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Riusuke Fukahori – Goldfish Salvation

He is my new artist idol.


Acrylic on Resin.

Be Inspired.

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Hat Yai Day 2 Part 2 – 3 July 09

so after the monkey forest we went driving around randomly and ended up at this musuem ish place which i realllllyyy dont remember what its called or whats its significance but its quite a pretty place =) also went to the Songkhla Aquarium after that. lol. this is only part 2 of day 2. still part 3 and part 4 to go. wtf right. i told u trigger happy =S

btw… not sure if my linkage works because sometimes i see it sometimes i dont. errr.. wtf but yea pics normally look nicer when u enlarge them =)

_MG_7107 (2)

some random part of the musuem building thingie. kekkee. made the colours more old skool =D cuz it fits the historical site theme

_MG_7110 (2)

its really not that big a place but it aint that small either


_MG_7115 (2)

_MG_7118 (2)

_MG_7121 (2)

i really love the red because its damn vivid in reality. actually its vivid here also la. but because i made the colours look somewhat old and discoloured u might not think so =S

_MG_7122 (2)

_MG_7127 (2)

this is Tj’s precious. kekekek

_MG_7129 (2)


ya its the same pic but i always have this problem deciding if i like the coloured ones or the black and white ones better “=_=

_MG_7131 (2)


yea yea yea. wayyy too many pics of this building i know but i cant help it la T_T

_MG_7135 (2)

_MG_7136 (2)

ohhh!! it must have been some fort or something seeing as there are canons *o*

_MG_7137 (2)

hahahha pointless pic. just wanted to make the bear cartooney

_MG_7138 (2)

_MG_7140 (2)


whoa. macam sangat yeng ajer..


padahal “=_= belum pose. buat pose memang phail

_MG_7147 (2)

this is actually the other side of the place. its so pretty right!!


random giant clams.


_MG_7153 (2)

lonneeelllyyy oh so looonneeellyy



some tree in the middle of the courtyard


_MG_7159 (2)


again same pic but i laike both. aihyo. humour me la.

anyway off to the little aquarium after that. =3  i have a huge thing for aquariums. i find it very calming and can end up spending hours in there. teehee


i think these are discus fish… i cant tell but looks like it

_MG_7164 (2)

damn comel lor this fish seriously wan


eh is this a fish or eel. wtf i cant remember

_MG_7187 (2)

more pointless pic. actually damn blur la but the fish so cute still wanna post. wtf.

_MG_7190 (2)

my favourites =D i love the jellyfishes!! they look so pretty and graceful in the water lo! like ballerinas

_MG_7191 (2)

gorgeous arent they =)

_MG_7202 (2)

biasalah tiger fish

_MG_7205 (2)

so kalerful! i oso want fish tank liddat T_T

_MG_7212 (2)

this fish is really big. but i didnt take a pic with it so i cant really explain just how big. but definitely body wise much bigger than me =3

_MG_7223 (3)

and my other favs!! sea turtles!! omg i just love them lor!! so pretty and graceful wei!

_MG_7230 (2)

_MG_7240 (2)

how can u not think that their pretty is beyond me T_T i want a sea turtle!

see so cute until cannot resist. must make gif image. wtf. cuz got too many pics of it. lol

_MG_7242 (2)

one of my fav pics! the colour very nice lor

and just one more moving image =)

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