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KONY 2012

We live each day with no fear and carry on with our lives oblivious to many things. Or sometimes we know, but we also know there is nothing we can do without substantial funds and time. I’m not any different. Many things tug at my heart strings, many things make me cry and wish I could make a difference. I can but I choose not to because sometimes, things just aren’t as simple as saying “Hey, I’m going to do something. I’m going to make a difference and change the lives of hundreds of people/animals.”

Here, one man and his team stands up for something he believes in with more courage that I could ever muster. 9 years later, this man has the support of thousands of youths all over the world.

Be inspired.

Make a change.

All you have to do is watch this video and spread the news

Not too hard is it? 😉

APRIL 2012. It’s going to be EPIC.


[ps. Oh yea! We now have a Malaysian facebook page HERE so do like and show your support so we can join in the movement this April as well 😉 ]

(10pm edit: there is also some controversy going on about how Invisible Children is not all its cracked up to be with funds being used for less ideal charitable reasons and how by supporting Kony 2012, we are in effect supporting the Ugandan army whom themselves rape and pillage and all those usual things. Also the fact that Kony’s body guards would inevitable be children and hence to get him, more children will die.


But sometimes, it works just the way stop buying from pet shops to close puppy mills works. When we stop buying form shops, those bred and being used to breed die anyway. Either way deaths are going to occur but which has a more sustainable inpact. The world works in a fucked up way.

Neither way is really correct but do make your own judgement and research before you support a cause =) I for one believe that this is one thing that until tried, you never really know the outcome. So i am all for Kony 2012! Maybe I don’t know the real story or the real truth behind this movement but it’s not like im forcing anyone to support it either)

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You Guessed Right

if you think im dead.

you’re pretty much almost there.


so tired ive been sleeping at 10pm since i got back from Cameron.

Occasionally staying up past 12 but then subsequently skipping class after that.


my bed is calling

good night.

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Stray Dogs?

11.20pm edit

I dont know why but this video is causing a lot of racist arguments instead of the point. seriously ppl??


i get it. maybe the dog was harmful maybe it wasn’t and i know it’s for the safety of the neighbourhood but what i don’t get is how they couldn’t have dealt with it in a better way =/

perhaps a little more educations on handling the matter like tranquilizing the poor fella and handing it to more experienced ppl to put it down or to send it to a shelter to see the dog’s temperament to try and give it another chance instead.

WHY is the video instead causing ppl to argue against one another about being of a different race or a hypocrite or things like that.


and i cant help but wonder. if that dog was a damn poodle, would this video be getting more united awareness instead..



At some point, I’ve pretty much given up on the whole animal cruelty stint.

A big part of me has died so many times that i no longer have much reaction anymore in compared to how i used to react despite that pounding agitation and the usual sting of tears.

But… this being done legally in Malaysia despite all the hoohaa that was created over the whole poodle and cat issue and all the press media, i can’t help but want to blog about this and ask why isn’t anything being done about situations like this?

Hey i get it that some stray dogs really need to be dealt with but isn’t doing it this way a little too much?

What really broke my heart was what the person who took this video said in his description,

“my 3 years old daughter asked me, what are they doing? what am i to answer her??”

Yeah, what do you answer her?


What do you answer anyone who even understands the meaning of humanity?

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Whats the Difference?

there has been a sudden spree of animal abuse news and videos being sent around as well as videos of how compassionate some animals really are. and we talk about how a human being’s family and friends would feel when someone close to them is murdered, abused or something as futile as being robbed. so what about animals? just because we see a stray on the streets does it mean he’s alone with nobody to care for?

what if she was a mother with her litter to feed and fend for? what if it was a companion of another rather lonely stray? it’s okay if they get hit and abused and ignored isn’t it? because face it, who’s there to care after that? there is a little society in every form of being, be it a human a dog or even something as small as as an ant. a cycle that goes on continuously, a structural heirachy and a special little community. yet just because we don’t see that in what we claim are lower beings we kill mercilessly without a hint of conscience.  

a death is a death no matter where. and a murder is still commited even if it isnt towards another human being. if we are capable of doing such horrid things to the less fortunate creatures, what is stopping us really from killing another? are we not all the same, flesh blood and bones.  it really does break my heart hearing and seeing these sins continuously committed all over the world, day in day out as if it was nothing but a small little issue; totally and completely unimportant to our so called intellectual and evolved society. U_U

i dont expect anything from writing this but i just felt like i really needed to get it off my chest. i never really got why it was okay to kill an animal but not okay to kill a human being. call me sick but really, tell me what the real difference is besides the fact that we look different?

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Dog Killings in China

A massive cull in the Chinese city of Hanzhong has claimed the lives of more than 30,000 dogs.

The local government ordered the mass slaughter of all dogs as the result of a few cases of rabies deaths. Dog killing squads are stalking the streets, mercilessly beating dogs to death with sticks and rocks.

Friendly dogs – even healthy family pets – are being slaughtered right in front of their owners. Can you even begin to imagine how you’d feel if that happened to your dog?

sorry i dont have the mood to post the pictures up but here are some descriptions.

Some of the pictures from culls like these are so horrifying that I can’t even show them to you. And I hate having to describe this, but I think you need to know the truth about what’s happening.

In one series of pictures, several small and fluffy white dogs – you can just tell they’re used to snuggling on the laps of their loving owners – are trapped in a makeshift cage. One by one, the dogs are pulled out with a pair of long metal tongs, and brutally beaten with a stick. And then – even though it appears that some of the dogs may still be alive – they’re tossed into a pit to be burned.

Please click here to contact the Chinese Ambassador in your country to call for an end to mass slaughters like this and to encourage China to pass legislation that protects all animals, including companion animals.

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