Life's Bittersweet Simplicities

9 Hours of Artificial Life

so the initial plan was crash after the epic as teng siang puts it blood bath of my c3 paper. by jove. the topic i did not open came out 2-3 times which is equivalent to well over 30 marks out of 75. pfft. so hello resit. RIGHT back to the sory

but i sat in front of the comp and ended up playing Sims 3. that was at 4 pm. it is now almost 2a.m and i just stopped about 15 minutes ago T___T. i only stopped to take a quick 15 minute dinner and a quick 10 minute shower. omgwtfbbq.

right now i am partially blind @_@ everything looks somewhat blurry and my heads spinning and omg it feels good to waste my life playing pointless games for hours after hours like i used to =D. i am sick in the head wtf.

i did update 2 days back but it was a short reminder post so i decided not to post it. but i’ll jsut add it here.

I want a 70s themed roller disco party =D

er yeah i had to remind myself in my blog because i have a lot of self proclaimed parties that i forget a few days later because i am forgetful like that.

nothing much to update my life about but obviously the exams arent over. once again i have succesfully pawned myself with my laziness and amazing procrastination skills hence i forsee many many resit papers in the near 4 months. omgwtfbbq. oh well. my bad. still cant feel that whole STUDY ITS IMPORTANT thing in my head. maybe on the final of the final chance @_@

my head hurts .____.

claypot crab rice T____T

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