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Pet Epicure Visit

so about 2 weeks back i finally made my way to Pet Epicure for their adoption drive and almost went mad. “=_= i wanted to take all the little kitties and one particular doggie home with me! pfft!!

Pet Epicure is actually a small family run business that offer boarding, grooming and pet supplies. They also try to use as much environmentally friendly products as possible which is a mega plus point for me but what really caught my attention was how homey and happy the whole place was. It felt like i was visiting a good friends family home rather than a pet boarding house with the kids and everyone just running all over the place and playing with the animals.

The reason they were having an adoption drive is because Pet Epicure also tries to rescue as many homeless and abandoned pets as they can and after some medical care as well as love they always try their best to find new permanant homes for these sweet little babies (mostly cats).

Something else rather unique about them is the fact that they are completely committed to raw feeding the animals. In all honestly i don’t really know much about this but i have this friend who is really anal about his dog and does all sort of research to provide the best he can for it and he was extremely excited the moment he found out that Pet Epicure actually practiced the whole raw feeding thing. But if you really want to know more, do visit them at 16, Jalan Bandar 2, Jalan Melawati 53100 Kuala Lumpur. Or check out their website HERE! =D

anyway time for pics! =D =D =D





i am absolutely in love with his eyes.




here kitty kitty kitty



more pretty eyed cats











i swear this cat is damn cool lor! if i could keep a cat i would take this one home! damn exotic and egyption like leh!


kitty plays with doggies


random rabbit not up for adoption. wtf


this gorgeous Doberman is only 5 months old and was up for adoption. Super manja! not sure if he’s been adopted yet though u_u



_MG_8739 up for adoption







oh! got this tag for my puppeh! pretty neh


and yes i know u can still vaguely make out the number but its not my number anyway so bleh

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25 March 09 @ Corset Photoshoot With Kevin Han + Pet Series Part 2

fwahh!! finalleh i managed to get this post up after what seems like forever since the first batch. HAHAHA. on the bright side. despite the fact that im way over a year lagging behind i rarely take pics now sooooo at least i got all these random filler post constantly. HOHOHOHO. good plan kan! and since its always so late! it acts as a reminder of what happened before =p ladidadida

and i know what ure thinking.

why my face look sharper here and why so much better looking compared to the video below wan. YAH LOOK AT THE DATE OKAY!! its when im still somewhat thin and not bloated up like now u_u. lol. like i said. 2011!!! few more months *cringes*


ze old lady tries to climb the stairs


one of me favs =D


yahla. i know my posture damn odd but trying to lean back in a corset and jeans so tight iz no easy feat. i cant even fit in these damn pair anymore “=_=


here comes the attention seeker


looking down. lol







another one of me favs. aiyo i got lanc face. easier for me to look like that than to smile for shoots =/



Nobbs says hi! dont ask why her name is Nobbs cuz i dont think theres an actual reason =X




hahaha i think we look kinda alike here as freaky as it sounds


shes the baby of my late fav bunny cotton u_u






kekek. me thinks this expression is very appropriate!







scouting his kingdom!



we got same expression lor!! sort of. wtf





love how her expression looks here!





teddy bear dog! when shes bald she looks like a wolf =D

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5 July 09 @ Mid Valley

with all that negative energy flowing around me and my blog i figured i’d skip the excessive hat yai pics for a while and skip on to something fluffy cute and happy =D and also the fact im kinda lazy to colour correct me Hat Yai pics so im revertig back to my untouched picture spammings but i swear this is an uber super cute post if u like fluffy things and all.


this was one of my fav decos in mid valley!


very appropriate! monster sale!!!


super cute lor! and i was allowed to take one home because i knew the designers but nowhere to put =( so sad.


arghh! these cute little soft monsters were scattered all over at random places!


oh haiz. i is a sad looking cat


no really. i is a sad cat.


pretttyy.. and dark wtf.


holy cow. why do this to your chow chow wei? so ugly =X


lucky still cute. ekekeke


i is evil kat! i give u my evil eye!




oh haiz. i am stoner rabbit!


fat round and dwarf like!


golden rabbit!




cute little feller aint she?


shes actually an abandoned dog looking for a new home =(




OMG LOOK AT THAT FACE *melts* i wants a puppy T_T

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10-19 May 09

IMG_1811this is Spice in her new pink cage =( she used to live freely in the garden until she dug under some wires =S now she has been condemmed back into a cage. lol. she’s my oldest rabbit =3 and the one that attacks cats. lol. had her since i was 14-15!

