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Plea for Polo

This is Polo. Polo is not his real name, just a given nickname. In fact, Polo doesn’t even have a real name because he was abandoned as a baby by his parents and was left in the room they had rented.

Yup, you got that right.

Polo is not only an orphan, he isn’t even considered a citizen despite living his entire 9 years of life here as he is stateless and without an ID. This is very bad because despite his temperament and learning capabilities, he is not even allowed to go to school here =(

How did we find Polo you ask?

Well, after being abandoned, Polo was taken care of by the original landlord of the place. Unfortunately, his guardian is no longer capable of taking care of Polo and has no choice but to give the poor boy up.

This gorgeous lady here, Mei Sze has sent out a plea of help and it made it’s way to me from a mutual acquaintance.

She is now trying to find willing families who will legally adopt Polo so he is able to obtain an ID and go to school where he can learn to read and write like anyone else and have a better shot at a fruitful future.

If you are interested or know anyone else who is interested, please email her at mschoo116[@]

Polo is normally found here at the Kechara Soup Kitchen in Jalan Imbi if anyone is interested in doing a story on him or visiting him to see his condition.

However, it is advisable that you contact Mei Sze and make arrangements with her as not to confuse the people at the soup kitchen.

Come on guys, how can you resist that adorable little face. And knowing what he’s been through yet he is still sweeter than most kids, you know he’s gonna be worth saving 😉

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Pet Epicure Visit

so about 2 weeks back i finally made my way to Pet Epicure for their adoption drive and almost went mad. “=_= i wanted to take all the little kitties and one particular doggie home with me! pfft!!

Pet Epicure is actually a small family run business that offer boarding, grooming and pet supplies. They also try to use as much environmentally friendly products as possible which is a mega plus point for me but what really caught my attention was how homey and happy the whole place was. It felt like i was visiting a good friends family home rather than a pet boarding house with the kids and everyone just running all over the place and playing with the animals.

The reason they were having an adoption drive is because Pet Epicure also tries to rescue as many homeless and abandoned pets as they can and after some medical care as well as love they always try their best to find new permanant homes for these sweet little babies (mostly cats).

Something else rather unique about them is the fact that they are completely committed to raw feeding the animals. In all honestly i don’t really know much about this but i have this friend who is really anal about his dog and does all sort of research to provide the best he can for it and he was extremely excited the moment he found out that Pet Epicure actually practiced the whole raw feeding thing. But if you really want to know more, do visit them at 16, Jalan Bandar 2, Jalan Melawati 53100 Kuala Lumpur. Or check out their website HERE! =D

anyway time for pics! =D =D =D





i am absolutely in love with his eyes.




here kitty kitty kitty



more pretty eyed cats











i swear this cat is damn cool lor! if i could keep a cat i would take this one home! damn exotic and egyption like leh!


kitty plays with doggies


random rabbit not up for adoption. wtf


this gorgeous Doberman is only 5 months old and was up for adoption. Super manja! not sure if he’s been adopted yet though u_u



_MG_8739 up for adoption







oh! got this tag for my puppeh! pretty neh


and yes i know u can still vaguely make out the number but its not my number anyway so bleh

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Charity Weekend

damn menyampah right me? that day say busy brb den tiba tiba got 2 post already. wtf. well technically i should be busy wan but i ended up canceling all my plans this week and have been home moping about. must get back to cheras so i can haz picture spam. wtf. also need to submit the stoopid pics for the articles. why if submit article to magazine, the writer still has to provide the pictures wan meh?!?! ish!! oh well. lifeless ppl like me need something to occupy my time anyway =X

anyway! back to the original point of this post!

theres going to be a kitty adoption drive !!

its this weekend so it would be great if you guys could spread the word and drop by for it =)

Date : 23-24 October 2010 (Saturday + Sunday)

Time : 10am – 4pm

Venue : Pet Epicure

6 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL

some light refreshments will be served as well =)


i know you want a kitty kat T___T because i want one really bad. uwuwuwuuw


anyway i’ll probably be there on Sunday though not entirely sure what time. so do drop by and say hi =D

this weekend is called charity weekend because i’m also going to be volunteering with The Last Polka on Saturday for their trip to the orphanage to distribute free home made ice cream to the kids =D happy! i havent done these things in a lonnngg loonnnggg time and im actually really excited =X though kinda scared cuz i’ve been in anti social mode for quite some time and i will now be required to meet new people. HUR HUR HUR


looking forward to my weekend =)

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it’s darn annoying because i finally have time to sit down and finish watermarking my jamiroquai concert pics. HAHAHA AND YOU THOUGHT THAT PHASE WAS OVER ;p IN YOUR FACE PEOPLE. wtf im such a loser. BUUUUTT there’s either something wrong with blogger or my internet connection because i can’t upload pictures ‘=_=

which is pretty annoying because there’s this blind cocker spaniel up for adoption and the poor thing!! blind di wei end up in spca or paws is like damn sad case.. i would love to take her in but my parents would kill me and my other dogs would probably kill her.

i think the gym is making me a happier person.

today while doing stretching exercises my trainer turned to the lady next to me and said WATCH WATCH now her face is serious but watch when i do this!! (proceeds to push my leg straight up and not let it slack and its crazy painful i burst into fits of laughter. wtf) and then he tells her im the happiest person he has ever trained because i laugh and smile at everything! YOU SEE! i have a bit of optimism in me after all!! im not all dark emo and gloomy. =D

and after coming back from the gym for my next class my girls said EH U LOOK HAPPIER AND MORE ALIVE THAN JUST NOW!! i have also started to make full use of their steam rooms by leaivng conditioners and hair masks in my hair *O* my hairs nice and soft now. wheee!

exams are like 3 weeks away and.. i am.. far far away. wtf..

(edit: im not so happy anymore. first this post took forever to publish. second my trip to melbourn in august might not be happening anymore. all the flight prices have almost doubled which means instead of forking out abt 2.5k-3 k for a pair of ticket i need to fork out 4-5k which i obviously cannot save in time… sigh..and thats just air ticket.. what abt spending money and what not.. fuck this shit… i hate changing ticket prices.)

[edit edit: oh..snatch the movie made me happy again. i love. brad pitt is the shnizit =O]

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