and spam them on my blog!! ARGH!

i need ice cream. heh

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