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Are You Moist Enough?

Now hold your horses and stop your blushing! I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING and it ain’t that. Then again, maybe it is in a cheeky little way perhaps *grins.*

Who knows?

Why not let your imagination and my not so little story play a game with you and your senses as it unfolds itself word by word drawing vivid pictures in the back of your head, stroking and caressing the inner thoughts of that “innocent little mind” of yours. 😉


She blinks as the early rays of the sun shines through the window and dances across the soft curves of her body and face, illuminating everything around and awakening her from her sleep. And so Elivenas found herself in a room unfamiliar, clothed only in a men’s shirt that seemed almost perfectly made for her. The sheets on the generously sized bed a startling white in contrast with her messy dark raven hair and the tinted Asian colour of her bare legs. She remembers nothing yet a lingering scent of a man’s cologne she knows yet cannot place stirs her and she flushes a deep red embarrassed at the thought of what might have happened the night before. This was the first time Elivenas had ever found herself in such a compromising situation. So unexpected that even the thought of it made her groan out loud in desperate frustration.

He sees her blush and the sight of her so vulnerable causes him to sigh and catch his breath in hungry desire. “She’s beautiful,” Laven whispers to no one as he watches her rise from the bed, observing her for a brief moment more before disappearing through that tiny gap of the the door hidden within the shadows of the curtains and walls.


Elivenas got up and took a casual look around, surprising herself at what she sees in an almost empty cupboard in the corner of the room. Inside there is nothing but her clothes, some towels and a bikini laid out nicely in piles. Shaking her head in confusion, she makes her way to the adjoining bathroom where under the harsh light she is startled by the sight of her once dry and flaking skin, now much softer and smoother than before. She touches herself all over, reveling in the lovely but strange texture of her delicate skin that now glows ethereal like around her.

She smiles at her reflection in the mirror and then starts to frown.

She knows she should be worried instead of happy but for some reason her heart reassures her with its slow rhythmic beats, consoling her and persuading her that everything really isn’t as bad as it seems. She opens a shelf near the shower and finds all the necessities she needs; the usual toiletries all unused and something else that catches her eyes, a pink bottle she doesn’t recognise. She picks it up and on it were the words ” Vaseline Healthy White – helps match your body’s dark skin areas to your light ones.”  Elivenas shrugged her shoulders at her discovery before letting out a little laugh at the realization of how much this brand of body lotion resembled her own name and without hesitation she started applying it all over herself delighting in it’s lightness and fresh soothing smell.

After much thought, Elivenas got dressed in her swimwear and braved herself before headed outside, tempted by the warmth and the lure of the glorious sun. “Afterall, why waste the moment when there’s a pool right outside the bedroom’s sliding doors with such a brilliant patio decked in such comfortable looking lounge chairs?” she reasoned with herself.

The weather was perfect.

And so Elivenas took a dive into the shimmering blue waters, closed her eyes and felt herself begin to calm.

Laven remembered the first time he saw her.

He had tried talking to her, only to have her proud and arrogant face smirk in mild acknowledgment. Still, he could not tear himself away. She wore a flirty white dress and sat across the pool reading a book under the shade of an umbrella oblivious to his presence. As the day wore on, his eyes never left her as he willed her to remove her dress and come into the pool. An hour passed and he noticed that she had somehow fallen asleep. An idea struck him and quietly he swam to her side where he splashed her and quickly swam sheepishly aside.

He hated himself for how childishly he had acted and prayed with all his might that she would not find out it was him as he continued watching from afar. He had not been very successful as his fear had caused him to react much too carelessly. Only her feet had been hit by the sprays of water but for some reason that did the trick.

Elivenas let out a tired yawn before taking of her dress, revealing an exotic bikini so tight that it looked almost like her own skin and made her way to the standing showers.

Laven watched mesmerized as the clear liquid flowed down almost obscenely over the long gentle slope of her neck and soft crests of her breast. Droplets of water dripped off, appearing like tiny crystal around her and he felt himself gawk at the scene before him.

Elivenas flinched in pain under the cold shower not realizing that her nap had caused her skin to burn. She turned the shower off and retreated back to her chair much to the disappointment of her silent audience.

The pain on her face had become apparent and as his eyes searched her almost naked body, he saw it. The raw patch of skin, an angry red stared menacingly back at him. Without thinking, he ran to his own villa and reappeared a moment later clutching a green bottle with the words “Vaseline Aloe Fresh – hydrates and refreshes skin.”

Now you see, Elivenas never saw the words on the bottle. All she remembered was this frenzied man that had tried chatting her up much earlier, now with a look of pure concern and panic etched across his boyish face. Words exchanged, Laven felt himself blush as he gently rubbed his palm over her back with his lotion, tracing her contours and she felt herself begin to get moist in more ways than just one from the touch of this adorable stranger.