IMG_1835this is uncle bens very paranoid chihuahua. lol. all of a sudden his name escapes me @_@ wtf. i really havent been there in a while huh. yeah. havent really been mixing with the fotoworx crew much anymore. long story. not important.

IMG_5203this is tj!! and im wondering whos using my comp and whos head is on my bed on the right hand side @_@ lol. random much?

IMG_5206button!! =D he’s also been with me for pretty long. poor boys castrated now. lol. big daddy of most of my baby rabbits.

IMG_5410HAHAHHAHA. im so retarded. got tissue stuck up nose also wanna show ppl. wtf max

IMG_5411miko! shes 13!! scary max =(

IMG_5415hello. say hi to my ridiculously messy table computer table at one point in my life.

IMG_5417a closer view of one part. actually it’s not much difference now also U_U slightly neater only. wtf. but still choc full of junk! .___.


15 May 09 @ Island Bistro, Pavilion

IMG_5421guess who behind!! look so aneroxicly thin right *o*

IMG_5422sorry la. i got fascination with their flower arrangement. damn cute lor.

IMG_5424no meh no meh

IMG_5434artistically challenged. wtf.

IMG_5426hahah its nat. and i like posting weird pics of her cuz shes entertaining like that. HUHUHUH



IMG_5439wtf mayo also wanna take right. but cute what the way they serve it T_T yah. im easily amused. wtf

IMG_5440see. so hardworking lor. im studying for exam wei!! no joke @_@

IMG_5442looking at the size of the book. it was probably biology. but the point of this picture is FWAH SEE MY CHIN SO SHARP AH!!

IMG_5443i like coleslaw.

IMG_5446some fish burriton thingie @_@ lol. it was quite good lor actually. their set lunch damn cheap wan. den this thingie was damn addictive. but like damn long ago already la. who knows if it still exist or not at this point of time U_U. actually now that im looking at it’s picture im kinda like craving it. zomg stress. hello nat vvens or whoever. who wants to go eat with me this week =D

IMG_5449closer look at the “shit” mayo.

IMG_5451the witch nose + the pursed lips sideways is not a good combination. wtf.

and now…





.IMG_5452BOO to you too =p

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8 May 09 @ Bambi Comes Home + Bar Savanh

way too lazy for proper post lately and i keep wanting to do a video one but i either keep forgetting or i dont have time. zzz. SOON SOON because im lazy like that. wtf

IMG_1753Bambi has a very pretty colour that is still the same now =)

IMG_1755with a white star on her head. cuteness

IMG_1772although we see a very evil look here.

IMG_1773and here LOL. but still damn cute ahhhhhhhhh.

IMG_4892scaredy cat.

IMG_4895camhore la.

IMG_4896lama tak camwhore kut.

IMG_4901semi transparent effect. UHUHU

IMG_4915hahaha so cute la both their expressions

IMG_4928random shit

IMG_4932eh they both look alike lo. Kevin+ Gf

IMG_4934the guy who rarely sleeps.

IMG_4939random @_@ they ask to snap den snap la.

IMG_4942actually i was just wondering if its real or fake flowers. wtf

IMG_4955cwlor with his weird expressions as always la.

IMG_4961the workers.

IMG_4964i have this thing for glasses T__T they are pretty mar. zzz

IMG_4965colouuurrfulll neh the bar

IMG_4981them again @_@.

IMG_4991semua hitam. rokok tak baik untuk kesihatan. HUHUHU. hentilah.

IMG_5001wah this mint damn awesome wan i tell you.

IMG_5008i totally forgot abt its existance lo until i saw this. DAMN DAMN cold wan T_T.


untitleddffdand the fat girl. wtf

IMG_5029phailed attempt to capture smoke. lol

IMG_5035white pregnant cat that looks like the puma logo @_@

IMG_5039i see doubles. wtf

IMG_5046awesomest burger at Rasta. not that i ate meat anymore then. lol. but it was awesome when i still ate meat okay.

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