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Riusuke Fukahori – Goldfish Salvation

He is my new artist idol.


Acrylic on Resin.

Be Inspired.

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Colour Pencils

So this is my first anime style drawing in over 4 years done completely in colour pencil with no eraser or pencil because I could find them “=_= done in just over 40 minutes which I know is pretty slow for something of this simplicity and style but aiyo gimme a break la. Haven’t done things like this in a long time anyway. yes, also very aware that the girl is expressionless, mouths a bit wonky and eyes not balanced but I think I did pretty well lor! Mieh

But that’s not the point of this post anyway “=_=

Was looking at the drawing and it suddenly occurred to me how long its been since I even really held colour pencils or paint brushes for fun and watch how very different shades of colour can blend so perfectly well with one another to create an illusion of unexpected harmony.

I wonder how badly my art skills have become after all this years of not practicing it. Can you actually lose your ability to draw and colour?? Serious question here.

I doubt I can even redraw portraits from still pictures anymore .__. Not that I was ever really good at that anyway but still! Bleargh. So what am I even remotely good at now? I really haven’t the slightest clue wei .__.

Tragic max!

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because i have been away from my comp much too often and barely have time available or an available comp to blog with here’s a super short update =3 haha. a random picture of nat chai’s lovely drawing at st patricks day wall! love love

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16-20 March 09

okeh. more random totally pointless picture spams. i told u i was on picture spam mode.

IMG_1639hello yee hua! =D

IMG_1641days of sleeping in the dorm because of 4 hour breaks. lol

IMG_1650bacteria culture!

IMG_1657spaghetti @ Rasta TTDI. awesome shit

IMG_1658equally awesome chicken chops!

IMG_2552emo boys

IMG_2578i seem to like showing the world the clutter that is my room. wtf

IMG_2581view from the window? random much

IMG_2588hahha.this stupid earth. lots of sohai memories here =p

IMG_2593and them hand painted brollies. urgh

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Google Made Me Smile


cookie monster along with elmo are my fav fav fav sesame street characters *shiny eyes* this is just too awesome. im sorry i cant help it.  wheeee! maybe today will be a good day ^_^

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