Laven crept quietly back into the room as not to disturb Elivenas from her swim. He sat on the bed and watched as her now tan back faced him, waiting for the moment she would turn her head and notice him sitting there. It felt like time was standing still and every minute felt like hours as every movement she made caused him to tense, afraid of what she would think when she finally saw him. He had after all slid in and out of the room without a word and he wasn’t even sure if she remembered what had happened and why she had woken up there in his clothes. Hell, even he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened exactly. They had gone out for dinner and drinks and the next thing he knew, he had brought her back to one of his investment homes where things were going much smoother than he had anticipated until there was a sudden turn of events that caused quite a lot of confusion .

Elivenas had started complaining about her dry skin and some body aches that had been recurring as they lay side by side on the living room floor talking. Laven offered to give her a massage and they had moved into the bedroom where it was more comfortable.  He told her to lie face down on the bed and take off as much of her clothing as she felt comfortable with while he prepared the candles and scented oils to help set the mood.

Laven’s strong strokes were gentle but firm and felt like absolute magic on Elivenas aching body. As his rhythm became more constant, she felt herself moan in absolute bliss amazed at what this man could do with just his hands. No man had ever touched her that way before and she felt herself melt like butter from his massage. Laven noticed that her skin was indeed unusually dry and after the massage told her to remain as she was as it would only take him a minute. He remembered that he had a yellow bottle of body lotion somewhere in the house and went to retrieve it. After rummaging around, he finally found what he was looking for; “Vaseline Total Moisture – 10x more moisture,” perfect he thought.

Laven returned to Elivenas and repeated his massage techniques using the lotion instead of the massage oils. Elivenas felt so good, she felt herself drift off to sleep. Laven thought nothing of it and decided to sleep in another room uncertain of how she would feel if she woke up next to him especially considering that she wasnt exactly dressed. He didn’t want to appear to be taking advantage of her although the massage was secretly quite a pleasurable experience for him seeing as he was able to touch her so intimately without appearing too direct.

Suddenly he heard her scream and he ran back to where she was. Elivenas had sleep walked and was for some reason screaming and crying in a heap on the floor. Laven tried to wake her up but she only got worst before finally quieting down. Despite that, she would not wake up and mumbled something about leaving her alone and the cold. He did the only thing he could think of at that time, he dressed her in one of his shirts and tucked her back into bed where he ended up passing out as well.

The next morning, Laven woke up completely disorientated and was even more surprised to find that he had fallen asleep next to Elivenas. He didn’t even remember lying down next to her what more falling asleep in the same bed. Elivenas started to stir and in panic, Laven made a dash for the door where in it’s shadows he watch as his little jewel finally opened her eyes and from the confused look on her face figured that she really did not remember at all where she was or what had happened.


With a swift turn of her head, Elivenas finally caught sight of Laven sitting on the bed. She let out a laugh of delighted surprise as his face brought back an instant refresh of the night before and smiled, blushing slightly pink from her obvious crush and feeling completely stupid for thinking that she was in a strange place with no memory of the night.

Relief flooded through Laven the moment he saw Elivenas’ shy sweet smile and from the back of his hand produced another bottle of lotion. This time a white bottle, “Vaseline Intensive Rescue – Hypoallergenic and Unscented for Very Dry Skin.” “Figured you might want this one instead since you were saying how dry your skin was,” Laven told Elivenas with that sheepish smile she fondly recognised from weeks ago. Elivenas laughed again, this time at his little gesture and made her way back into the room. She apologised for falling asleep through his massage and Laven noticed that she clearly did not remember anything else after that. He decided not to say anything.

Elivenas cleaned herself up in the shower and got dressed back into Lavens shirt before sitting herself comfortably on his bed and stuck out her legs. Her eyes sparkled teasingly as she held the new bottle of lotion in her hands and waiting for Laven to get the hint.

It didn’t take long for Laven to realise what she wanted and as he moved his hands along her legs, spreading the lotion evenly along, he whispered “Are you moist enough?” before pressing his lips hungrily across hers the moment she let out a little giggle which soon became breathless gasps.

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vvens on September 29th, 2010 at 8:18 am

semangat max!!!

Christopher Tock on September 29th, 2010 at 9:03 am

Oh my… Now I’m all wet… From the rain just now :p awesome entry!

bryanlyt on September 29th, 2010 at 10:17 am

wah! 🙂

pinky on September 29th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

hehehe you are making all of us moist too 😉

BabyGin on September 29th, 2010 at 6:11 pm

vvens: got longer than i expected “=_= stress

chris: hahaha. die lar u

bryan: FWAH!!!

pinky: ure always moist =p keke

Jamie on September 29th, 2010 at 11:37 pm


and omg those pictures get girls salivating tooooo T_T.

BabyGin on October 4th, 2010 at 3:59 pm

hahaha. i think just u =p

Simon Seow on October 3rd, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Congrats on winning the Coach bag wei!

BabyGin on October 4th, 2010 at 3:59 pm

thankius =) though id rather have the blog post thing =X not a bag fan. LOL

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