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25 March 09 @ Corset Photoshoot With Kevin Han + Pet Series Part 2

fwahh!! finalleh i managed to get this post up after what seems like forever since the first batch. HAHAHA. on the bright side. despite the fact that im way over a year lagging behind i rarely take pics now sooooo at least i got all these random filler post constantly. HOHOHOHO. good plan kan! and since its always so late! it acts as a reminder of what happened before =p ladidadida

and i know what ure thinking.

why my face look sharper here and why so much better looking compared to the video below wan. YAH LOOK AT THE DATE OKAY!! its when im still somewhat thin and not bloated up like now u_u. lol. like i said. 2011!!! few more months *cringes*


ze old lady tries to climb the stairs


one of me favs =D


yahla. i know my posture damn odd but trying to lean back in a corset and jeans so tight iz no easy feat. i cant even fit in these damn pair anymore “=_=


here comes the attention seeker


looking down. lol







another one of me favs. aiyo i got lanc face. easier for me to look like that than to smile for shoots =/



Nobbs says hi! dont ask why her name is Nobbs cuz i dont think theres an actual reason =X




hahaha i think we look kinda alike here as freaky as it sounds


shes the baby of my late fav bunny cotton u_u






kekek. me thinks this expression is very appropriate!







scouting his kingdom!



we got same expression lor!! sort of. wtf





love how her expression looks here!





teddy bear dog! when shes bald she looks like a wolf =D

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13-17 April 09 @ Randoms

13-16 April 09 @ Bio Plant Experiment

yeah okay actually damn pointless picture post but i like to document things can or not. i dont even remember what this experiemtn was about. why are we cultivating little plants in jelly culture again @_@.. bah what does it matter. just a few pictures.




IMG_1695see it grew!!


16-17 April 09

IMG_1707my fav grilled vege sandwich from Wondermilk Cafe! =3

IMG_1708er… nice to look at… normal to the taste buds

IMG_1709@wondermilk cafe Uptown.

IMG_3704Helps Corridor.


IMG_3694sorry la. my dog cute can or not. i like to post can or not.

IMG_3676new hamster!

IMG_3673damn cute lor. wtf

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tsk, the bf’s room has bad study mojo. all i feel like doing is being lazy and wormlike whatever that is. i just realised i forgot to label the previous post. oh well.. it was a rather short one anyway. don’t any of you find this label thingie just a wee bit tedious.

todays gym session was with a trainer! and i am either retarded or my body’s just way fucked. we did a lot of different types of exercise and eveyrtime he asked if a certain body part of mine was feeling the strain and most of them were normal.. BUT EVERYTIME he asked if my thighs were feeling it i said no *____* only my knees felt it which is mucho weird. he gave me weird looks like i was an alien or something but i love my trainer =D he’s nice. and then i also apparently cannot feel strain on my back? which is also tres weird. i think its’s because i’ve accumulated too much fats over the past years. i swear my back is soooo meaty you would think i should be rolly polly all round but i’m not @_@

my hamsters died =( so i got new ones! this is the first time i got non syrian hamsters because little hamsters scare me but they were staring at me through the glass =( and they bite!! RARW.. but they’re so small it feels more like they’re scratching me.. so one of them was nibbling my fingers and the boy asked if i was going to teach them to continue nibbling my fingers. i didnt even notice how dumb that move was “=_= i am so sad.

one of them is all white but she kinda resembles the joker because she has this really deep cut on one side of her mouth like the joker so she looks little weird. like her face is all twisty and senget or something but i love my hamsters. i have this tendency to bring home weird animals *O* usually the sick ones. sigh. can’t help it. they just look so sad and strangely lovable.

on another note. <=== i use that a lot. er.. right anyway.. it's really annoying when the study mood decides to run off when i have time to study. everytime i feel all gung ho about studying i have to run off to work or some appointment or something and now when i'm all relaxed with nothing in particular to do (except physics which i used to adore but now hate. dont ask) but i dont have my physics book with me right now anyway. i want asam fish…. and pasta….and ikan bakar….and pizza from pizza bravia… oh gawd i am such a pig.

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