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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 3 – 3 July 09

so after visiting the aquarium it was a drive to Songkhla Zoo which is REAAALLLY BIG. sadly though it was under construction work when we went there so mroe than half of the enclosures were empty =( im pretty sure it’s all done now. they were apparently upgrading the animal enclosures so it should be pretty awesome because i liked it even when only a few of it was open. kakakka. ya imma zoo and musuem person. im damn tourist wan.

_MG_7254 (2)

big tortoise. galapagos tortoise??


normal mini tortoises. eh damn cute lor. look like the fella suntanning

_MG_7258 (2)

i cant really tell if this is a tortoise or a terapin =S

_MG_7263 (2)

did u know they only turn pink when they’re in mating season or abt to mate or something like that. wtf.

_MG_7268 (2)

ostriches scare me T_T but so cool!! got hair light!! lol

_MG_7273 (2)

hello there! shinneh head yo!



_MG_7279 (2)

whos ass u looking at huh?


hahahaha.look like he got horns growing from his ass. hahahha

_MG_7287 (2)

poor lonely otter =(

_MG_7288 (2)

he was the only one in his enclosure. dman kesian but he was so super cute lo!

_MG_7291 (2)

sleepy head


damn cute lor his position. looks kinda distorted for some reason


what is this ah? some squirrel ah .__.


hi there

_MG_7311 (2)

he looks like this emoticon D=

_MG_7313 (2)

i love love love tigers lor

_MG_7316 (2)

scratch scratch rub rub

_MG_7317 (2)

more subtle colours make him look less fierce. actually its a diff pic and perhaps it might actually be a diff tiger. lol


rarw. im gonna eat u!

_MG_7320 (2)

lickity lick!

_MG_7326 (2)

black panther with piercing eyes. really look like that bad guy in jungle book weh

_MG_7333 (2)

double pair. double mating. wtf. foursome

_MG_7334 (2)

the cutest best friends ever!!!

_MG_7343 (2)

seeeee they even eat together wan leh!!!

_MG_7351 (2)

are your eyez going fuzzy from all the patterns and black and white. lol

_MG_7359 (2)


_MG_7360 (2)

camouflage kau kau

_MG_7362 (2)

lookin straight at ya bubs.

_MG_7371 (2)

eeuuu thereeee!

_MG_7374 (2)

giraffes are so pretty T___T i love their colour tones lor!! so subtle and earthy!

_MG_7375 (2)

see how soft her eyes look. er.. may be a he. im not sure

_MG_7378 (2)

hide and go seek

_MG_7379 (2)

are u annoyed at the branches yet?

_MG_7383 (2)

this is my fav fav fav from the whole set T____T so pretty right this pic T_____T i couldnt get back this colour on any of them. GARH

_MG_7384 (2)

_MG_7389 (2)

hahah neck distortion!


now u see me.

_MG_7396 (2)

now u dont =p

_MG_7397 (2)

cute little boy loved the giraffes!

_MG_7398 (2)

and hes carrying a sword *o*

_MG_7399 (2)

trying to climb in =S

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Bono the Bear


On discerning days such as this, one finds themselves at a loss of what to do. Funnily enough, it is days like this that i find myself constantly whining about to have more of ; no plans, time to do whatever i want, more peace and quiet than usual and the most important of all, the lovely windy and cloudy weather that is of just the right temperature for lazy days of reading a book or just taking an afternoon nap. i have that today. and i am bored and unhappy =/ how more sad can that get?

in this sad state of mine, i wish to bake bread in my home in cheras or at least have a bloody oven and my baking tools here so i can do it in peace. i want to make mashed potatoes, potato salads and soft fluffy french toast but i dread having to clean up after the mess and to even get out of the house to get my stupid potatoes. i would love to have a nice big kitchen with lots of counter tops and a proper working oven and multiple hobs instead of just one or two working ones. in my future home, the most money will be spent in my precious kitchen. I MEAN IT. and it will be shiny and spotless and FULLY EQUIPPED.

i also want to read my book curled up on a one seater couch with arm rests on both sides but there is a lack of that in both homes of mine. there is  however that study cafe i love but then i would need to use money to buy a drink i dont really want to drink or be midway interrupted by a sudden group of noisy new customers and perhaps face a jam at the end. not so pleasant sounding anymore after i’ve listed that down. i have too many things to be displeased at today. i want too many things that i really can make do without today. today is a perfect day for everything lovely and nice but i am not the slightest bit content and feel whiny and bratty and spoiled.

