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18 July 09 @Polo Tournament, Equastrian Club Mt Kiara

did i ever mention how much i love horses? im pretty sure i havent so this post is dedicated to my love for them!! hahahah. well sort of  T____T eh i was damn happy that day okay!! the players let me walk up to their horses and play with them T____T i swear the auro they exude is so calming its amazing. SIGH! this was the last time i was ever surrounded by so many horses until now T_T i want one. can i haz a horsie?!

btw most pics have been colour corrected and had their saturation pushed because it was really cloudy and the original colours were kinda dull. was in a yellow tint mood. lol





i would tell u what he was doing but really im not even sure.




haha i think this pic is so cute la! so brotherly!


armed and dangerous elaine.t


tiba tiba aje in the middle got this performance! 0_o


bored kid being dangerous


FUTURE PHOTOGRAPHER! this boy i swear looks like he making love to his camera wei T_T


iz film. i wants one too T_T




concentration max.






entahlah itu muka aper. HUHUHU. beh tah han



eh i think i got this fascination with white pants and black/dark brown riding boots T_T




haha i think very farney this pic. the way the polo stick is angled and the horsies feet





look like they doing equastrian show. everyone do the trot in a circle please!


muka letih giler.



he’s still at it.


haha like cartoon lo this 2!


er random pic at bon odori after that.


muka in the sun since 7am until night time. no other pics of bon odori BECAUSE AGAIN ITS NOT IN MY CAMERA T_____T

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