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Sims 3 The Shihznit

wtf. so i messed up exams again. the tragedy. at first i thought it was a pretty easy paper and i didnt know how to do one question. manatau i ran out of time and i really didnt do that one question and that one questions marks is equivalent to my A T___T it means since i didnt do it. there definitely wont be an A unless they decide to scrap that question off.. haha. fat chance. fuck me.

er yeah so i still ahve another paper next week and i got distracted by Sims 3 and holy smokes its so addictive mny intention to sleep before 12 yesterday due to how tired i was got deterred until 4 am T__T and its not even 10 yet and im awake because its gonna be a busy 2 days.. garh garh garh

so right the sims 3 so awesome u can even customise your sims voice @_@ and choose fabrics and shits for your clothing as well as your furniture. like wtf? damn cool can T__T i spent 2 hours customising myself yesterday and the bf went at this rate you’ll never start the game. HUR HUR HUR.

faster go try =D

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