i also want to watch tv with my lapdog next to me but they are not in this home and the ones here are too hard to control and shed too much hair to bring in. in that case i want a cat who will sit next to me and fall asleep purring as i stoke its furry little head and tickle its round little tummy. i would settle for my guinea pigs alas i get itchy if i hold them too long and i would also settle with my sugar glider but he is now going through a very destructive phase and will not sit still. there is also that fear that he will scamper of into the jaws of the dogs outside but closing the windows are not an option as the breeze is my only pleasure on this sad pathethic day of mine. ah the wails of a drama queen never cease to amuse. yes?

i am an unhappy child today. as we all already know.

that being said, i am however very pleased at the fact that i have a black bear that my mother thinks is ugly and ungodly. his name is Bono like the U2 singer because he reminds me of them for some unfathomable reason. this hard little hand made bear is the closest thing that reminds me of the bf and hence the most treasured gift from him at this point. it is also an unmistakable disaster to talk about Bono now because i am starting to miss the said bf. oh the clingy pms-y girlfriend i have grown up to become.

oh my gawd? i smell bread?!?!?!

i think i have developed a rather bizarre personality disorder.

ie : bored “si lai”

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 1 – 3 July 09

erm.. so Day 2 i went a wee bit over trigger happy and had to seperate into 4 different post but even then i kinda still went overboard and umm.. this might kill your badwidth =X it is also good to note not to pay attentioon to my locations because i never know where we are seeing as thai boy was driving all the time and im like this little girl going EH SO CUTE at everything and just snapping so… la la la

but most of these pictures were taken in Songkla which is a short drive away from Hatyai City. SEASIDE PEOPLE. HELLO?? its not like gorgeous but its a really chill place and i fell in love pretty fast =)

_MG_6963 (2)

stupid boy brought me to eat his favourite chicken rice which has been there for  like forever apparently “=_=


this is actually the son of the owner!! and dude. he aint young wei. so that gives u a pretty clear idea of how old this place is.

_MG_6943 (2)

he looks so i dunno whats the word. but hes just very ngam! lol


fish sauce. the love of the thais.


random white man that looks like hes been going there everyday for the past dont know how many years

_MG_6956 (2)

these kinda settings always make me feel very nostalgic T_T


no meh no meh

_MG_6961 (2)

damn old skool feel wei

_MG_6972 (2)

sorry lar. the lighting in the shop that day very nice ah.

_MG_6975 (2)

some random beach at Songkla

_MG_6977 (2)

SEEE SEE HES ON THE PHONE AGAIN!??!! i think 4th time since he woke up?!?!



_MG_6983 (2)

_MG_6984 (2)

_MG_6986 (2)

a lot of cute boats around =D

_MG_6988 (2)

oh mi gads. i want the beach and the sea T__T


even the trees look happy. wtf

_MG_6992 (2)

_MG_6996 (2)

puma ambassador “=_=


_MG_6999 (2)

THEN WE SPOTTED THIS MAN!! JENG JENG JENG! im so sad lor. i only saw this once!! ONCE?!?!?

_MG_7001 (2)


summoh nobody buy from him wan so sad.


its this!! coconut jelly. er a lot of other flavours la but i like coconut best. its damn ncie on a hot day okeh!

_MG_7011 (2)

see im so easily amused.

_MG_7016 (2)

more pigeon. i think this place is monkey hill or something. eh really i dunno la. but got like some cable car thingie to the top wan. den like some mini temple but not temple thingie and u see monkeys running around and playing everywhere.

_MG_7019 (2)

these vendors were around selling food to feed the monkeys.


which these pigeons were waiting for the monkeys to leave bits of food. lol

_MG_7021 (2)

=D =D

_MG_7023 (2)

umm..aggressive much?

_MG_7025 (2)



_MG_7035 (2)

_MG_7046 (2)

_MG_7056 (2)

its damn blur lar i know la. but cute okay..

_MG_7059 (2)

_MG_7069 (2)


_MG_7070 (2)

fella looks so freaking contented sial.

_MG_7072 (2)

_MG_7077 (2)

_MG_7082 (2)



okay i dont remember what this is and im too lazy to zoom in. u may click on it and see yourself. but its something important!! tiba tiba only fence around like that U_U


_MG_7090 (2)

_MG_7092 (2)

i like wind chimes. like a lot… A LOT…did i mention how much i like wind chimes?

_MG_7094 (2)

Hat Yai City from the top of the hill =)




eh okay. ahahhha this post tells you where this freaking place is. Tang Kuan Mountain. LOL. phail max.


_MG_7101 (2)

this is the path the cable car takes .__. quite scary lor. looks like some road to nowhereness. den u can imagine sounds going like ziiingg zinnngg.. wtf. i think i had too much shisha and sugar today .___.

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