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Of Tears and Meditation

I lay there in the dim room, a smile etched across my face as the calming words of a mantra swirled around my head. For that little while, we were all silent. Focused only on the music and our very own breathing.

Halfway through I felt something damp as visions of a past presence invaded my thoughts and sight. With my eyes closed, the playback felt even more real than I had ever remembered. From the beginning till the end, the timeline of the most critical images flashed mercilessly as I continued to cry.

“Stop it!” I told myself. I wasn’t alone in the room, when the lights come on everyone would be able to see my tear stained face. Yet the more I willed the memories to stop, the clearer they became and the more it stung.

I don’t remember how long ago it’s been since you left but till this day my heart still weeps at the very sight or reminder of my “baby boy.” I miss you gizmo. I miss you so much more than anyone would ever know.

I love you.

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RIP Gizmo


Baby Gizmo was not exactly the most well behaved sugar glider i’ve had the luck to come across. As naughty as he was, his mischievous acts would usually bring about more smiles than anything else when one is having a bad day. He was a little furball of entertainment and as hyperactive as an energizer bunny with the appetite of a dinosaur.I kid you not as i bore witness to him finishing an entire egg that was bigger than himself or the times we’ve tried to pull away one of his favourite foods to end up in a game of tug of war or have him dangling in mid air clinging onto it as he tries to stuff as much of it as he can into his mouth before he looses his grip completely.

Excessively clingy, this little one with a bad habit of biting the people he loves just a wee bit too much. Or even making sudden attacks by suddenly jumping on your legs or whatever he can get his claws on as you’re preoccupied with something else other than him. Ignore him enough and he starts hissing demanding to be tickled and played with or if he feels like it, a sharp nip on your ears or cheeks.

Loving anything soft, this little one would often go exploring around the house and end up in a bag of freshly done laundry where he falls asleep curled up in a ball thinking that the bundle of clothes was really one of us. or when hes running around and u grab him and turn him upside down on the comforter while tickling his tummy. the look of lazy content as he falls asleep is just too cute to resist.

Baby Gizmo has made a lot of people happy, strangers and friends alike.

And for that very short while that he was mine, he has touched my heart much deeper than i’d even noticed.

We miss you little baby monkey.

I hope you’re much happier now.

(Gizmo was mauled by a dog last night. There were no apparent or distinct wounds and he could still move and climb and all. Before he could be taken to a vet today, he passed on peacefully curled up next to me on the bed)

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sacre bleu!

as i am reading the georgia nicholson series which i so adored i am le compelled to speak like her. it is the most bimbotic young teens book ever written but is absolute love. 6 years down ze road and i am finally reading where i left off and she is still as tres amusing as i remembered her to be. do you not know georgia nicholson?!?

it is that strange girl that shaved her eyebrows and made herself look very much like an alien and calls her boyfriend the sex god and her tits nunga nungas because thats the sound it apparently makes when u pull it and let go. wtf. of course georgia nicholson is a fictinal character and the real author of the book is called louise rennison. =)

i think my sugar glider is on loopy land mode. he is clinging to a piece of clothe that was used with lemon oil to polish wood instead of eating fresh fruits.  this cannot be normal sugar glider behavior. can it? i fear he may be addicted to chemical fumes and all that sort of unhealthy drug like substance. which would really very clearly explain his rather ridiculous and energizer bunny like zipping around.

btw the book i am reading is called “…and thats when it fell off my hand.” which already makes u guffaw in strange ways as the title invokes many different reactions yes?

oh my! now the bug eyed little bushy tail marsupial has buried himself under the said cloth and is licking it all over like it was heaven made itself. i am wondering if i should remove him from this hallucinatory dreamland of his but it seems a wee bit much too cruel to take away the little buggers temporary joy.

dear readers,

i fear that if i continue reading this series i may very well become a full fledge airhead by the time  the month of august comes.

so i bid thee farewell as i continue on my journey to bimbodom!

i love you all.

yes i do.

(10.22pm edit : oh sacre bleu!!! the monster is on some mission to kill!! hes climbing and jumping all over me putting everything he can into those tiny little chompers of his!! his favourite apparently being my ears and my cheeks!!!! what have i done?!!?! what monstrous freak of nature sugar glider have i gotten!!!

OH MERDE x 10!!!! his nails are like razors and hes running up and down my bare legs!!!!!!!!

i have a hell spawn for a pet T_T )

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Gizmo Says Hi


hello! totally random update but my head hurts from stupid trigonometric double angles and such that i just wanted to distract myself for a while. so hello. gizmo says hi. no photoshop here so basic colour editing using iphoto. pfft.

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Gizmo says Hi!

So a new addition has unsuspectingly made it’s way into the family and a demanding little thing he is indeed.

Blogging off the  btw and pics taken by it as well so don’t complain abt the quality and arrangement yea.

Actually I’m kinda like really sleepy right now so I can’t bring myself to blog properly ._. So yah whatever. Just wanted to show u guys the little monster that’s been stealing a lot of my time and attention the past few days =)

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