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4 May 09 @ Pet Photoshoot with Kevin Han

okay. so hor actually i was scheduled for a shoot that day cuz itchy backside but something happened which i really cant remember what i was moping around the hse like the first picture below. in response to my moping, Kevin Han decided not to waste his effort of driving all the way over and took pics of my some of me animals u_u which is a good thing he did because both guinea pigs are dead. if uve been following my twitter you would know why “=_= the crazed mosquito spraying of my mother. fear not! the other 2 remaining piggies i have have been shifted to damansara and one more will move over soon!

er yaa… as always veyr heaby picture post. if i keel ure bandwidth iz not my fault u_u





doggie merajuk me



i like the backlight on this a lot u_u

hahahah damn farney!! this GIF reminds me of the monsters in the latest resident evil. RAHHH

monsta doggie


suddenly change location colour also tukar “=_= so girl and angelic now. wtf



continue to emo cuz im still moping and refuse to layan her.



this is the nose nudge.




my dog looks damn melampau sad lor “=_= this fella is now abt 14 years old u_u scarreh





puppeh dog eyes!



the dog! <3


okay totally irrelevant picture but i really like the composition and the colour mash up of this pic. er.. that mess u see is what my room was.


Fuggy u_u my fav fav fav piggie due to personal reasons.


yah thats my dog. no they dont bite and yes they all play together.


Snowball u_u


i know its blur la. im not blind. but i like it =X








hahaha..damn cheeky this expression.



eh yahla i know a lot of similar pics but damn hard to choose okay T__T im damn like that wan!! got problem narrowing down stuff hence my overpacking problem =X



i can haz do puppy dog eyes too!!



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Happy Weather

Waking up to good weather makes me happy =D it was raining when I got up thus making it so much cooler than its been the past couple of days. Slogged around in bed for about an hour before I finally made my way downstairs.

Initial plan was to go on a study date at solaris but the study date didn’t reply me so decided to stay home instead. Such nice weather. Malas to go out lar.

Ended up watching animax for quite some time cuz some really good ones were showing back to back. Ignoring the rest of how everything went, despite my post sounding utterly lazy and pointless, I was actually very productive today!

Which proves happy weather = happy me = productive me!

So I got some studying done, not much but still progress. Watched some cartoons and a show. Vacuumed up the dogs fur with the new toy! Got addicted and started vacuuming a bunch of other things! Made kimchi soup for lunch. Cleaned the dishes and cleared out the fridge, even washing one of the trays cuz there was gunk all over it. Did some laundry, very minimal but still something. And finally gave my guinea pig cage a much needed cleaning! =D see! So much more productive than my usual day.

There should be more happy weather days so I stop suffering from constant headaches and a constant need to nap and sleep the day away! Okay! Time to push some more studying in before the bf comes back for din din ☺. Tata

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21-25 April 09

IMG_3954my moo moo cup. it moos. or so thats what the box claims the noise is when u click the on button


IMG_3970pretty T_T

IMG_3973shit awesome fried calamari @ ole Bali in Soho Mt Kiara. i think its Ole Bali?

IMG_3976pretty good grilled fish spaghetti but i like the rice one more *o*

IMG_3979my fav jammy dodger cookies from Bijou!

IMG_3981down boy down! kekeke

IMG_3989giant wasp that made a nest in my room “=_=

IMG_3997it was massive huge T___T refuse to sleep in my room for 2 days

IMG_1711my guinea pigs =( only one left from this pic. sigh

IMG_4255once upon a time fav fish and chips from leos cafe cuz CHEAP!

IMG_4259eh im very fascinated by this. sorry ah

IMG_4261so cute right T_T they really look like masked rider lor!


IMG_4264walk walk


IMG_4284honey prawn wanton thingie @ Kaki Corner Tmn Billion Cheras

IMG_4289and their awesome possum giant watermelon juice! huhuhu.

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8-12 March 09

IMG_1625churros @ 1u!

IMG_1628vegetarian pan mee @ face to face

IMG_1630wtf. like got tissues stuff up my nose

IMG_1631hahah the eyebrowless girl

IMG_1633jeng jeng jeng


IMG_2738takoyaki @ 1u!

IMG_2741hur hur hur


IMG_2744also @ 1u

IMG_2752baby kitty @ rasta TTDI

IMG_2758super manja and cute wei

IMG_2763fell asleep minutes after i put her on my lap

IMG_2769le sigh

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15 Jan 09 @ Ruums, Mist Club + 19-26 Feb 09 @ Randoms

i actually dont remember if i’ve already posted these pictures but yeah whatever. havent been in much of a mood to blog lately. and i think im going to be transferring my blog over to wordpress somewhere this week. with an empty templat first la. will work on the design some other time. pfft. but yeah.

brought my 2 babies with me to Ruums for their launch i think ? @_@

my favourite people.

u have no idea just how much.

love love love

cheh. they learnt my red picture effect skill

it really does make u look gorgeous. hahhaa.



baby nat as always with her weird expressions

chay chay

huai bin

horr.. who simply take pics of us

simon seow

cornered. wtf

the wall la what else
The Feb Randoms
herbal chicken noodles @ MingTien Taman Megah
i love this. a lot for some reason.

sarawak noodles

fried lychee! omg best shit ever

and watermelon juice laaaaaaaaa

broadway musical. hm

the pigs

totally random apple pie from o apparent birthday cake from them. wtf

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